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Easiest Way To Complete 100 Push-Ups A Day Challenge in Less Time

100 Push-Ups A Day Challenge

Push-ups is that exercise which you can’t ignore to do this. This exercise benefits and results make it different and really awesome. Everyone wants to set a record in this want to gain its benefits. The record gaining of this exercise because of the impression of this is really awesome just like its results. You know those people who are able to do 100 push-ups in the single set then the hand’s strength and bodybuilding mass are really awesome.

  • Why push-ups are also known as a pre-workout exercise?

Push-ups are also known as preworkout exercise because it stretches and warm-up your all muscles before the workout. That’s why it is called warm-up and full-body workout.  Many gym coaches will recommended you to push-ups daily before any workout. 

In this, you did a complete study of 100 push-ups a day challenge and its benefits.

How to Complete 100 Push-Ups A Day Challenge?

Before doing 100 push-ups a day challenge you must gain 100 push-ups in a single set. If you are unable to do more push-ups means if you want to increase your push-ups and take your push-ups set 20 to 100 then you are in right place. The techniques and easy steps which help in the improvement of push-ups exercise. This exercise is best and easy for the beginners.

100 push-ups is not an easy target but make it easy for you by these steps. These techniques are easy and no other pieces of equipment needed and100 Push-Ups A Day Challenge These Steps are:-

1. Do in Proper Pose

The perfect pose of exercise gives you results only. The wrong posture does not give you benefits it gives you only bad effects. First, you listen about the muscle affected during push-ups are:-

  • Biceps muscle (Deltoid)
  • Triceps muscle
  • Chest muscle (Pectoralis)
  • Core Muscles

These are deeply involved in push-ups and the perfect pose of the push-ups are:-

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2. Remove Your Mistakes

The mistakes are just like the hole in the boat which sinks your boat completely. Some people have done mistakes during push-ups and they faced only bad effects and injury due to this exercise. Mistakes cause bad effects because in the wrong posture you more feel pressure in some parts and this pressure will cause pain in the muscles.

If you remove and you do not know how to resolve these mistakes then

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3. Do it Daily

This exercise is very light exercise but if you do many sets then this exercise is very heavy for you. Bodyweight exercise is best for your body because its benefits are more than gym types of equipment.

So add this exercise in your daily schedule and do it daily. Do this exercise is a system do a single set as you can do after this take rest and do small sets of push-ups. the minimum target of the exercise makes of 200. If you try this procedure daily then you surely complete your push-ups challenge in some weeks.

My experience of chasing this target is I am doing push-ups where I feel I am free then I start to do push-ups set that I can able to do in a single set. Through this procedure, I complete my 100 days push-ups challenge in 20 days only. You can also apply this procedure on you and gain its benefits. The main thing you should remember through this procedure is you should Take Care of Diet and Proper Rest also.

4. Motivation

Motivation is that thing which gives you new energy to do any work. Motivation is work as fuel when you have no energy to do any type of work. If you have no mood to do any type exercise and if you are motivated by other then your mood or doing exercise will make. So keep always motivated to increase your 100 push-ups a day challenge.

5. Do your Best

You know that real endurance of doing push-ups when you do push-ups with your full power then your repetitions will increase surely. When you do this exercise do every set of this with full energy. The only one thing in your mind is that which set you are doing is your last set. So you can see the improvement in the push-ups challenge.

6. Less Rest

Real endurance of the core and doing push-ups will become when you do push-ups daily and with less rest. Some people take rest of a long time after a single set of push-ups and then do another. This is the worst barrier in the 100 push-ups a day challenge. For this, you can take a maximum 30-40 seconds rest for better and fast results.

7. Different Types

To improve your endurance you should try and you want to increase your push-ups habit then you should try a different type of push-ups. If you try these different types of push-ups you never feel bored through doing push-ups daily. The different types of push-ups will strengthen your upper body parts. If you do not know the different type of push-ups you should


30 Different Types of push-ups and its benefits

8. Make It Competitive

My and my team Brt experience says that if you create competition in achieving the goal, then you fastly gain your success goal. Doing 100 push-ups a day challenge to your friend and with many others. This competition achieves your goals of 100 push-ups in some days.

9. Take It Easy

Do not take 100 push-ups a day like a load, do push-ups lightly and with fun. When you are doing push-ups always you must think that it is very easy to do 100 push-ups. Take 100 push-ups a day challenge very lightly.

These are the 7 techniques which help to improve your push-ups and helps to complete you 100 push-ups a challenge. These techniques are that which you easily apply to you and found its results. This challenge is not difficult if you can remove these mistakes and apply these techniques on you.


What are the Benefits of  100 Push-Ups A Day Challenge?

If you have done 100 push-ups in a day these benefits are really awesome and big. Some people say that this is full body workout but it is not full body it works generally on upper body. It works on the lower body very less. So always remember that this exercise is beneficial for our complete upper body. So after reading about techniques f increasing pull-ups then read about the Benefits of 100 Push-Ups A Day Challenge.

1. Sufficient Workout

This exercise is sufficient for you complete day. If you do 100 push-ups in a day then you do not need other any exercise to do for the upper body because in 100 push-ups the calories which are burnt is more. This exercise keeps you physique proper for you all day.

2. Energy level

Those people are suffering from insufficient energy for whole day work. You should try this exercise and you see the results that your energy level in your body will increase and you do wors whole day with sufficient energy. This energy level depends on another factor on that if you doing 100 push-ups a day then you should take good protein and good carbohydrates diet for gain energy.

3. Body Strength

Push-ups are the first prefer that suggested first to strengthen your body. Push-ups will strength your all upper body parts because when you do push-ups your all upper body parts are in work and they are in pressure when you doing this. So this way you’re body strengths when you do push-ups. So imagine if you are doing 100 push-ups a day the body strength how much awesome. This imagination will give you the motivation to do more push-ups.

4. Fat Loss

Those people are suffering from more fat and want to strengthen your body with fat loss than for those, it is the best exercise. In this many calories will be burned due to this your more fat will lose and you will gain strength also.

5. Push-Ups Upgrade

The main benefits of doing push-ups daily is that you feel the improvement in the push-ups. Every day you noticed that your push-up is increased.

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15+ 5= 20 Awesome benefits that you will gain from the procedure of 100 push-ups a day challenge. These benefits will you really motived to do more push-ups. So complete your challenge and gain its benefits.

What is the Result of 100 Push-Ups A Day Challenge?

Every people which do any type of exercise is done when they know what is the result of doing this exercise?

But these exercise results are really amazing. If you can do this exercise daily then you complete your all dreams related fitness. These are the only results of doing 100 push-ups a day challenge.

1. Results Gained By Men

Here you find the results that are gained by doing 100 push-ups in a day. These results that are mentioned below guaranteed gained by men if he doing 100 push-ups a day.

 100 Push-Ups A Day Challenge

It is my personal experience of doing push-ups in a day challenge. In this, in starting, I face some difficulties and problems to do a challenge of 100 push-ups but I tried these simple techniques that are mentioned above and I start doing push-ups when I fell free time. The target of doing 100 push-ups challenge is in 20 days. But to increase in the speed of push-ups I continuously do for 20 days again and I found this result.

This result game is not of one day. Continuously practice will give you this result. If you want to take the best result of push-ups then you should do it two times. In starting you face some problems but after some time when you addicted to doing push-ups then you can easily achieve this challenge. This challenge is a very impressive challenge so do it properly. You can see the difference in your body is nearly 1 week. So try these push-ups daily and increase your endurance to do more push-ups.

2. Results Gained By Women

These are that results are gained by the women surely. Results that you see below is full noticed by me, all that changes you found below is gained by only doing push-ups.

100 push ups a day challenge

The factor that affects most by doing 100 push-ups by women is fat. In this picture, you noticed that women fat losses too much by doing push-ups for a long time. All body fat of women is surely loose by doing push-ups. By doing push-ups women’s body comes in shape. This shape helps to see women more beautiful.

Final Words

These are specific things that you should remember when you do push-ups challenge.

  • Do not eat junk food.
  • Keep away from drinking and smoking.
  • Not Masturbate.
  • Take good diet and rest.

So best of luck for your 100 push-ups a day challenge.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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