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Beardo Beard Oil Honest & Deep Analysis, Uses, Side Effects

Beardo Beard Oil Review - Healthcare Blog

Beardo Beard Oil Review – A nice mustache and beard enhance the beauty of the face. In today’s fashion world, stylish beard is also a trending fashion. Therefore the craze of a good beard is at its peak among young boys.

Some people get their full beard naturally, but on the other hand, there are many people whose beard not start grows properly or they have a Patchy Beard. So for those people, different companies launches different types of products. A company named Beardo launched a product called Beardo Beard Growth Oil. The company and advertisements claim many things about the product, so let us examine the reality of all claims.

In this Article, You read About –

  • Beardo Beard Oil Review
  • Results of Using Beardo Beard Growth Oil
  • Beardo Oil Vs Ustraa Oil 


Beardo Beard Oil Review

1. Packaging Factor

This factor is not important for many people. But if you are a traveler then this factor matters too much. The overall packaging of this Beard oil is nice. But the cap of this beard oil is weak. There are many cases in which people face leakage problem from the cap. In Packaging Factor Beardo Beard Oil gets 7/10 marks.

2. Appearance And Fragrance

The Appearance and Fragrance of this beard oil are good. In terms of fragrance, this beard oil is very attractive. There are many fragrances which are very irritating but the smell of this beard oil is very nice. In Appearance and Fragrance Healthcare blog Beardo gives 9/10 points to this beard oil.

3. Ingredients

In the case of the Ingredients, this product is good. This Beard Oil contains Sesame Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Vitamin E, Isopropyl Palmitate, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Vitamin B6, Centella Asiatica, Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis, Copper peptied, Emblica officinalis, Sorbitan Oleate, Zinc, Coconut oil.

All these materials promote hair growth naturally. After noticing on all the ingredients, we also found that this oil company tries to make this oil with natural ingredients. Healthcare Blog gives 8/10 marks to the Ingredients of this Beard Oil.


4. Suitable To Everyone

Company claims that this product is suited to everyone. And these claims were also found true. There are few cases in which people have some kind of allergies such as pimples, pimples on the face, Acne, Spots on cheeks, itching, etc. Otherwise 99 percent of people does not face any type of side effect. In suitability, Healthcare Blog gives 9.2/10 marks to Beardo beard oil.


5. Beardo Beard Oil Results

This is the most important part of any review. Beardo Beard Oil Company advertisements have many claims about oil. So let us see, All the claims of this oil are true or not.

  • New Hair Growth – There are many people who want to know whether this beard oil will help you grow new hair or not. After long using and analyzing we found that this Oil is not work in any type of new hair growth of Beard. In New Hair Growth Point, Healthcare Blog gives 3/10 marks to this Beard Oil.
  • Beard Hair Growth – There are many people who want to increase their beard hair size fast. So this beard-growing oil is very helpful for them. In this case, it works very well. You can easily feel the difference by using this oil for 3-4 weeks. In terms of growing a beard, the healthcare blog gives this 8/10 marks.
  • Beard’s Hair Thickness – Beard of Thick hairs enhances the beauty of the beard. And this beard oil works great for increasing the thickness of beard hair. There are some components of this oil that only serve to increase the thickness of the beard. Allover, it definitely helps you increase the thickness of the beard. In this case, Healthcare Blog gives 8.5 / 10 points to this beard oil.
  • Beard’s Black Colour – There are many people’s Beards in which some hair is brown and white. Overall, these different hair colors reduce the look of the beard and face. This beard oil works well in coloring beard hair. But in many cases, I noticed that it dyes your hair for some time (temporarily). To keep your beard hair black, you will need to use it regularly for a long time.
  • Moisturization And Shine – This oil helps to increase the Moisturization And Shine of the Beard’s Hair. This is a very common property of every Beard oil. After applying beard oil you can easily notice the shining on the Beard’s hair.

After deep analysis, we found that in the take care of the Beard this Beard oil works well.


Beardo Beard Oil Review


Pros And Cons Of Beardo Beard Oil (Side Effects)


  • Increases Growth Of Hair
  • Increase the thickness of Beard’s hair
  • Moisturizes facial hair and the skin beneath.
  • Contains Natural Oils
  • Suitable To Everyone
  • Good Ingredients


Cons –

  • Not Works for new Hair Growth
  • May cause allergy on the face skin(Very Rare)
  • Price is a little bit more


Overall Healthcare Blog Review

If you have only motive to Take Care of Beard then you can Buy this Product. Keep in mind that, It doesn’t work if you want to grow a new beard. New Beard growth depends on a lot of factors like genes, hormones, nutrition, etc., this growth oil will help in providing external nourishment and grooming to your beard only. After using it for 3 months healthcare Blog gives 83/100 marks to this Beard Oil.

Our Comments On Beardo Beard Oil

  • It’s is best product for those people who have a long beard.
  • It gives a new freshness to the Beard.
  • Helps to Promote the Growth and beauty of the beard.


How to Use/Apply Beardo Beard Oil?

  • Pour a generous number of drops(3-4 Drops) of the oil on your palms and spread it on the complete palm.
  • Run your hands through your beard and hair while massaging your skin.
  • Leave the oil overnight. This beard oil very smoothly absorbs with hairs and becomes invisible, so you can easily use this at day also.
  • Use a towel on your pillow if you are worried about stains.
  • Wash your hair in next morning and style as you want. Or In the day you can wash your beard after 4-5 hours.

How to Apply Beardo Beard Oil - Healthcare Blog


Beardo Beard Oil Vs Ustraa Beard Oil (Comparison)

 Beardo Beard OilUstraa Beard Oil
Beard GrowthWorks Like Normal Beard OilBetter than Beardo Beard Oil
New BeardNot Satisfactory ResultsNot Satisfactory Results
CareAlmost Same(It is slightly Better)Almost Same as Beardo Beard oil
SuitabilityIt is more suitable than ustraa.It also works well.
Patchy BeardSlow ResultsNot Satisfactory Results, But works well than Beardo.
Overall Score8/109/10

Beardo Vs Mamaearth Beard Oil

 Mamaearth Beard Oil(Onion/Almond)Beardo Beard Oil
Beard GrowthWorks NormalIt works better than Mamaearth
New BeardNo ResultsNo Results
CareWorks GoodWorks almost same
Patchy BeardWorks NormalAlmost Same
Overall Score8/109.3/10

Final Words

In the take care of the beard, this beard Oil works well. If the disadvantages of this product are not very effective for you then you can buy this product. I hope you must have taken your decision. After that, if you have any doubt then comment below your doubt. For more honest reviews of health products, you can subscribe to

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