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Beardo Vitamin C Serum Review – Honest & Deep Analysis (With Results)

Beardo Vitamin C Serum Review - Healthcare Blog

Beardo Vitamin C Serum Review – There are many people who want to grow a shiny and good looking Face. There are many people who are searching for those products which make his face brighter, Clean, and Clear. For those people, Different company launches different products in the market for your face. There are many face washes and creams which has different claims.

In the previous weeks, there is a product that becomes very popular in glowing your face. This product is very advertised by the company on different claims. His name is Beardo Vitamin C Serum. Today’s I/Healthcare Blog give an honest review and deep analysis of this product. After reading the article you will find the answer whether you should Buy this product or not?

Beardo Vitamin C Serum Review

1. Packaging Factor

The packaging of this product is good. You can store serum for a long time easily. There is no chance of leakage. In the case of the Packaging factor, Healthcare Blog gives 9/10 marks.

2. Price And Amount

The price of 30ml Beardo Serum in around is 400-600(Approx). And after noticing all results we found this amount is little bit more. There are other many beardo Serum is present in this price range.  In the Price, Healthcare Blog gives 6/10 marks to this Beardo Serum.

3. Appearance And Fragrance

There are many Serum that comes in gel form but this serum is in liquid form. In the Appearance and Fragrance, this Serum is too attractive and impressive. It appears yellow in color and this color easily invisible with the skin. And In fragrance, you will get the little-little fruity smell.

4. Ingredients

The serum comes with all ingredients blended with each other in the perfect proportions to make absorption easy. In Ingredients, It contains Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), S.M.P, S.P.P Fragrance, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, DM Water. After research, we found that In this there is not any type of Ingredient that are harmful to you.

The Main Ingredient of this Serum is L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). If you have allergy from Vitamin C then avoid it.

5. Suitable To Everyone

This Serum is not suitable for every skin type. Beardo Vitamin C Serum also claims that this is suitable for every type of skin But this is not true. There are many cases in which people suffered from allergies by using this product. One of my clients got many pimples on the face after using this product. In suitable to Everyone Healthcare Blog gives only 7/10 marks to this Serum.

How to Find It is Allergic?

If you want to know that this Serum is suitable for your face/skin then you need to follow these steps. You need to do the Patch test.

  • First, drop 2-3 drops of this Serum of hand’s skin or at the neck before sleeping.
  • Then in the morning if you feel any type of Itchiness in the skin then this product is 100 percent allergic to you.
  • And if your skin at the morning is normal then this Serum is suitable for you.

By this way, you can easily find that this Serum is for you not. I advise you all that Before use, you must try this method, to find that whether this Serum is allergic to you or not.

Beardo Vitamin C Serum

6. Results

This is the most important factor of any product review. Beardo Vitamin C Serum claims 5-6 big results. So Check out that all claims are true or not –

Young Skin Or Aging Effect

The working of this Serum is to make your skin young is good. To saw any satisfactory result you need to apply this serum on face daily for 1.5-2 months. Beardo claims that you can feel results in 10-15 days but this not true. For making you skin young it normally takes 1-2 months. In making your Skin young Healthcare Blog gives 8/10 marks to this serum. Beardo serum alone isn’t enough to make your skin look younger, you’ll need to do a few other things (like exercise, diet, stay happy) along with the serum.

Brighten Skin

The working of this serum to make your skin Brighten is average. There are 50 percent of my staff who found Brighten Skin by using this product. If this Serum is suitable for you then it will surely give results in this case.

Reduce Damage

If you are working in the Dust and in the polluted atmosphere then your face loses his looks in a few weeks. If you want to recover your face looks and prevent the face from Deteriorate then you can use this Serum. In reducing the Damage of this face it works well.

Wrinkles And Fine Line Reduces

In my use, this claim is completely false. After using 1-2 months I do not feel any type of difference in wrinkles and Fine lines. In this case Healthcare Blog only 5/10 marks.

Pimple and Acne

If your motive to remove Pimple and Acne from your face then you should not Buy this Serum. In the case of Pimple And Acne, the wok of the Acne is Completely Zero. If you have large number of pimples in face then you should never use this product on the face. There are many possibilities that this product reacts with your pimples and produces negative effects.

If you are thinking to buy this product then before you must read about the Prons and Cons of using this Product. If these cons are not effective to you then you can Buy this product.

Beardo Vitamin C Serum Review

Pros And Cons Of Beardo Vitamin C Serum


  • It contains Vitamin C that is very good for your face.
  • Spot free and glowing skin
  • Lower aging effects
  • Reduces skin damage by pollution


  • Not Works on all types of skin. (Must do patch Test Before applying)
  • Not works in Pimples and Acne
  • You can apply/use this at night only.

There are many people who feel itchiness after coming in contact with the sun. And my team members also face this problem. And I also suggest you not to come in contact with the sun after applying the serum.

How to Use/Apply Beardo Vitamin C Serum?

  • First, wash your mouth with normal water then Pat dry with a clean cloth. Take 2-3 drops of the serum on your palm and apply it on your face.
  • Give a nice warm massage to your face so that the serum gets absorbed into your skin. Wait for 5-10 minutes, leave the serum on.
  • Use the serum twice a day for normal skin. Once at night if your skin is sensitive. Don’t forget the patch test!

Beardo Vitamin C Serum - Usage

All over marks

After judging this serum on 6 different factors Healthcare Blog gives 60/100(Approx) marks to Beardo Vitamin C Serum. And over this product is not impressive as like its claims. But all over this a average product.

Final Words

At last we found that the all claims are not true but there are some claims in which this serum works well. If the Cons of this product are not too effective for you then you can buy this product. I hope you would like our Beardo Vitamin C Serum Review. For a more honest review of health products, you can subscribe

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