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Benefits Of Eating Roasted Chickpeas(Bhuna Chana) For Men, Women

Benefits Of Eating Roasted chickpeas - Healthcare Blog

Benefits Of Eating Roasted chickpeas(Bhuna Chana) – Diet is one of the important parts of fitness. There are many types of protein-rich snacks available in the market, but roasted chickpeas are one of the genuine and popular bodybuilding snacks. It is also a popular diet/snack of Indian Culture.

It is also the best replacement food for chicken and eggs(Means Non-Veg.). Here I will tell you the 8 evidence-based health benefits of roasted chickpeas, as well as ways to include them into your diet. Indian Diet’s it is also called “Sasta Badam”.

In this article you will read about:-

  • Benefits of Roasted Chickpeas(Bhuna Chana)
  • Results of Eating Roasted Chickpeas(After 30-45 Days)
  • Roasted Chickpeas Nutrition Amount & Body Requirement


Benefits Of Roasted Chickpeas(Bhuna Chana)

1. Contains Nutrition

Roasted chickpeas contain lots of vitamins and minerals. It provides a good amount of macro and minor nutrients, which play a very important role in bodybuilding. It contains a moderate amount of calories, but rich in Fiber, Protein, Carbohydrates.

Roasted Chickpeas Nutrition


2. Increases Immunity

Eating roasted chickpeas in the morning with breakfast helps to increase the immunity power of the body. People who are more prone to minor ailments like fever, cold-cough during the winter season, they should start eating roasted grams for 45-90 days (1 cup daily). It will definitely reduce up to 90 percent in minor diseases like fever, cold, and cough.


3. Fat loss

1 cup of roasted chickpeas contains 4.0 to 4.5 grams of healthy fat(that is in a very small amount). Eating a cup of roasted chickpeas for 2-3 months led to a 62 percent greater reduction in weight and BMI. It contains the amino acid L-arginine, which promotes fat loss.


Benefits Of Eating Roasted chickpeas - Immunitry Increases


4. Control Extra Craving

Usually, people are affected by this problem in adolescence. Extra Craving = Extra Hunger. If you are also facing this, I would suggest to add roasted chickpeas to the regular diet schedule. This is because It can increase feelings of fullness and decrease total calorie intake at the following meal.

Usually, travelers on long tours use roasted gram for their lunch and even warfighters eat roasted gram to survive in times of war. This is the cheapest and healthiest way to satisfy your hunger.


Roasted Chickpeas Benefits - Control Extra Craving


5. Nocturia or Frequent Urination

Usually, small children suffer from this problem. The use of medicine for minor problems should be ignored at a young age. The best and easiest way to overcome this problem is roasted chickpeas with jaggery. Eating roasted Chana + Jaggery can help reduce this problem up to 80 percent in just 30 days. If your children are in the age group of 10-17 years then 40 grams of roasted gram + 10-12 grams of jaggery is sufficient for daily diet.

Roasted Chickpeas Benefits - Frequent Urination


6. Increases Men’s Sperm Count

It contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals which help in increasing the testosterone level of the body. And high testosterone level = high sperm count. With this, It also helps –

  • To increase the sperm count
  • To increase the bedtime
  • To increase the quality of sperm
  • Keep Your Body energetic after sex/masturbation.


Benefits Of Eating Roasted chickpeas - Increases Sperm Count


7. Proper Digestion

It contains 32 percent dietary fiber, which increases the number of healthy bacteria in the gut and helps waste flow efficiently through the digestive tract. If you are also facing problems related to Digestion then I would recommend adding more chickpeas to the diet. After 4-5 weeks of use, you may feel an improvement in bowel movements including more frequent bowel movements and softer stool consistency.

Not even this, you will also feel relaxed from the stomach side always.


Benefits Of Roasted chickpeas- Proper Digestion


8. Increases Memory

Roasted chickpeas are full of nutrients, calcium, iron, etc. which helps to increase the levels of ACh acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. And neurotransmitters in the brain helps to enhance memory. And eating a cup of roasted chickpeas daily is sufficient for making a healthy memory capability.


Roasted Chickpeas Benefits - Increases Memory


9. Improves Blood Quality

It contains Phosphorous and Iron(Around 20 percent) that helps to improve the hemoglobin of the blood and in cleaning the blood. Regular eating of the Roasted chickpeas helps you to improve the overall quality of the blood.

Roasted Chickpeas Benefits - Improves Blood Quality


10. Controls Blood Sugar & Lowers Cancer Risk

Blood Sugar – Roasted Chickpeas have a low glycemic index and amylose. And both things help to keep blood sugar and insulin from going up too fast. These are very helpful for people with diabetes.

Lowers Cancer Risk – Roasted Chickpeas have some cancer-fighting compounds such as lycopene and saponins. And in addition, while eating chickpeas body makes a short-chain fatty acid called butyrate. And according to the study, it helps to decrease the risk of colorectal cancer.



11. Reduces Stress Level

It contains selenium and vitamin E, which increase the levels of happy hormones and antioxidants in the body. And these happy hormones (endorphins) and antioxidants work majorly in reducing stress levels.

Eating Roasted Chickpeas with normal warm milk is the best way to reduce stress problems.


Benefits Of Roasted chickpeas - Stress Reduced


12. Proper Sleep

It contains magnesium and zinc. And according to a study, a combination of melatonin, magnesium, and zinc helps older adults with insomnia get better sleep.

If you are struggling with the problem of nightmares, nightfall, and not sleeping properly, then you should adopt this easy method. Eating roasted gram with normal warm milk at night provides good sleep and relaxation after sleep.

Benefits Of Roasted Chickpeas - Proper Sleep


13. Proper Diet

If your goal is muscle building and you are looking for a cheap and healthy snack then I would suggest to add (1-2 cups)roasted chickpeas to the diet program. It also contains a good amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat supplements, which are the main components of a muscle-building diet. Around 1 cup of Roasted Chickpeas Contains –

  • Carbs: 44.7 grams
  • Healthy Fat: 4.2 grams
  • Protein: 14.4 grams
  • And 20+ Vitamins and Minerals

Benefits Of Roasted chickpeas - Proper Diet


These all are the amazing benefits of Roasted Chickpeas(Bhuna Chana). In one study, 42 people who ate 104 grams of chickpeas daily for 12 weeks reported receiving all of these benefits.


Results of Eating Roasted Chickpeas

This is the only a physical result of eating roasted chickpeas for 40-50 days regularly with a hard workout. Roasted Chickpeas has more internal benefits than external benefits. All these external benefits you can notice in the before and after picture of the results.

Results of Eating Roasted Chickpeas


Best Ways Of Eating Roasted Chickpeas

  • Roasted Chickpeas(Without salt/spices) + Lukewarm milk.
  • At Snack, Roasted Chickpeas + Gur, Salty & Spicy Chickpeas.
  • As a special Diet, a cup of chickpeas, a cup of groundnuts…..


Roasted Chickpeas Nutrition Amount & Body Requirement

Here I will tell you the exact nutritional amount that you get from 1 cup(150-170grams) of roasted chickpeas. Remember, roasted chickpeas are just a healthy snack, not a meal. Eating only roasted gram is not enough for the daily requirement of the body. Understand the value of roasted chickpeas through the nutrition table.

NutrientsAmount in 1 cup of roasted chickpeas (164 g)Requirements per day
Energy (calories)2671,800–3,200
Protein (g)14.446–56
Fat (g)4.220–35% of daily calories should be fat
Carbohydrates (g)44.7, including 7.8 g of sugar130
Fiber (g)12.522.4–33.6
Calcium (mg)80.41,000–1,300
Iron (mg)4.78–18
Magnesium (mg)78.7310–420
Phosphorus (mg)274700–1,250
Potassium (mg)4744,700
Zinc (mg)2.58–11
Copper (mcg)0.6890–900
Selenium (mcg)6.155
Vitamin C (mg)2.175–90
Folate (mcg)280400
Choline (mg)69.7425–550
Beta carotene (mcg)26.2700–900
Vitamin E (mg)0.615
Vitamin K (mcg)6.675–120


Final Words

These all are the amazing benefits of eating roasted chickpeas(Bhuna Chana). I hope, these benefits will motivate you to add roasted chickpeas in diet schedule. If you are a strict vegetarian and looking for a rich protein snack then this is a wonderful meal. It is very easy and cheap for you to keep roasted grams in your regular routine. I hope you will gain all the amazing benefits of roasted chickpeas(Bhuna Chana).

If you have any doubts regarding Article and you want any personal advice related to health and fitness then so you can Comment Below your query or contact us without any hesitation. I will personally help to resolve your every issue. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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