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Surprising Benefits of Doing Plank Workout Daily

Benefits of Planking Daily – The benefits are that thing which motivates you to do more workout. And Plank is also that exercise which is famous due to its benefits. The importance of the planking result is high because you have a lot of pain during plank workout. All these benefits and results that you are reading below is approved and noticed practically by the American exercise research center. The impression of planking on Body is really amazing and miracle.  If you did not know about Plank then you can understand about it below.

What is Planking?

Planking is the sum of different types of planks. It is one of the best bodyweight exercise for the body. For plank workout, you did not need any type of equipment to perform. Simple Steps of Performing plank are:-

Step 1: Position your elbows directly beneath your shoulders.

(Next)Step 2: Squeeze your butt and the fronts of your thighs.

Step 3: Brace your abs like you’re going to take a punch.


In this article you read about:-

  • Benefits of Planking Daily
  • Barriers In the Way Of Benefits of Planking
  • Results After Gaining These Benefits of Planking

For performing plank, you just need soft ground because sometimes people face scratch in the elbows during balancing. You can also use Exercise Mat on the hard ground.


 Benefits Of Planking Daily

#1. Effect on Core

In Core, major muscle affected by plank is Abdominal muscle. This muscle has 2 minor muscles name rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis. Rectus abdominal muscle is responsible to form abs. That’s why it is a good exercise because it directly hits your rectus and transverse muscle.

In daily life, the use of the core is too much. Generally, In all weightlifting work, your core played a most important role. It strength your all core muscles. After doing the plank for 40-45 days, you can feel the results of the tightening of the core, And for abs, you need to do Plank workout for long time Around(150-220 Days).


  • Plank provides 100% activation of your abs. So if you want to increase the strength of the core then add plank to your workout schedule.


Benefits of Planking - Core Strength


#2. Burn Belly Fat

People do lots of exercises to reduce weight but they are not successful. To get success in the fat loss problem you must try this. Plank exercise directly hits on your belly fat. The calorie and strength burning rate of plank is very high. For burning more calories you need more energy. For energy, the body start to burn your fat. For any type of fat loss, you can not depend only on one type of exercise, You must add 5-6 types of plank in your plank workout.

  • There is no doubt that Plank is a good calorie and fat-burning exercise. For fat loss, you would need to focus on the diet also.


Benefits of Planking - Fat Loss


#3. Back Strength & Pain

The importance of back during plank is most. Your back position decides over 80 percent Benefits of Planking. In some cases, due to the wrong position of the back people start facing back injuries.

 Erector Spinae is not a muscle it is the group of muscles and tendons. And this is the group that trained during the plank workout. Plank workout also helps to improve Back shape.

It also reduces your back pain chances because the mostly reason behind back pain and cramp is weak muscles. Through planking your erector muscle group gets strong, Back Injury & Pain chances reduces by 70 percent.


  • Plank exercise majorly targets your back muscles. For improving the strength of the back muscles you can choose plank exercise as the first priority exercise.

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Benefits of Planking - Back Pain


#4. Do Anywhere

In other exercises, you need a  specific place and specific pieces of equipment to do exercise but in this, you did not need other types of equipment and specific place. You can do it anywhere where you want to do, but the only condition is that performing ground is plain and little soft.

This exercise you can do it anywhere but not do Any time. If you start doing exercise any time then you will face negative side effects, related to the stomach. Pain starts in the core and many other issues. The best time of doing plank is the morning time after DETOX.

  • Plank is that exercise for which you do need types of equipments, To performing plank, you only need a plain surface.


#5. Full Body Workout

You will wonder how this is a full-body workout. According to many gym trainers, a full body workout is a workout in which full body muscles are used with every movement, but in planking only upper body muscles are involved. Notice that in this exercise, your whole body comes on elbows and feet.

For testing that this is full-body workout or not, First you do strong thighs workout and then try a plank for 3-4 minutes. You will notice that after during plank your both thighs start vibrating and you feel a different level of pressure on the legs muscles. After this experiment, you can definitely believe that it is a full body workout.

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  • After noticing the working of all major and minor muscles during plank, you can say that plank is a good full-body exercise.


#6. Body posture and Energy

Plank is that type of workout which mainly helps you to reduce the extra fat of the core. And when your excess fat is reduced, your body automatically regresses to perfect posture. During plank, your back and core are in the air, this causes pressure on various parts of the body. And this pressure strengthens all the pressurized parts of your body.

Your body energy depends on your body strength. You know that body strength controlled by the core, And for core strength plank is one of the best exercises. To improve your body posture and strength you can add planking to your workout schedule.


  • For improving the posture and increasing the energy of the body, Plank is one of the good exercises. It decreases the extra fat of the body that improves your body posture and increases the energy of body.


planking Benefits - Body Posture


#7. Balancing And Flexibility

You know how much balancing plays an important role in daily life. Balancing is also playing a big role in planking. I tried many exercises to improve my balancing but the benefits that Plank had given, no one can give. THINK YOUR full-body balance on your elbows and toes. How much balance power will be used?


  • Flexibility is that thing which improves the way of exercise. Many injuries come due to a lack of Flexibility. Planking improves the flexibility of the core, shoulders, and Back.


#8. Security Training

In many countries push-ups, Pull-ups, Plank are also included in the training of the armed forces. If you want to select in the armed forces with good grades then you must need good class fitness. In short, Strong core is a sign of good fitness. And for good performance in physical test of armed forces you should minimum have 2-3 minutes plank capacity.

  • If you dream of becoming a member of the armed force of your country. Then this exercise can decide your selection. There are many countries in which you have to pass the Plank Holding Test to clear the Physical Entrance Test.


#9. It’s Impressive

80% of people do exercises for fitness, Show Off. Doing Plank in a public place gives a good impression on others. Those people who do the plank for the long-time “People generally gives complement wow! Such a good strength.”

Another way to make your plank impressive is that if someone is Planking incorrectly, then you can tell him the right move. Think how much this is impressive?

  • The most impressive thing about Planking is the result. The results you will get from the Planking have a separate fanbase. Add Planking to your regular routine and get all the benefits of planking.


#10. Mental Strength

Plank decreases your mental stress. In India 80% of the people suffering from Stress. After doing a successful plank set of your’s selected time will give the Feeling of Strongness. Felling of strong gives you happiness and motivates you to do more plank. Happiness will decrease stress meanwhile. After doing any workout you naturally feel relaxed. Some researchers say that plank workout releases hormones of happiness.

The Yoga Journal recommends plank exercises for stress reduction & anger control because it helps to keep your mind calm from all sides.

  • During plank or any exercise body releases endorphins, which helps you to keep your mind relaxed and calm. It also stimulates the growth of new brain cells and helps prevent age-related decline.


Benefits Of Planking Daily - Mental Strength


#11. Money Earning

In many countries, there is a lot of huge price winning competition for doing plank is held. By taking part in this and you can earn money according to your capacity. In November 2018 a student from healthcare blog(my) gym won a price($10,000) for doing the plank for 32 minutes. Planking is beneficial for both ways by price winning and by fitness.


#12. Improve Planking

The main benefit of daily planing is that your planks timing gets better day by day. Daily practice makes you perfect. By doing plank for 10 consecutive days, you could notice increament in the plank timing pratically. Not even planking, it also improves your daily life work and other exercises.


Benefits Of Planking Daily



What is the barrier(Obstacle) In the Way Of Gaining Benefits of Planking?

  • Mistakes during planking are the biggest hurdle in the way of plank results. So first you need to resolve these mistakes. If you want to read what are the mistakes and how they will be resolved then you should read: –

  Mistakes of Planking and Resolve it

  • Any Time – There are many people who start planking at any time and they can cause stomach ache, any serious problems related to digestion. So do Plank workout on an empty stomach.
  • Good Diet And Rest – If you are not taking a good diet and rest, after workout then all your hard work can go in vain. Therefore, for better results, take proper rest and a good diet after a Planck workout. Also, you should avoid junk food, smoking, and drinking.

These are the common obstacles in the way of gaining Plank results. Remove all these obstacles and gains the amazing benefits of planking daily.

Results After Gaining These Benefits of Planking


Plank Benefits - Results


You can clearly see all the changes that come only by doing planking daily. You see another lovely transformation in the body muscles. This is all over the result of doing planking daily. This is the result of 9 weeks only. He used to do planking 2 times a day. He did really a great job. This man smiles at his smart and hard work. All those remaining benefits he also felt internally. He thanks healthcare blog team too much for this amazing guidance.

So If you want these types of amazing results from planking then start planking from your next morning. If you succeed through plank then send me your success story on Contact Me and I will show your success story on my article. 

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Final words

These benefits prove that planking is one of the great exercises for your body. After knowing these benefits & results it will motivate you to do more plank sets. In short, For the Benefits of Planking, you should do plank workout daily (without mistake) and take proper diet, rest. I hope you will gain all the amazing Benefits of Planking.

If you have any doubts regarding Article and you want any personal advice related to health and fitness then so you can Comment Below your query or contact us without any hesitation. I will personally help to resolve your every issue. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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