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8 Best Biceps Workout at Home Without Equipment – With Pictures

Biceps Workout at Home Without Equipment

Make your Biceps attractive and powerful with Biceps Workout at Home Without Equipment. Having a muscular Bi-ceps is a sign of Strength and Fitness. Sporting a pair of guns is one of the easiest ways to make a big impression – especially among men.

If you in the field of fitness modeling and other types of modeling then your size of the biceps matters too much.

If you’re ready to build a pair of monster biceps, check out these 8 arm-workout keys, and then try the workout itself on for serious size. These exercises are too much effective for your BICEPS. These Bodyweight biceps exercise you can do at home easily without any equipment. All these biceps exercise are mentioned with single steps pictures or Gif. Best Biceps Workout at Home Without Equipment you finds here.

Biceps Workout at Home Without Equipment

1. Pull-Ups & Chin Ups

  • 4 Sets = 4-5 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required:- Only a bar for hanging

Works on Bicep, Back, Shoulders

This is also the best bodyweight exercise for your biceps. If you are at home than you can choose a door handle, tree or homemade pull-up bar. For more workout, you can perform both pull-ups and chin-ups by arranging your sets.

4 awesome  Benefits of pull-ups

  • Functional Strength
  • Posture improvement
  • Back Pain Alleviation
  • Better Looking Physique

These pull-ups have major pull-us mistakes that people do generally so these mistakes are:-

Bicpes Workout At Home Without Equipment - Pull Ups & Chin Ups



2. Push-Ups 

  • 3 Sets = 4-6 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required:-  No Equipment

This exercise best for your chest and biceps. Simple steps of doing this exercise are:-

  • First, come in the simple push-ups position.
  • Then lower down the chest by bending your arms.
  • Hold for a second below.
  • And then Lift your upper body Upward and come in push-ups position again.
  • Then Repeat this more repetition.

Simple Push Ups - Biceps Workout At Home Without Equipment

3. Doorway Back

  • 4 Sets = 20-25 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required:– Without Equipment

Works on Biceps

This workout is favorite for me because in this calorie-burning rate is too low. This exercise gives you a temporary boost to your biceps size also.

  • First, go to near to the door and hold any corner of the door.
  • After holding it with hands properly and touch your both feet to the bottom part of the door.
  • Then try to force your body towards the door.
  • After a hold of a second, then release back your body back with stretching your hands.


4. Decline Pushups

  • 3 Sets = 10-15 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required:-No Equipment required

Works on the upper chest, Font Shoulders, Biceps

Simple push-ups are effective on the chest and the shoulders but decline pushup is the majorly effected on your biceps.

  • First, select any inclined surface in your house.
  • Then puts your both legs on the inclined surface and keep both hands on the floor.
  • After this straighten your back and start lowering down your body with bending your knees.
  • Then hold your body below for a second and then lift your body.
  • Repeat it for more repetitions.

5. Reverse Push-ups

  • 4 Sets = 4-5 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required:-  Without Equipment

Works on Shoulders, Biceps {Generally UpperBody}


Doing this exercise is not an easy task. This exercise will give you awesome strength to your biceps and triceps. In the beginning, you face too much problem but after a week you do it easily and smoothly if you try this continue.

Steps of Doing Reverse Push-Ups Are:-

  • Sit on the floor or on an exercise mat. Place your hands on the floor about 6 to 8 inches behind your hips and a little wider than hip distance. Keep your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
  • Lift your hips a couple of inches off the floor. This is your starting position.
  • Bend your elbows so that your hips lower down toward the floor. Lightly touch your rear end to the floor and then straighten your arms to lift back up to your starting position. Don’t lock out your arms at the top.

Note:-  For For

6. Triceps Dips

  • 4 Sets = 20-25 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required – a box, a bench etc.

Works on triceps and back

  • Keep your body on the ground against the box.
  • Then keep your both hands on the box, bench and then lift your body with the hands by straightening your hands.
  • And Butt off the ground, then bend your elbows to lower back down (without letting your butt touch the ground).
  • Repeat it for more repetitions.

7. Diamond Push-ups

  • 4 Sets = 8-9 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required:-No Equipment required

Works triceps, Chest, shoulders

  • In this exercise first, come on the push-ups position and then make a cage of the fingers.
  • After this lower down your body by bending your knees outside.
  • Then lift your body by straightening your hands.
  • Repeat this for more repetitions.

8. Resistance Band Biceps Workout

  • 3 Sets = 10-12 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required: – A resistance band (easily available at every home)

works mainly on Biceps

Grab these handly Very tightly and step both feet on the center of the band. Curl the band in upward Direction and hold of 3-4 Seconds and back down slowly your hand in starting point. This exercise works on the size of your biceps.

Resistance band bicep


Note:- For More Biceps Workout You Can Add Different Types of Push-Ups In Biceps Workout Schedule.


Motivational Quote

“Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Final Words

Biceps is that type of body part which also trained with your chest workout also. Best Biceps Workout at Home Without Equipment list mentioned above. These exercises really helps to improve the strength of the core and increase the size of your biceps. For better results you should do these home biceps workout in your daily routine.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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