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Best Butt Workout At Home No Equipment – With Pictures

Butt Workout At Home - Healthcare Blog
Butt Workout For men At Home

Butt Workout At Home Without Equipment – The butt is one of the noticeable parts when you saw any people from the backside. If you want to make a future in the modeling then your butt shape and size matters too much. The butt is that body part that decides your walking and running style. If you are searching for the Best Butt Workout At Home Without Equipment then you are at the perfect place. All the workout that is mentioned, covers all types of Butt muscles. All these workouts are safe and best for beginners.


Butt Muscles

These are 3 main muscles of the Butt involved during Butt Workout At Home Without Equipment:-

  • Gluteus maximus
  • Gluteus medius
  • Gluteus minimus

Butt Workout At Home - Muscles Worked

Did you know that Butt muscles are largest muscle group in the Human Body?

Did you know that Glutes Maximus Muscle makes it largest muscle group? 

Butt Workout At Home Without Equipment

The only thing to remember to do Before the Core and Butt Workout is that you should do a good Warm-Up. Let’s start the exercise with the most simple exercise of the butt.

1. Bodyweight Squat

  • 4 Sets = 10-15 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required:-No Equipment required { Do At Home}


  • Stand on any rough surface after a good warm-up.
  • Then expand your feet a little bit from the shoulders.
  • And then joins both hands in the back of your head.
  • After this lower down your body by bending your knees.
  • You should bend your body till when your hips are in the front of the knees.
  • After holding for 1-2 seconds come in the original position again.
  • Then repeat for more repetitions.

#Note:- During the whole workout you should keep your back straight and remember that while bending down, your knees do not cross the feet.


Bodyweight Squats - Butt Workout At Home


2. Lunging Kicks

  • 4 Sets = 10-15 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required:-No Equipment required

You Generally listen about the lunges workout in thighs exercise. Lunging kicks is a little bit different from lunges workout.


  • Stand tall and step forward you’re any leg.
  • And start shifting the weight towards the forwarded leg.
  • After holding for 1-2 seconds then come in the original position in slow motion.
  • After that raise the same leg and kicked in the air.
  • Then repeat for more repetitions.

#Note:- This Exercise effect your Thighs, Butt. In starting you should do the whole exercise in slow motion and after some time increase speed of the exercise. Do not do this exercise with carelessness.


Butt Workout For men At Home - Healthcare Blog


3. Single Leg Butt Bridge

  • 3 Sets = 10-15 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required:– Not Required


  • Laid Down on the ground and raises your first leg in an upward direction at 45 degrees.
  • After this fold another leg by bending your knees.
  • Then place both hands on both sides of the butt.
  • After this, you should raise your butt in the air.
  • After holding for some time comes to the original position again.
  • Then repeat for more repetitions.

For Beginners, you will face some difficulty to balance your body in the air.

#Note:- In this exercise, you can face pain and cramp in your back. This exercise direct hits your butt. It also helps you to increase your balance and stability of the body.

Single Leg Butt Bridge - Healthcare Blog


4. Both Legs Hip Bridge

  • 3 Sets = 10-15 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required:– No Equipment Required


  • Laid down on the ground by your back.
  • Fold your legs by bending your knees.
  • Then keep both hands on both sides of the hips.
  • Then Gently up your hips and back in the air at your own capacity.
  • Lift your body above till your stomach and thighs come straight.
  • Then hold for 1-2 seconds
  • And Lower down your hips slowly by creating your own resistance.
  • Then repeat for more repetitions.

This exercise works more for the Butt and core.

#Note:- This exercise may cause back pain. Before doing this exercise you should do some warm-up exercises to prevent the injury.

Butt Workout For men At Home - Both Legs Hip Bridge



5. Butt Thrust

  • 3 Sets = 10-15 repetitions per set (For Beginners)
  • Equipment Required:–  No Equipment Required


  • Laid down on the ground by your back.
  • Then take any small height bench, Pile of clothes, or Small boxes, and keep your upper back on that boxes.
  • After this raise your back and hips portion in the air. (straight to Your Face)
  • Lower your body, and repeat this for more repetitions.

This Butt workout works at home without equipment for the Thighs, arms, butt, and core.

Butt Thrust - Butt Exercise At Home


6. Jumping Lunge

Equipment Required:–  Do it At home easily


  • Stand straight and keep both hands on your side stomach.
  • Forward your step by bending your knees.
  • Then take a high jump.
  • When you make the jump, In the air you should change the leg position from right to left and come in a Lunge position again.
  • Then repeat for more repetitions.


#Note:- This exercise’s calorie-burning rate is too high among all Butt workouts. While jumping stays balanced and keeps your hand position behind the head. Or you can move your hands with the workout. In the beginning stage, people can do this workout for 5-10 seconds only. By doing the regular workout you can increase lunges jump workout time to 1 minute.


Lunges Jumps - Butt Workout At Home


















7. Step -Up & Down

Equipment Required:– No Equipment required


  • This butt workout you can do easily at home with stairs or any small bench.
  • First, you should climb your first leg on the stair or stool as a first step.
  • After this step, raise your another leg in the air as an another step by folding you knees.
  • After that lower down your another leg first and come in the original position.
  • Then do this same repetition with your another leg.

#Note:- Keep your body balanced during the whole workout. Do not take any slippery box, chair to prevent from the injury.

 Butt Workout For men At Home


8. Reverse Lunge

3 Sets = 10-15 repetitions per set

This is that type of workout in which you learn about a new type exercise. Over 80 percent of people do not like to this exercise. Over 70 percent of people who reading this article(Butt Workout At Home Without Equipment ) di not know about this exercise.


  • First Backward your step by bending down your both knees.
  • Lower your hips so that your right thigh (front leg) becomes parallel to the floor with your right knee positioned directly over your ankle. Your left knee should be bent at a 90-degree angle and pointing toward the floor with your left heel lifted.
  • Then push back up and return to the starting position.

#Note:- You little bit faces problem in balancing your body, at this stage you can take the support of another person. This Butt Workout At Home Without Equipment will directly works on the core, Butt, and thighs.


Reverse Lunge - Butt Workout At Home


9. Obstacle Jumps

4 Sets = 10-12 repetitions per set


  • In this, you need an obstacle means a box or bench.
  • First, you stand in front of the obstacle.
  • Then half down and make endurance to jump.
  • And then jump over/on the obstacle again and again.
  • After this again jump over the box from

#Note:- This exercise helps you to decrease the extra mss of the butt. According to your capacity, you should increase obstacle  time to time.


Obstacle Jumps - Butt Workout At Home



10. Side Shift Lunge

Sets = 10-12 repetitions per set

It works on the thighs. This exercise is the type of lunge.


  • Stand straight and expand your both legs a little bit to the shoulders.
  • Then lower down your body by bending you knees. Bend down your body till your butt come straight to the knees.
  • Then shift your all body weight on your one leg and keep your another leg straight
  • Fold your hands in the front of the chest.

#Note:- Your butt tries your to push your backward but keep your body balance at that place. This is also known as half a single leg squat. This Butt Workout works on the thighs, core, and butt on another level.



Side Lunges - Butt Workout At Home




11. One Foot Elevated lunge

4 Sets = 10-12 repetitions per set


  • Place any bench or stool behind you.
  • Place your one leg behind, on the stool. You can choose leg randomly.
  • Then bend your both knees and lower down your body
  • Then keep your one leg thighs parallel to the floor and one leg knee touched to the floor.

#Note:- This exercise is similar to the lunges exercise but in this, you need to keep one leg on the bench. If you face difficulty in balancing so you can take other bench or wall support.

Butt Workout At Home - One Foot Elevated Lunge


12. Knee Strikes Kicks

2 Sets = 10-12 repetitions per set


  • First, you stand in Some open area of  10 meters approx.
  • Then raise your one leg in the air with bending of the knee.
  • You Raised knee comes in the front of the chest.
  • After a 1-second hold comes in the original position again.
  • And then do these same steps with another leg.


#Note:- You should do this exercise fastly. You can use this exercise as a warm-up exercise of butt workout.


13. Stairs Workout

2 Sets = 10 Steps Per set

  • First, stand in the front of your stairs.
  • Do stairs climb fastly.
  • Do not take the support of the Railing during Stairs.

#Note:- In which you should keep your Back is straight during this Butt Workout. If you are a beginner then you should do this workout slowly. This is one of the 2nd most calorie-burning Butt Workout At Home Without Equipment.

Butt Workout For men At Home

14. Reverse Butt Crunch

In another language you can that this is leg raises workout.

  • Laid down on your back
  • Laid down on the floor and keep your hands under the Butt.
  • Keep your face in the up direction.
  • Then join your both legs and raise your both legs 45 degrees in the air.
  • After a hold of some time
  • Then down your legs on the ground slowly.

#Note:- Hold your both legs at a 60degree position as much your capacity. You should do this workout empty stomach in the morning Time(after DETOX).


15. Walking

Walking is the warm-up exercise for the butt and core workout. You can do after the workout to cool down your body. You do this workout at home, You can do walking in a room or a hall.

I do walking on the roof of the house because there is a good atmosphere to do exercise. You must do this exercise for 5-8 minutes. It directly works on the legs and butt. The benefits of doing exercise are awesome to brain concentration and to make your mood fresh.


Butt Workout At Home Without Equipment Benefits & Results


  • You Butt Comes In Shape
  • Increases Your Core Strength
  • Increases your Thighs Strength
  • You Balancing Power Increases
  • Improves Your Walking Style And Running Style
  • Decreases your Extra Lower Body Fat


Doing Butt Workout At Home Without Equipment gives your different types of results. This workout increases and decreases your butt size.

  • Size Increases

Butt Workout At Home Without Equipment - Results


Doing Butt Workout regularly she gains his desired result in 85 days only. She loves to eat food too much. After the workout she takes a perfect diet for increasing his size. She generally prefers to do that workout of butt in which calorie-burning rate is low.

  • Size Decreases

Butt Workout At Home Without Equipment - Size Decreases(Results)

This is one of the most inspired results of butt workout that I have seen. His age is around 40 and she loses over 12 kg weight from the body by this workout. For this amazing result, she takes 87 days completely. With workout, she also focuses on the fat loss diet also. In hips, she loses his extra fat and you easily notice in the after picture that his hips came in the good shape.

Final Words

Butt Workout At Home Without Equipment Exercises too beneficial for you. There are total of 15 exercises of butt workout is mentioned in this article. You should divide these exercises into pairs and do this in alternate weeks. I hope you will gain all benefits and results from the Butt Workout At Home Without Equipment.

If you have any doubts regarding Article and you want any personal advice related to health and fitness then you can Comment Below your query or contact us without any hesitation. I will personally help to resolve your every issue. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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