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9 Best Calf Workouts at Home Without Equipment {Updated 2019}

calf workout at home without equipment

The calf is the most noticeable part of the body. If you are interested in fitness modeling then the importance of the calf is too much. Not for this calf is important in your daily activities the use of the calf is too much. In many cases, we found that 80 percent of the people take underestimate the power of the calf. After reading about the role of the calf to strengthen your body, you never take this part lightly.

Before this, you must know about the muscles that will be targeted by this calf home workout. There are main 2 muscles that will be targeted. Major muscles of the calf.

  • The gastrocnemius muscle, which gives the round shape of your calf
  • The soleus, which is flatter  and lower down your leg

For your Leg Fitness, the calf Muscle is very important. Calf fitness Describes your complete leg fitness. Calf and thigh both have to give the same importance to your leg fitness because both are played an equal role in any physical activities. 

Calf Workouts at Home Without Equipment

1. Do Double-Leg Calf Raises

  • 3 Sets = 10-15 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required:-No Equipment required

works on a calf, thighs

Stand straight simple as usual you stand near the wall and push your body in upward direction stand in balls of feet, and after a hold of 2 seconds, you come into the original position as usual in a controlled manner. The motion of the body adjusts you according to your capacity, best is if you keep speed slow. 

double calf exercise


2. Single-Leg Calf Raises

  • Sets =  8-10 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required:-No Equipment required

works on a calf, thighs

Stand on the right leg with the support of the wall on the balls of the foot, and start pushing the body in the upward direction as usual in 1st  Exercise. 

After doing a set of the right leg to start balancing and do a set of the left leg same as usual in the right leg.

When you pull your body in an upward direction then keep the proper balance of the body. And if you feel pain in the muscles of the leg then can leave this exercise.

Single-Leg Calf Raises


3. Do Box Jumps

  • Sets =  8-10 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required:– A box or A bench

Works on calf, core, thighs

Stand in the front of the box and start jumping on the box using the balls of the feet, and jump back to the feet and then repeat. Box Jumping is good calorie-burning exercise.



4. Jump Rope

  • Sets =  10-15 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required:– A jumping rope

works on thighs, calf, core

Start Jumping as usual but jumped in the Balls of the Foot, jump by inch  Off the Ground. If you find Difficulty in rope then start jumping Without the rope. 

In without rope you only take steps as usual as with a rope. And if you want to make it exercise then take a high jump with these little jumps. Like one high jump after 5 little jumps.


5.  Sitting Calf Stretch

  • Sets =  30 Seconds
  • Equipment Required:– No equipment required

works on calf

Sit on the floor and keep your Legs in forwarding  Direction and Flex your Foot towards you, but keep your leg straight.

This is also used as a complete leg stretching before and after the workout. To relax the muscles of the calf this exercise is too much helpful.

The hold of toes keeps 30 seconds – 1 minute {Maximum Time}.


6. Donkey Calf  Raises

  • Sets =  8-10 repetitions per set
  • Equipment Required: -A Bench or A Wall,  a partner

works on the Calf Muscles

This exercise is an exercise which is helped to strengthen the calf muscles. For this exercise, you need a partner to sit on the back. This you can do without the partner but this is not much beneficial.

Simple ways of this donkey calf raise are:-

  • Bend down on any bench and on the wall.
  • Then sit up your partner on the lower back slowly.
  • After that straight your leg.
  • Then raise your both legs on the toes and then hold for a second.
  • After that low down the body slowly.


7.  Standing Calf  Stretch

  • 2 Sets =  30 Seconds
  • Equipment Required:– No equipment required

works on calf

Stand straight and keep your Legs Straight and bend through Back and Touch the Foot to the Floor, and keep a hold of 30 seconds to the 1 minute.

This is the best stretching way to stretch your full body muscles before any workout. The most affected part of this stretching is your calf.


8. Backward Running

  • 2 Sets =  300-500 metre
  • Equipment Required:– No equipment required

works on the Thighs, calf, core

Start running in the backward Direction, they use more leg muscles than in forwarding motion and burn about 30 percent more energy to go at the same pace as when running forward. In every backward running step, the calf muscles are in work. While backward running keep your face backward to prevent from the collision.

This Improve the Stamina and calf strength too much.

backward Running

9. Cycling

  • Equipment Required:– A Bicycle

works on thighs, calf

Start cycling of 5- 6 kilometers for Affection of the Calf Muscle. Cycling affects your thighs as well as calf too much. This is your complete body exercise so you can use this exercise for any other purpose.




Final Words

This exercise is enough to grow stronger your calf muscles. The results of doing this calf workout is that it makes your calf tight like biceps. So every workout gives you perfect results and the mistakes chances is very low.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

Calf Workout Exercise Motivation

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”


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