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How To Do Chin-Ups For Beginners? || Different Types {Step by Step}

Chin-Ups For Beginners

Chin-ups Is that bodyweight exercise which 90% of the people is not able to do in perfect form. It is that exercise which you can do it at home easily. You think chin-up and pull-ups both are same but this wrong it has lots of difference when you doing this. Chin-up is that exercise which focuses on your Biceps. The strength of your biceps is too much use in this exercise. So this exercise is also strengthing your biceps. The main positive point of doing this exercise is that it has many types of this. For this type{Variatons}, you not feel any type of boringness.

Every different type of variations of chin-ups has different benefits. In this, you have complete description{Step By Step} every different type of chin-ups and you in what position you easily do this chin-ups and its types. From others, you heard that chin-ups are very difficult to exercise but it is a myth for me. I make my own chin-ups easy and comfortable through these steps. If you try these steps to do chin-ups surely you can do chin-ups easily.

How To Do Chin-Ups For Beginners?

Every step of that are mentioned below is important so do not leave any step. Before starting chin-ups, in an unknown place, you should remember that think this place is comfortable according to you. Comfortable means that place you do chin-ups where you provide oxygen properly and second is the bar. The bar plays a most important role in doing chin-ups.

If you are not aware of these conditions then you cause harmful injuries. The main problem is a bar so take bar perfect. that bar you have taken is not too much smooth. If your bar is smooth then you will cause serious injury from this. So after this, all perfect steps of doing chin-ups in an easy way are:-

  • Hold the bar tightly as that you can easily lift your bodyweight. You hold bar through both hands in straight of your shoulders.  The holding way of the bar is that you hold it in 90 degrees. Your biceps and forearms make a Right angle. Due to this position, your pressure on your biceps is more. if you see this step in the image then see below.

How To Do Chin-Ups For Beginners?

  • After making 90-degree hand’s position you start to lift your body upward with the help of biceps.


  • Then lift your body till your chin has just come over the bar. Then keep hold for a second.

How To Do Chin-Ups For Beginners?

  • After a hold of one second then down your body slowly and come in original position means in the air then again lift it. Then do another repetition of chin-ups.


The perfect way of doing exercise will give you benefits and results. So start to do chin-ups in a perfect way. These are the 4 ways which make your chin-ups perfect and easy. Never forget any step these all steps are important to do chin-ups. These steps make your chin-ups easy and comfortable for you. Do chin-ups fewer but do n perfectly way.

If you do not want to read then you follow this GIF to do chin-ups. In this, you find the perfect way of doing chin-ups.

How To Do Chin-Ups For Beginners?

What Is The Most Easiest And Difficult Part of the Chin-ups?

This is the most common issue that in every people mind.

The most difficult part of this exercise is lifting your body weight. This makes it difficult because on your both biceps you lift your full body weight. Therefore it causes fatigue in biceps fastly.

The easiest part of chin-ups is that when you lower down your bodyweight after raising your chin above the bar. This is easiest because when you bend down you did not feel any type of pressure on any part of the body. So that why it is easiest.

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Different Types Of Chin-Ups

There are 4 major types of chin-ups that are sufficient for your whole body. Different type of chin-ups will give you different Energy and endurance.

Why you should do These Different types of Chin-ups?

There are many reasons to do different types of chin-ups.

  • Boring If you are feeling bored from one type of chin-ups then you should try these types of chin-ups. Every type of chin-ups you give you different Expereince of doing chin-ups.
  • Endurance It is that thing that gives you the ability to do more chin-ups. If you try these different types of chin-ups then your endurance to do chin-ups is increased and you are able to do more chin-ups.
  • Power Of Biceps You know that in every chin-up the use of biceps is in large amount. If you try these types of chin-ups then your biceps make awesome and strong.

These are main 3 reasons that binds you to do these different types of push-ups. So you should do chin-ups daily and in the perfect way.

The different types of chin-ups are:-

1. Slow Chin-ups

All the procedure of doing chin-ups is same the difference is this you do chin-ups slowly. When you lift your body in slow motion and when come in the original position in slow motion. The benefit of doing this type of chin-up is that your capacity for loading weight will increase.

2. Close Hands Chin-Ups

  • You hold the bar in that manner your both hands shortest fingers will touch each other.
  • Do not touch knees to each other.
  • Then do same as usual in simple chin-ups means lift your body weight till chin is your above the bar.
  • And then down your body, as you do in perfect chin-ups.

Different Types Of Chin-Ups

3, Forwarded Leg chin-ups

This type of chin-ups has one more benefit from others. This core is beneficial to your core

  • Hold the bar simply with 90 degrees.
  • Then forwarded your legs in front of your core.
  • The position of legs should be straight.
  • Then start to lift body weight in leg forwarded position.

The positive point of this type of exercise is that your pressure on the core will increase when your legs are forwarded and you get benefits related core.

4. Wide Grip Chin -Ups

In this, your extraction of hands will increase. This exercise is beneficial for your chest and biceps.

  • Hold the bar with the wide grip means wide handed.
  • Then start to do chin-ups as usual.

5. Weighted Chin-Ups

This type of the chin-ups is not for beginners because in this you need extra weight to lift it. So if you are beginners then you did not try this.

The difference between in simple chin-ups and Weighted chin-ups are that in weighted chin-ups you need extra weight to lift with bodyweight. For me, this type of chin-ups is the best for who wants to make chin-ups harder. In weigh, you can bind any type of weight.

Different Types Of Chin-Ups

So these different types of chin-ups are made your endurance stronger and powerful.

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Final Words

  • Do chin-ups are in a perfect way.
  • Your all answers related pull-ups are mentioned in this.
  • After reading this you guaranteed to know the perfect way of doing chin-ups.
  • These steps of doing chin-ups perfect are best for the beginners.

If you have any problem and query related chin-ups and this article then you should contact me on without any type of hesitation.


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