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How To Do Chin ups Progression{2 To 15} In 1 Week? – Chin-ups at Home

Chin ups Progression

Chin-ups is that exercise which everyone wants to do more. In this exercise perfect techniques needed to more chin-ups. There are some ways to increase your chin-ups. You do many practices to do more chin-ups but you can not succeed. From these reasons, this exercise makes difficult and challenging. In this how much it is difficult the same it gives you benefits.  In chin-ups, there is a lot of competition. Due to this competition, everyone wants to do more chin-ups sets.

The perfect techniques are mentioned in this. These are not so many techniques but these techniques will show your result in just 1 week. These techniques to pull-ups progression are best for every type of people. So try these techniques in a simple way. You can also try these techniques at home. If you try these techniques of chin-ups progression for a 1 week you feel results own. After improvement does not leave these techniques because if you leave then your chin-ups progression will come on neutral again.

Chin ups Progression

1. Add Extra Weight

If you can do easily 2-3 chin-ups in one time easily then you should try this for  Chin ups Progression. You only do same 3-4 chon-ups but the additional point is that you add extra weight on this and then try to do same 2-3 chin-ups.

In starting you are not able to do but after some days you start doing this. After some days when you do with weights then you remove extra weight and then try this you should notice  Chin ups Progression. The simple benefits of doing more weight with chin-ups are your biceps size will grow will faster and your height of the body increases.

 Chin ups Progression

2. Remove Errors

According to research 90% of the people do not how to perfect chin-ups and they start doing Errors. These errors are a big obstacle to increase your chin-ups. If you are removed all these errors from the chin-ups that you can easily do Chin ups Progression. The perfect pose of this exercise is very easy and comfortable. So try from now and do perfect chin-ups easily without any error.

If you want to do perfect chin-ups and what errors that occurred during chin-ups and how to resolve these errors you should read:-

Chin ups Progression

3. Daily Practise

This is the most simple logic of Chin ups Progression. Everybody knows that if you can do a thing daily then they improve guaranteed. The main problem is that people do chin-ups in a week 2-3 times but you should do chin-ups daily. Add this exercise in daily routine and practice every day with full energy and power.

Chin ups Progression

4. Other Exercises and Types

For the chin-ups, the main role of anyone is your hand’s strength. If you are improving your hand’s strength then you easily improve your chin-ups exercise. You should try Push-ups, Pull-ups to improve your grip strength and pull strength. If you can also trying pull-ups at home also to improve your grip strength.  After this you are not able to do another type of exercises then you should try other types of chin-ups and gain its surprising benefits. So do push-ups, Pull-ups and Other types of chin-ups to Chin-ups Progression.

5. Full Energy and Motivation

When you do chin-ups daily do it with full power and energy. Take a proper energy diet to stay always energetic and take good proper rest to recover energy. If you have not the energy to do more chin-ups then you always stay motivated because motivation gives you full energy to do more chin-ups and your  Chin-ups start Progression.

Then the question is how to stay motivated always?

The answer is that only when you do pull-ups you think the only thing that Every chin-up make you stronger. And this feeling of making stronger helped you to stay motivated.

So these techniques are really helping to increase your chin-ups. This is the fastest way of chin-ups progression. So try these steps and techniques for chin-ups progression.

Chin-Ups At Home

It is part of chin-ups progression. You know the biggest benefit of doing chin-ups is that you can do it anywhere in this you do not need any such type of heavy pieces of equipment. So can try it at home. These are the easy techniques where you can do chin-ups at home. If you try these techniques at home then you really feel progression in chin-ups. There are some steps that show that you chin-ups easily at home.

1. At any hanger

You try at any hanger type object which looks like just any type of bar. In these, you may seem that your hanger is strong that afford your weight. This is one of the best ways of doing chin-ups at home.


2. Table Chin-Ups

It is that type of chin-up that you can do with the help of the table.

  • In this, you need a large size table.
  • And you hold the ends of the table with both hands.
  • Then Upward your back and chest portion to the table in the air.
  • Then do chin-ups as usual as you do.

If you see proper step then you see this picture below.

Chin-Ups At Home

3. Artificial Bar

This is the best technique for chin-ups progression is that you start to do chin-ups at home. These are specific chin-ups bar that you easily fit in your house and use it easily. This bar is the best way to chin-ups at home. These bar is at a low cost so it is very affordable for you. It is the same copy of the original bar. Some people use this bar in their own gym. So fit chin-ups bar in your house and do chin-ups progression. For this bar, you do not do the extra step to do. You do the same as you do in an original bar.

Chin-Ups At Home

4. Door Edge

It is that place which is best for the chin-ups and pull-up both. This is the place where you try both in a simple manner. In this, you need a perfect door which is stopped by any hard stopper.

  • First, start to hold door edge with both hands tightly.
  • Then upward your body just like that you do it with bar.
  • Upward your body till your chin above the door edge.
  • Then Lower down your body as usual as in chin-ups.

5. Home Towel Chin-Ups

This towel chin-up is the most popular type of the chin-ups but the positive point of this type is that you can do it easily at home. The steps of doing this exercise is that:-

  • First, you hang the towel in a condition where you feel comfortable.
  • After hanging hold both ends of the towel.
  • Then start to upward your body like chin-ups or pull-ups.
  • The further step does as usual as in towel chin-ups.

These are the best ways that you can do chin-ups at home. These techniques are best for Beginners. After knowing all the steps you can do chin-ups at home, you do not need to go outside for searching for the bar. if you want to do pull-ups in any condition Outside and inside then you should read:-

Any condition Pull-ups{Outisde or at home}

Chin-Ups At Home

Final Words

Try these awesome tricks for chin-ups progression. These steps are best for beginners. After this, you read about the simple ways to do chin-ups at home. So try these tricks to chin-ups progression and chin-ups at home and increase your chin-ups by both ways.

So try chin-ups daily and gain its surprising benefits and results. If you have any doubt regarding chin-ups that you should contact me and visit on or others home workouts.


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