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Crunches Before And After {With Proven Pictures And Results}

Crunches Before And After

Crunches is one of the best exercise for your core. The name of this exercise, due to its position of doing this exercise. This is that exercise is only helpful for your abdominal muscles.

During crunches, your less number of muscles are involved and these muscles bring a big change in your life. There are 3 major types of muscles are involved.

  • Rectus Muscles:- It is that type of muscle which runs from your rib cage to pubic bone.
  • Internal and external obliques:- It is present the side of the body, ribs to hips.
  • Transversus abdominis:- It is the deepest part of the abdominal muscle. This muscle played a big role during crunches.

These are that muscles which played your complete crunch workout and these muscles give you the result. And we judge these results by crunches before and after. All these results that are mentioned in this have experimented on different people.

So every picture of the crunches before and after is real and the final answer of what are crunches gives you. These crunches before and after results are of both men and women. So for both this exercise is too much helpful.

Crunches Before And After {With Pictures}

  • In the Case Of Fat Loose

60 percent of the people are suffering from the more fat problem. This is that problem in which women are suffering more. This exercise is hit only on your belly fat of the body. Decrease belly fat is not an easy task but this exercise became it easy.

For Men


crunches before and after images


This improvement that you are watching in this above photo is only the result of doing crunches. This man that is showing name is Amar and he only does crunches for 30 regular in the morning time and he finally finds this result that he wants.

You know that exercise is the strong cutter of the belly fat. The main benefit of this exercise for the men is that this exercise increases your testosterone level also. So if you are men and you are suffering from more belly fat then for you this is the best exercise and you should do it daily.


For Women

Crunches Before And After


80 percent of the women in the world are suffering from the belly fat problem. For these women, Crunches is the perfect exercise in all factors. In the 50 different types of women this crunches doing experiment has done and we found the same results from all. And we reach an conclusion that if you are women and you suffering from this exercise then for you this is ever best exercise.

That women that are mentioned above are suffering from the belly fat problem for 2 years. Then I suggested him to do crunches and plank daily and in front of you result is here through crunches before and after.


  • In The Case Of Abs Formation

98 percent of the men who do gym and other physical activity wants to grow abs. You heard that grow and beautiful abs is not an easy task, you need to do different-different exercise. This is also a myth. You know that if you are doing only crunches then you easily gained abs 45-50 days.

For Men

Crunches Before And After

In this picture, the complete body of the men are in shape but they and not able to form abs but in the crunch, after image, the abs are formed. So this result that is mentioned in this is only found from doing crunches. Through crunches, there are a lot of men who formed their attractive abs. So if you want to succeed your dream of abs then you should start to do crunches from now.


For Women

crunches before and after images

For making abs for the women is not an easy task. For making abs first you should do remove belly through this same exercise and then your process of abs formation begins. For women, this exercise is too much difficult and painful. And if you really want to grow abs then this is not an impossible task.

This woman that is in picture formed their abs by doing crunches only. For forming the abs she takes 62 days.

If you succeed through crunches and you found these results then send me your success story on Contact Us and I show your success story on my article. 

Items Required For Best Results

  • A Soft Mat which does not hurt your back. And this specially designed mat is available here in low price:- Crunches Mat 
  • Another most important is a good protein diet for faster crunches before and after results. But in today food it is not possible. So you can gain your all protein that is required for the crunches workout is:- Crunches Protein

These are the most important two equipment that is required to gain faster results.

Why This Crunches Exercise is Difficult And More Painful?

It is that type of exercise which people starts to hate too after doing some days. The reason behind this hate is pain in core muscles after the core workout. The process of pain after exercise is also called delayed onset muscle soreness (Doms). Due to this, the pain in the abdominal muscle occurs. In this process lactic acid is produced in your abdominal muscles and pain will start.

The best way to relief your pain is that you should do this daily. This pain will give you the results more faster. In this exercise, you feel the pain form the starting day but the happiness of the results that you gain from crunches are high is compare to the pain during crunches.


Final Words

Crunches will give you results that I am sure 100 percent. Only you need to do this exercise. This crunches before and after will show you the results that are common if any one is doing crunches. So Start to do crunches from today and the best time for the crunches workout is that morning time.

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