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5 Most Biggest Dangers Of Planking Exercise – And Best Way of Resolve it

Dangers Of Planking Exercise

BodyWeight Exercises are the Best Exercise Workout because it gives self-satisfaction to the Body.

The Plank is the really best one Exercise among all Body Weight Exercises. Plank is the best bodyweight exercise for the core.

Plank Exercise is an easy Exercise but it has many Side Effects if you did not do in the correct manner.

Not every people pose is correct It is my old personal trainer he does plank in the wrong method but if he saw that I am doing plank he tips me right pose because he knows full knowledge but does not know the way how it applies on itself.

If Planking did not do in right posture really so it is most dangerous for the body. Please, not leave this Exercise due to dangerous effect of the Exercise. This Exercise is very easy if you did not do these common mistakes only. So I tell you ways to how to resolve these problems?

You know that people do world record of this exercise and you feel dangerous.

You already know that plank so much strengthening your core and make it balance it. You know that plank is Fat burner Exercise also

Muscles Affected By Planking Exercise

  • Primary muscles: erector spinae, rectus abdominis (abs), and transverse abdominis.
  • Secondary muscles (synergists/segmental stabilizers): trapezius (traps), rhomboids, rotator cuff, the anterior, medial, and posterior deltoid muscles (delts), pectorals (pecs), serratus anterior, gluteus maximus (glutes), quadriceps (quads), and gastrocnemius.

Due to the wrong posture, these muscles feel pain and these muscles are responsible to maintain core posture.

If you do plank wrong posture Everyday then this side effects will cause, If you do it once or twice in incorrect posture then it not dangerous.

Not Plank every exercise has bad effects if it is not done in the right posture. Right posture will give the right effect to your body.

What Are The Most Biggest Dangers Of Planking Exercise?

1. Butt In More Air

You do Plank simply but all portion of the plank is in the right position but after some time you feel Fatigue your Butt portion are above than the others. If your butt in the air more than during plank the pressure is increased in the shoulders and after some these pose make sure cause shoulders pain and not give an effect to the body. Your thigh is relaxed during when your butt is high. Due to this mistake, your shoulders pain and your body figure start damaging.

So keep your Butt on the same level as the back. it does not cause any Bad Effects.

Dangers Of Planking Exercise


2- U Back Shaped

You are doing the plank as your steps but your butt is in perfect position but in some cases, people generally do that they band her back in U shaped position. It is very dangerous to your back. Due to this position, your balance of the plank starts Imbalancing. You burn your more energy during this back U shape. In this, after the workout, you feel a strong pain the Back and foot. In this way, you did not feel your core is not tight and cause many side effects. This plank worst position cause dangerous Effects. This is the biggest dangers of planking exercise.

The Perfect pose of the plank using back is that keep you full Back straight and keep your tight during Planking.

Dangers Of Planking Exercise


3- Upper Back Band

During the plank workout, the Back is in use. And your Upper Back is in use to balance hands position. If you’re all back and Butt position but Upper back portion is in Up more than limit due to the balancing.

This will Cause side Effects on back, and Shoulders. It starts pain in Back and Shoulders after some time and then reduces your plank Capacity time. Due to this wrong posture sometimes people face pain in the upper neck. So Not bend your back too much it keeps you just above the lower back. And Strength you back by Doing Back Workout at home.

4- Neck Direction

In plank, Some People do this major Mistake also which is very Dangerous for you. People Do all Plank Perfectly but her neck direction are not right. Generally, people see the other posture of the plank and some start see here and there to do time pass during plank and its time of plank will increase due to this process but it will cause serious and dangerous problems. It causes neck pain. Generally, pain is causing in Upper neck and upper neck does not relax.

Due to this wrong posture starts pain in neck muscles pain permanently. So keep your Neck straight. When you keep your neck straight you fell some Difficulty but this way has good Effects on your body.

Dangers Of Planking Exercise


5- Hands Joints During Plank

In some you Noticed that some people do this small mistake also, People joints your hands together during planking. Due to this, your abdominal muscles are not work in this and the effect on the triceps and core are not much Effective. Joining hands is not too much dangerous you can do it when causing Too much Fatigue and you to spend more time in Planking.

But My advice is that to keep open your hands in the front of the shoulders. If you do plank You want to affect all body parts so why you keep abdominal muscles keep aside, So Don’t Joints hands In case of emergency use it only.

See that in Above Image Of folding Hands.


Mistakes Is Like Hole in the Boat


So resolve these mistakes before sinking the boat:-

How To Resolve These Mistakes?

If you want to do plank perfect without any mistake you can Do it in front of the Mirror. And you also use this you can try with a partner who tells that it is a perfect pose or not?

In the Front of the Mirror and Partner, both are the best way. For my experience help of the partner is best because In the mirror you need to see in it but in this, you only focus on the plank pose.


How to Do Planking Without Any Danger?

  • Let our body in push-up position simply.
  • Then easily fold your Elbows and place Elbows on the floor.
  • Keep your neck straight.
  • keep Hips above the floor and Back Straight.


To Learn how to Do Plank for a long time please read:- 7 easy ways to stay a long time on the plank.


World Record Of the Plank

  • By a woman is 3 hours, 31 minutes and 0 seconds by Maria Kalimera (Cyprus) in September 2015.
  • By a woman with a 60-lb pack are 17 min and 26 sec by Eva Bulzomi (USA) in July 2013. with a 100-lb pack is 4 min 41 sec by Paddy Doyle (UK) in 2016

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Final Words

  • Use Soft Surface during Plank to prevent elbows Injuries.
  • Drink more and more water.
  • Do not do smoking and drinking.
  • These poses of the exercise becomes it Dangers Of Planking Exercise to keep distance from these poses.
  • Do fewer plank but do it perfect form because every wrong posture will give you bad results.
  • The biggest motivation of doing plank is that you only think that every plank set makes you strong.


Stay always happy and do plank daily. If you have any doubt and query related any plank and this article then you will contact me without any hesitation.


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