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5 Most Biggest Dangers Of Planking Exercise – And Plank Mistakes

Dangers Of Planking Exercise - Plank Mistakes

Dangers Of Planking Exercise – Bodyweight Exercises are the Best Exercise Workout because it gives self-satisfaction to the Body. The Plank is the really best one Exercise among all Body Weight Exercises. Plank is a good bodyweight exercise for the core.

Muscles Affected By Planking Exercise

  • Primary muscles: erector spinae, rectus abdominis (abs), and transverse abdominis.
  • Secondary muscles (synergists/segmental stabilizers): trapezius (traps), rhomboids, rotator cuff, the anterior, medial, and posterior deltoid muscles (delts), pectorals (pecs), serratus anterior, gluteus maximus (glutes), quadriceps (quads), and gastrocnemius.

These are that muscles which involved during the plank workout. In short, we can say that the Plank workout covers full body muscles. During plank mistakes, primary muscles most affected. And Majorly in primary muscles, you face problems due to plank mistakes.

Overall Plank is a very Beneficial workout, But the problem starts when people do a plank with mistakes/wrong posses. At this moment plank start affecting you negatively. For gaining all Benefits of plank you should do plank workout without any mistake.

#Note – Plank is not a dangerous Exercise, Mistakes during plank makes it dangerous.

You know that every exercise is dangerous if you doing it wrong. Same here with the plank, If you doing plank with mistakes then you will never gain any type of result and in addition, you can suffer from many side effects. Below there is the list of the mistakes that people do during plank workout, If you remove these mistakes in your plank workout then plank is the safe for you.

Dangers Of Planking Exercise (Plank Mistakes)

1. Butt More In Air

There are many cases in which people put their butt more in the air. Due to this mistake, the pressure on the shoulder joints increases. And if you are doing this mistake regularly then, you can face long term pain in the shoulders joints.

#Resolving Way – You should keep your Butt on the same level as the back.

Plank Mistake - Dangers Of Planking Exercise

2- U Back Shaped

This is not a too common mistake but you should know about this mistake. There are many people who keep his back in U shaped position during plank. There are many trainers/coaches who suggest people to keep his Back in U-shape during plank but this completely wrong posture. This posture deeply affects your Back muscles. Even there are many people who face the Slip Disk problem due to this wrong posture.

#Resolving Way – Do not add any extra step in the plank. Keep you Back straight during plank. Back muscles become very sensitive during plank workout, So do not try/add any extra step during plank.

Plank Mistake - Dangers Of Planking Exercise

3- Parallel Core

This is a too common mistake of the plank. This mistake generally occurs when any people aim to do plank workout for a long time. There are many people who do not keep their core parallel to the floor. They drop his lower back(near to floor) to make plank easy.

#Resolving Way – During the whole plank workout, you should keep your back straight. Do plank for a short time but do it perfectly(Without any mistake). And tighten your core during every type of plank workout.

Plank Mistakes - Dangers Of Planking

4- Neck Direction

During plank, there are many people who do not keep his neck straight. There are many people who start watching here and there or they start checking pose perfection during plank. This is also a mistake during the plank workout. If you are doing this mistake regularly then you can face neck pain or neck strain problem.

#Resolving Way – You should also keep your neck straight and looking forward during the whole workout of the simple plank. For checking your plank pose mistakes you can take the help of another person.

Plank Mistake - Dangers Of Planking Exercise


5- Hands And Elbow Position

This is a very technical and common mistake of the plank. There are many people who bind their hand’s fingers and open their legs during plank. Doing this during the plank decreases the pressure on the abdominal muscles. And you know that plank workout majorly affects your core. If you are doing this then you are not able to gain that type of Benefits which plank workout claims.

#Resolving Way – During plank workout, you should keep your elbow and shoulder are in Inline. You should keep you both legs close to each other and keep you both forearms straight(90 degrees to the biceps) during the plank workout.

Dangers Of Planking Exercise - Plank Mistake

Mistakes Is Like Hole in the Boat, Resolve these mistakes Before sinking the Boat. In short, you can say that these mistakes work as the Barrier in the way of gaining Benefits of planking


How You Can Identify Plank Mistakes?

There are many people who are unable to Identify the mistake during plank. There are main two ways through which you can identify the mistakes that you are doing during plank.

For checking mistakes You can do plank in front of the Mirror. And you can also take the help of another person/Coach to Identify your mistake during plank.

According to my experience help of another person/trainer/coach is best because other people can easily Identify you small to small mistakes.

World Record Of the Plank

  • By a woman is 3 hours, 31 minutes and 0 seconds by Maria Kalimera (Cyprus) in September 2015.
  • By a woman with a 60-lb pack are 17 min and 26 sec by Eva Bulzomi (USA) in July 2013. with a 100-lb pack is 4 min 41 sec by Paddy Doyle (UK) in 2016


Final Words

The main reason behind the 90 percent of plank mistakes is When people start doing the race for doing the plank for a long time. At this moment people try to make plank easy. And in the making of plank easier, mistakes will occur. These that mistake that you should need to avoid during plank. There are many rumors in the market that plank workout is dangerous for you. Plank is not a dangerous Exercise, Mistakes during plank makes it dangerous. For knowing the perfect steps of the plank you can read – Plank For Beginners.

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