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12 Great Different Types Of Planks With Pictures {Proper Step By Step}

Different Types Of Planks

Plank is one of the best and interesting exercise related core and other body parts. It is that exercise that you can do it anywhere In this, you do not need any specific equipment. The positive point of this exercise is that it has many variations that you can do it very easily. These types of planks are very best and good result giving for all people. In this, you find your complete description of every type of plank. If you try all these variations then the strength of your core and doing plank become really awesome. Every different type of planks are explained with pictures. So you can understand easily how to do these different types of planks perfectly.

These types of plank are sufficient for your whole body. After these, types of plank list, you did not need any other type of plank after these types.

Different Types Of Planks With Pictures

1. Elbow Plank

This is also called standard, simple and basic plank. In this type of plank you should follow these steps:-

Elbow Plank 

How to stay long on the plank?

Different Types Of Planks

2. Elbow Knee Plank

This plank is a little different from simple elbow plank. In this, you need to follow other steps from the simple plank.

  • First, come in a simple plank position.
  • Then touch your knee to the floor.
  • And keep your face straight when your knee touches the floor.
  • Then upward your knee after the hold of some time.

The basic point you should remember related to this is that if you are beginner then you do elbow knee plank position for 30 seconds and after that, you come in the original position(Simple plank). This plank position is count in the most beginning stage of the plank.

Different Types Of Planks

3. V Shape plank

In this plank, your body is come in opposite V shape.

  • First, you should come in a standard plank position.
  • Then start to bend your body upward.
  • Lift your hips in the upward direction.
  • Then keep a hold of a second inv band-shaped plank.

This type the plank gives you the best results to your shoulders and thighs. So try these different types of plank and gain amazing benefits.

4. Straight Arm Plank

This type of plank is one of the great plank types. In this plank, your elbow bending is removed.

  • First, sit down on the four hands and legs.
  • After a hold of one second.
  • The raise your knee at the upward direction.
  • Keep straight your both legs and joined both legs towards.
  • After this position, your plank position will be same as Below.

After this, your Major plank position means high plank has come. Keep hold in this type of plank position as according to your capacity.

In this workout the major loads on your shoulders and core. This plank helps to strengthen your shoulders, balancing capacity, core strength.

Different Types Of Planks

5. Major Knee Plank

You know major plank is really difficult plank but make some explosive this major plank through this:-

  • First, come in the Straight Arm plank position that is mentioned just above.
  • Then keep your knee on the floor in the same position.
  • And then lift your both legs and joined it.

Different Types Of Planks

6. One Leg Plank

This type of plank has two ways to do this different type of plank.

  • First, come in the simple plank position.
  • When you are in this position then raise your one leg and keep balanced your full body of plank on one leg.
  • After this, keep another leg in the air in second SET.

In this type of plank, the load in your core is too much high. The real starting of making abs in the body due to this plank. In the beginning stage of the plank, your core starts to Temporary pain after workout.


Different Types Of Planks - One Leg Plank

7. Side Plank

One of the most famous plank type of plank types. This plank type of plank become famous due to his difficulties and different way. In this type of plank has the complete role of balancing and strength.

  • Balance your body on one elbow and one leg.
  • This was like that mentioned in this picture below.
  • Then balance your body on one elbow.
  • Joints your both legs toward and keep your side core above the ground.

In this type of plank role of balancing and strength too much. This shape and position of plank makes it difficult and more beneficial.

Different Types Of Planks

8. Plank Hands Motion

This type of plank is completely based on the hand’s motion during plank. For this you

  • First, come in the Straight Arm plank position.
  • After this joins your both legs and keep hold for some time.
  • Then expand your both legs and keep hold for some time.
  • After complete move repeats this process.


Different Types Of Planks

9. One Arm Plank

For this type of plank, you need special balancing strength because in this you balance your full body on one arm

  • First, come in the Straight Arm plank position.
  • After keeping hold of some time in this plank position.
  • Then put your one arm in the air.
  • And do a plank in one arm position for some time.

The most difficult part of the plank is that you balance your full body in one arm. If you doing this type of plank in a continuous manner then your balancing capacity of body and strength of your hands increases.

Different Types Of Planks- One Arm PLank

10. Table Plank

This type of plank is different from another plank because in this you need a piece of equipment to do this. For equipment, you take a ball or any other object like a table chair etc. to do this.

  • First place any type of table near the legs.
  • Then place both legs on the table or ball.
  • After placing keep both hands like major plank position on the floor.

After this keep hold of some time.

Different Types Of Planks

11. Elbow Plank With Table

In previous you need a table to keep your both legs on the table but in this, you need to place both hands on the table.

  • Put both elbows on the table and your legs on the floor.
  • The position of elbows is just like that are in simple plank.

Different Types Of Planks

12. Shoulder Plank

In this plank the complete pressure of your upper body on your shoulders.

  • First, come in a simple plank position.
  • Then little upward your hips in the air.
  • And then little much expand your hands.

The pressure on the shoulders your increases easily by how much your hips is air. This different type of plank is generally based on the shoulders pressure.

Different Types Of Planks


Why You should do  Different Types Of Planks?

There are many reasons to do plank and its types are:-

  1. Plank Strength:-  After do this exercise you do not need any type of exercise or workout to improve your plank.
  2. Great Core:- You try many of workout to make your great awesome but if you try these all types of plank you did not need any type of plank.
  3. No Other Workout:- If you want to stay fit only and you are doing these types of plank. Then you do not need any type of exercise for your fitness.
  4. Full Body Workout:- For full body workout you only need plank types because all types of plank cover your all body parts.
  5. Results:- The result of doing these types of the plank is really awesome and too much attractive. If you want to see the results then you should read:- Results of planking daily
  6. Good Stamina:- These all types of planks make your core too much strong. And a strong core is full of stamina and strength.
  7. Fat Reduction:- These types of plank directly hit your body fat. After doing 1-2 months plank continuously you notice that Stomach fat, hands fat, back fat decrease too much.
  8. New Experience:- Doing Same type of simple plank makes plank workout boring. But in the variations of the plank, you find different experiences in every type of plank. The positive point also that different types of plank is too much than Simple Plank.

Final Words

According to research these 12 types of the plank are sufficient for your full body to stay fit. Plank is just like yoga which increases your body strength and many advantages. So try these  Different Types Of Planks and gain its amazing benefits. Every type of plank is explained with interesting and perfect pictures. These all types of planks are sufficient for your plank workout. If you do these plank is continuing schedule then you easily reached in your fitness goal.

Here you available 12 different types of planks, Do all types in a single day is not possible{time consumption}. So distribute these types according to your capacity and do it in a random manner. Along with this plank workout, you should focus on your diet and rest procedure.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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