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25 Different Types Of Push Ups And Their Benefits {With Pictures}

Different Types Of Push Ups And Their Benefits
Different Types Of Push Ups And Their Benefits

Push-ups are amazing and best exercise for your full body. Push-ups is not an easy exercise. This exercise is also known as Warm-up exercise.  This exercise is too much beneficial so to gain its benefits you need to do push-ups daily. To do the same exercise daily you fell boring and start to irritate from this. For this problem, you can try Different Types of push-ups. 

After Doing These Push-ups You Did Not any type of Exercise for Chest.

What are the benefits of the Types Of Push-Ups?

  • Not Fell Boring:– Boring is that thing in which the motivation for doing exercise calm down. So forget the tension of bore. So try these different push-ups and make your push-ups exercise adventurous.
  • Strong Core:- In the fitness world, Core is in the most important role. The core is much needed in the daily work. In other exercises, your core makes stronger but in this, your core makes strongest. The strongest core is the key to good fitness because it helps other parts exercises.
  •  Strong Upper Body:-  In simple push-ups, you generally focus on the chest and biceps but in types of push-ups you did not need any other exercise for the upper body. In this, Different types of push-ups are for different parts of the body. It makes your upper body strength awesome.
  • Do-Anywhere & Any time:-  In Others exercises, you need a specific time and other types of equipment to do this exercise. For example, you need morning time and an empty stomach for doing the core workout but in this, you did not need any difficult condition.
  • It’s Impressive:-You know impression is such a great thing. Everyone wants the impression from other people. My first impression of the push-ups is I do bet with other friends to do push-ups. They only do only 80 push-ups approx but I do 100 push-ups in a single set and I won the bet of $100. The impression in the friends really becomes awesome after this incident.
  • Arms Strength:- Arms plays an important role in the sports person. People who play volleyball, Basketball this exercise is so much beneficial for these persons. Not only sports person every person will do to strengthen his arms.
  • Basic And Easy:-  Everyone needed that workout in which you did not need many steps and a specific place. This exercise is simple and easy steps but the condition for this you should do workout every day. Those people who have less time but they need more calorie burning exercise. This exercise perfect for these types of people. Different types of push-ups are best and more calorie burning exercise in less time.

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What are the Types Of Push Ups?

Start push-ups with simple push-ups and then increase your level. So start with Wall push-ups.

1. Wall Push-ups

  • This is the easiest type of push-ups for beginners.
  • First, you stand near the wall and touches the hands to the wall.
  • Try to do simple push-ups, Means you try to touch your chest to the wall.

wall Push-ups and their Benefits

2. Inclined Push-ups

  • In Previous you keep your hands on wall So Just down your hands.
  • Choose any inclined surface like the table, chair etc.
  • Then keep your hands on this inclined surface and foot on the grounds.
  • The try to touch the chest to the inclined surface as the only motion of the elbows.
  • This is the best type of push-ups.

3. Simple Push-ups

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4. Declined surface

  • In previous, you keep your hands and foot level on the ground same.
  • But in this keep your hands on the ground and your legs in any inclined surface like bench, Chair.
  • To keep your body in declined position do Simple push-ups.
  • Keep your back straight to the upper back NOt bend it down during when you try to lower down your chest.
  • This exercise is beneficial for the lower chest and core.

5. Punch Push-ups

  • Punch push-ups help to improve strength your punch power.
  • In this, you fold your hands in form of punch and then keep your body in push-ups position.
  • Then start push-ups in slow motion.
  • Keep your punch in the soft area to prevent from the joints injury of the hands.
  • Try with small sets of this exercise.
  • Keep your back straight.

Different Types Of Push Ups And Their Benefits

6. Wide Push-ups

  • In this, keep your hands on the ground in the push-ups position but the difference is this keep your hands wide from the natural position.
  • So keep your hands in broad than simple push-ups.
  • After this try to touch the chest to the ground.
  • Do as usual as simple push-ups.

Wide Push_ups and its Benefits

7. Half Push-ups

  •  You do not make habit of this exercise.
  • In this Do simple as the usual only difference is this you down your body half.
  • Means you lower down your chest only half as the comparison of simple push-ups.
  • That important thing which makes your this push-ups difficult is that you Do push-ups fastly.
  • The speed of doing half push-ups is double as simple push-ups.

8. Fore Fingers Push-ups

  • This is the Very risky type of push-ups for fingers.
  • Firstly you make a cage of your fingers tightly.
  • Then keep your hands in the ground in push-ups position.
  • After forefingers strength, You can also try push-ups with one finger and a thumb but keep your posture right.
  • Try this move safely. If you are not able to do that when you leave it.
  • Then Start push-ups according to its rules.
  • This exercise is best for your fingers strength.

fore finger push-ups and their benefits

9. Diamond Push-ups

  • This exercise is beneficial for chest and triceps(Major Effect).
  • Keep your forefingers and palms on the ground.
  • Then attach the thumb of both hands during the whole push-up.
  • In the attach position come into the push-up position.
  • Then Start push-ups in Joints Thumbs position.
  • In this type of push-ups, you face problem in starting after practice you may do easily.

10. Clap Push-ups

  • In this type, you do push-ups in the simple way only one difference is here which make it clap push-ups.
  • First, come in normal push-ups position
  • Then start body downward and when you lift your body upward then lift your body hands with the body.
  • After lifting hands clap in the air near to the chest.
  • Then come in original position before your body falling down.
  • This is the Best and interesting type of push-ups.
  • So clap fast in the air to prevent injury.
  • In this, your burned more calorie than simple push-ups.

Clap Push-Ups And Their Benefits

11. Fastly Push-ups

  • This type helps you to improve push-ups stamina.
  • This has also come in easy push-ups list.
  •  Take your push-up position as usual in Simple push-ups.
  • Then starts push-ups as usual way.
  •  But when you Lift up your body is in fast motion in every repetition.
  • When you dow your body keep it simple But when you lift so lifts fastly.

Different Types Of Push Ups And Their Benefits

12. Hands Relax Push-Ups

4 Sets = 8-9repetitions per set

Equipment Required:-No Equipment required

  • It works on triceps, chest
  • Do as usual as Pushups. only when you come downward in push-ups.
  • you completely down and chest part and touch chest part to the ground.
  • You only touch the chest and core part and lift thighs in the original position.
  • Now lift your palms off the floor as if you were about to row, pause and then place them back on the floor and lift your body all the way up in a push-up position.

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13. V- Push-ups

4 Sets = 8-9repetitions per set

Equipment Required:– Do at home easily

  • It works on shoulder, Chest, and butt.
  • you come downward in the traditionally  Push- ups position and move upward your Hips.
  • Stop when your body forms an upside down “V” shape and between your torso and legs is a 90-degree angle. This will be your starting and ending position.
  • Then make opposite V-shaped position then start push-ups.
  • In starting to do this type slowly and fewer repetitions.
  • In this, in the wrong posture, you may cause back injury.


14. One Leg Fold Push-ups

  • Hold your body in the half push-ups position.
  • Then lift your one leg in the air and then Fold it half parallel to the butt.
  • After folding take one push-up.
  • When you come in original position then fold your another leg and do a slow push-up.
  • In this after many repetitions, your lance of the legs may lose. So try less but Do perfect.
  • This type of push-ups works for the core, arms, and chest.

 Different types of push-ups And Their Benefits

15. Reverse Palms Push-ups

  • First, keep your palms as in reverse position and keep others parts in the normal direction as in simple push-ups.
  • So Fold you palms is in opposite direction.
  • Then start push-ups as usual
  • In this people faces the problem of balancing and Injuries from this exercise.
  • You cause injury when doing not able to balance, the Main problem is feeling pain in the joints of hands

Different Types Of Push Ups And Their Benefits

16. Leg Raise Push-Ups

  • In this, You Do push-ups on one leg.
  • You do push-ups as the usual only difference is this you only raise your one leg in the air.
  • You can lift her at any height.
  • Take your leg at sufficient height but you did not keep your leg movement.
  • In beginning, you were not able to do balance so try daily.

Leg Raise And Their Benefits

17. Fly push-ups

  • In this type of push-ups, you need strong stamina.
  • Down you bodyweight as usual in push-ups.
  • When you lift your body you raise your both hands in the air.
  • You keep your both hands in the air as you want.
  • Then come into normal push-up position again.

18. Position change push-ups

  • This type of push-up is depended on your position.
  • First, you do one normal push-up as you do.
  • In the second you extended your hands by some inches and then do a push-up.
  • And In the third, you extended your hands as your limit.
  • This type stretches your chest completely.

19. Shoulder touch push-ups

  • This type of push-ups is beneficial for your Sholders and chest both.
  • Do push-ups as usual.
  • When you lift your body touch your one hand to your opposite shoulder.
  • And then come in original position.
  • After this try with another hand and another shoulder.
  • In this type main role is balancing of bodyweight in one hand.

 Different types And Their Benefits

20. Dog Bird Push-ups

  • This type of push-ups is different as its name.
  • First, you lower down your body like that in a normal push-up.
  • Then come in dog bird position when you lift your body during push-ups.
  • This type of push-ups is beneficial for chest and core.
  • Dog bird is the special exercise of the core and it improves your strength and balancing also.

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21. Back Clap Push-ups

  • This type of push-ups is same as Back clap push-ups.
  • In this, Do push-ups as same.
  • When you lift your chest during pushups lift it.
  • After lifting do a clap in the back in the push-up position.
  • Do clap fastly and keep balance proper.

Reverse Clap And Their Benefits

22. Knee Push-ups

  • In this type of push-ups keep your knee on the floor.
  • Come in the push-up position.
  • Then place your knees on the floor.
  • And fold your both legs to each other.
  • Then do push-ups, as usual, to keep knees in the ground.
  • You can also place knees on the towel.

Different Types Of Push Ups And Their Benefits

23. One hand push-ups

  • In the type of push-ups, Balancing is in a major role.
  • Place Both hands in the push-ups position.
  • Then keep your one hand behind your back.
  • Keep balancing push-up position in one hand.
  • After some balancing tries to do push-ups with one hand.
  • Keep your other hand at your back.
  • You need proper balancing to do this type of push-up.
  • First, you do first hand and then try with another hand.

One hand Push-ups And Their Benefits

24. Alegatered push-ups

  • In this type, your hand’s position will change.
  • Keep your first hand near the mouth and another near the hips.
  • Then do push-ups.
  • To make it explosive change your hand’s position is opposite by taking an upper body jump.

25. Hindu Push-ups


  1. This is my favorite push-ups.
  2. This push-up is also called full body workout.
  3.  This exercise burns calorie too much then other push-ups.
  4. This exercise checks your upper body strength.
  5. This is the type of push-ups for who do wrestling and Kabaddi.

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How To Do:-

  • First make your push-up position very well.
  • Then lower down your only chest portion down not back and hips.
  • After this upward, your chest outward and back and butt down.
  • Then come in normal condition.
  • In this, there are many steps and any other push-ups.


Why Should Different types Of Push Ups Have More Value Than Simple Push UPs?

Nearly 90 percent of the people have chosen to do only simple push-ups. But when they start to do simple push he will not able to do gain those benefits and results that he wants and that benefits he will gain after a long time.

That is the reason many people and gym trainers are recommended for different types of push-ups for perfect shape in less time. Once if you start to do these types of push-ups then after this you feel that without this push ups workouts is incomplete. So make your push up workout complete by doing these different types of push-ups.

And Another reason is that more benefits and more interesting in comparison to the simple push-ups. If you are bored to do only do one types of push-ups then these types make your new interest in push-ups.

Final Words

These are the Different Types Of Push-Ups And Their Benefits. These types are easy and you do at home in some steps. These push-ups you try fewer but do it perfect.

These 25 different types are sufficient to make your chest capacity and make your upper body really amazing. These different types become our more interest in push-ups and they irritate you. So try those push-ups which you can do it easily. Every push-up has a different function and different benefits.

Make the right posture of push-ups for perfect results. If you have any doubt regarding this so you can send me a message in without any hesitation.

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