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5 Best And Easy Exercises For Kids During Lockdown – Healthcare Blog

Exercises For Kids During Lockdown - Healthcare Blog

Exercises For Kids During Lockdown – Lock the biggest effect on all people’s health. Kids are mostly affected by the lockdown because kids are very loving to play outside and enjoy. Playing outside is a very positive sign towards kid health. In the modern world of the screen, the addition of the screen in today’s kids increasing day by day and according to a survey the addiction of the phone during the lockdown in kids increased by 60 percent.

You clearly know that the excessive use of the screen affects your body’s health badly. There are many parents who are very worried about his child’s health in the lockdown period. All these exercises are mentioned here for those kids who have 8-15 years old. It is not fixed that this workout is only for lockdown period, after lockdown if your child is not interested in playing outside then he can also do this workout to stay healthy. All these Exercises For Kids During Lockdown are very light.

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  • Exercises For Kids During Lockdown
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Exercises For Kids During Lockdown

1. Running At One Place

Small kids love running too much. When kid is happy they love to run here and there. According to fitness industry, running is also the best exercise to keep your body healthy.

The first exercise of the list is running in one place. For this, you need some empty space for the kid.


  • Take Running Position
  • Then start to move legs and hands same as running but at standing place.


If your house is big then best for the kid is that he can runs here and there randomly.

#Note:- If you are a parent then try to run with your kid and cheers to him for run more.

Run At One PLace For Kids Workout

2. Jumping

Jumping is one of the another exercise that small kids loves most. Running and jumping are that exercise which is basically for the warm-ups body muscles of the kids. In my point of view if your kids are beginner then he needs a partner/parents who do all exercises with him.


  • Stand Along with the kid and said him to repeat this.
  • Then guide/Show Practically him to do the first jump in the vertical direction and second jump in the forward direction.
  • After this do one vertical jump and one forward jump with your kid and repeat more till fatigue.

#Note:- To guide him the perfect steps, repetitions, and sets you should do every exercise with your kid for one week.

Exercises For Kids During Lockdown - Jumping


3. Some PT Exercises

PT is one of the common and another most liked exercise.If your kid doing study from sports level School then there are 90 percent chances that your kid has full knowledge about all Pt exercises. Here you will find the 3 best PT Exercises For Kids During Lockdown that helpful to your kid’s health too much.

First Simple Hands Raising


  • Stand Streight along with your kids.
  • Then raise your both hands in straight to your shoulders parallel to the ground.
  • After this raise yours to both hands near to both ears straight.
  • Then comes in the original position again.
Exercises For Kids During Lockdown - Pt exerise
Exercises For Kids During Lockdown

Jumping Jacke


  • Stand on the floor by joining your legs and keep your hands freely near to the legs.
  • After this bend your knees slightly and jump into the air.
  • Then As you jump, spread your legs to be about shoulder-width apart. Stretch your arms out and over your head.
  • Jump back again and come in the original standing position.

#Note:- Sor some kids this exercise is new if you kid doing this exercise first time/beginner then you should do guid him proper steps of this exercise.

Exercises For Kids During Lockdown - Jumping JAcke

Sit Down Exercise


  • Set a song that your kid likes most then play a game with your kid.
  • In this game, say to your kid to follow words/order for sitting up and down.
  • Then speak randomly to sit up and down.

#Note:– This is also another amazing exercise for the kids. When your kid becomes an adult then after changing some rules this exercise coverts into squats workout.

Exercises For Kids During Lockdown - Up ANd Down Exercise

4. Push-Ups

There are some different types of push-ups for the kids. Kids muscles and bones are too weak. For 10 year old boy the best activities should be running and playing natural. let him grow a bit, after 17 years you may put him into Pushups and Pullups activities.

If your kid between the age of the 7-16 then you should ignore hard push ups workout. There are many types of push ups but for the kids, there are only two types of push-ups.

Wall Push-Ups


  • First, Stand your kid near the wall and touches his both hands to the wall.
  • Then forward your kid’s chest towards the wall by bending elbows.
  • When your kid’s chest reaches near to the wall then comes in the original position.

Exercises For Kids During Lockdown - Wall Push Ups

Inclined Push-Ups


  • Choose any inclined surface like the table, chair, etc that easily available at every home.
  • Then keep your kid’s hands slightly wider than shoulders on this inclined surface and foot on the ground.
  • Then lower your kid’s chest to the inclined surface by bending elbows.
  • After this raise your kids’ chest above by straightening his arms.

#Note:- In the beginning stage you should support physically to your child in every step of the exercise.

Exercises For Kids During Lockdown - Inclined Push Ups

5. Hanging/Stretching

This is one of the best exercises which helps to increase the kid’s height. This exercise also counts in the list of the cool-down exercises.


  • First Find any hanging bar at your home.
  • Then hang your child with the grip of hands for a particular time. (10-12 seconds maximum)

#Note:- For kids height growth this exercise is best from all. If your kid has more time and capacity for exercises then he can also do some stretching exercises also.

Exercises For Kids During Lockdown - Hanging

Benefits of Exercises For Kids During Lockdown

  • Height Growth
  • Body Strenght Increases
  • Mind Concentration Increase
  • Mood Changes
  • Helps To Take Good Sleep
  • Best Way to keep your kid healthy during the lockdown.
  • Screen effect on child Decreases
  • Improving academic scores
  • Building a stronger heart, bones and healthier muscles
  • Encouraging healthy growth and development
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Improving posture and balance
  • Lowering stress


Final Words

Around 96 percent of people who are reading this article are parents/coaches. And try to treat any kid as a kid during the workout. Kid is very soft-minded, So in the beginning stage kids need parents/coach physical help to perform exercises. If you are a kid is fatty and very intolerable then you can treat kid strictly. I hope your kid easily do Exercises For Kids During Lockdown and gains its amazing benefits.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article(Exercises For Kids During Lockdown).

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