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Feet Elevated Plank – Perfect Steps, Benefits, Results || Comparison

Feet Elevated PlanK - Step 1

Feet elevated plank is one of the favorite part for all plank lovers. The working of this plank is different from all other types of plank. You listened to many different types of plank but this type of plank different from others.

This plank is famous due to its amazing benefits. My experience of doing feet elevated plank is very awesome. From this 10000+ of people gain their fitness goal. According to my point of view, this is not an exercise, this is key of all fitness goals.

In this article you have read about the:-

  • How To Do Feet Elevated Plank?
  • Benefits Of Doing Feet Elevated Plank.
  • Results Of Doing Feet Elevated Plank
  • Comparison of the Feet Elevated with others.


In these feet elevated the use of your balancing power too much. For doing feet elevated plank workout you should need an elevated surface(small Height table, stool, A box). The perfect steps of doing feet elevated plank are mentioned below:-

How To Do Feet Elevated Plank?

Whole feet elevated plank finishes in some steps. The easiest and memorable steps of doing feet elevated plank is mentioned here.

The important thing that you should do before every plank workout is Warm-Up. For maximum feet elevated plank benefits you should do warm-up before plank. The best is if you do running for 500-1000 meters before plank.

  Step 1:- Come near any elevated surface and sit down on your knees and elbows. Join your both hands together. Just like in this picture below.

Feet Elevated PlanK - Step 1

Step 2:- After come in proper position raise your first leg and put on the elevated surface.

Feet Elevated Plank - Step 2

(Next Step) Step 3:- Then put your another leg also on the elevated surface.

Step 4:- After this straighten your back and tighten your core. After this step 4 hold your body at this position as possible as you can.

Feet Elevated Plank - Step 3

Some FAQ Related Feet Elevated Plank

Question:  What are the mistakes that people generally do during feet elevated plank?

Answer  Around 86 percent of people do this mistake during feet elevated plank.

  • Your back position:– Generally people do this mistake and then they start facing back(body Part) cramps. Best for you is that you keep your complete back straight during feet elevated plank. The complete benefit of feet elevated gains you when your back is in a straight position. If you keep your back straight during feet elevated plank then your back strength also increases.
  • Your neck position:- In this plank neck position is different from other types of plank. In this type of plank, you should be looking downward during plank. If you are looking forward like in other types of plank during this plank then you can face neck injury also.
  • Choose Surface More Elevated:- This mistake generally done by the beginners only. They are not able to select perfect height of the elevated surface. Due to this incorrect elevated surface, they cause injuries in the back and shoulders. The best solution of this mistake is that you must choosed an elevated surface of half knees length from ground surface. This length of the elevated surface of the plank gives you maximum benefit.

QuestionHow many minimum sets of feet elevated plank that you should do?

Answer: In the beginning stage of this long lever plank, you should do only 1-2 sets of 25 to 55 seconds. And in the medium stage, you should do 2-4 sets of 1-1.30 minutes. After this in the experienced stage do plank according to your capacity. In the experienced stage, you must take plank challenges with others.

Question: Which muscles will be targeted in the feet elevated plank workout?

Answer: Muscles most targeted during feet elevated Plank: Erector Spinae, External and Internal Oblique’s, Rectus Abdominis (upper and lower).

Benefits Of Doing Feet Elevated Plank

There are too many interesting benefits that you surely gained from doing feet elevated plank. These benefits will bring such a big change in your fitness.

1. Hands & Core Strength

From feet elevated plank, your hands and core will gains maximum benefits. Your complete upper body weight in on your both Arms.

In the feet elevated plank your both legs is on any elevated surface, due to this position pressure on both shoulders is more than other types of plank. This pressure will help you to increases your shoulder and biceps strength.

This is another part(core) of the body which effects too much in this feet elevated workout. If you have a problem with chipko belly fat. Then for you this plank is too helpful. From this plank, many people in my gym found positive results. Feet Elevated Plank makes your core strength awesome due to this your body flexibility and doing capacity increases.

2. Balancing

Balancing power is used in over 90 percent of the planks but in this type of plank, your balancing power consumption is on top. If you did this exercise regularly then your balancing power of full-body improves.

3. Mind Concentration

Your both legs on an elevated surface, due to this position the body flow of your head increases. This increased blood flow helps you to improve your mind concentration, Reduces hair fall problem, Keep relax your mind. If you did this exercise regularly then you find a big change in your nature.

4. Time Period Increases

Practicing feet elevated plank regularly increases the capacity of doing plank. You also find the improvement of time in all types of planks due to this plank.

Due to these reasons, I like feet elevated plank too much. These all are common benefits that 99 percent of people gained from feet elevated plank.

Results of Doing Long Lever Plank

These all experiments are done in a gym. In this results, the whole journey of belly bat to grow abs in a specific time period. These all results are come by doing this type of planks.

  • Men {Belly Fat To Abs}

This picture describes the success of the feet elevated plank. For results, you can notice shoulders and core both. With feet elevated plank, He tries lot of types of plank, but his favorite type is feet elevated plank. If you want these types of amazing results then you should start doing this plank from today.

Feet elevated plank - Results

  • Women {Belly Fat To Abs}

Feet elevated plank - Women Results

This woman is suffering from the belly fat problem for long time. Before 4-5 month healthcare blog team suggested him to do feet elevated plank + long lever + Crunches continuously. She followed complete routine of planks and she found his desired result that you can easily notice in this picture above.

Final Words

This is one of the different type of plank. This plank pose is very impressive for others. This is that type of plank in which you did not need any type of equipment to perform.  You can perform this anywhere but not any time.

With this plank, you should do other types of workout also. Not completely depend on this workout. After workout take proper diet and rest.

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