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Ultimate Full Body Workout At home Without Equipment – With Pictures

Full Body Workout at home Without Equipment

The full-body workout that is best and sufficient for your whole body fitness. If you are searching for minimum exercise that keep your whole body fit then you are in the right place. The positive point of this exercise is that you can do this full-body workout at home without any equipment. If you never heard about the full-body workout then you make an expert and good competitor through these steps in a full-body workout. The proper way to define the full body workout is that:-

Full body workout is that workout in which your complete body is in motion in a single move. This workout is also called Whole Body workout because it targets whole body parts. Every Workout is explained with the help GIF and picture.


Full Body Workout:- {At home VS At Gym}

You can do full-body workout at both places at the gym or at home but if you can find the answer that which place the workout is best. So the answer is at home because:-

  • Calorie Burning:- If you want to burn more calories in less time then the best is you do full-body workout at home. The energy consumption in exercises is more than gym exercises.
  • Time and Money:- In the case of home full-body workout you can easily save your time and money both. The home workout you can do it easily in less time and without any type of spend. But in the case of Gym body workout, you need to spend more time and money for performing gym body workout.
  • Equipment:- In-home full-body workout you did not need any type of equipment for performing the workout But in the case of gym workout you need many types of equipment.


How to Do Full Body Workout at home?

Starting with an easy workout because it warm-ups your full body.

1. Little Jumps

You must be started with these exercises because it extracts (Warm-up) your all muscles. If you do not want too little jumps then you can do stretching of your body. These are the best way to warm-up our body for full-body workout.

The minimum repetition of this exercise to stay fit is that 20-25 jumps and if you are doing stretching then you should do 2-3 times.

Full Body Workout At home Without Equipment - Small Jumps

2. Burpee

You generally listen about push-ups in full body workout but this is the full updated version of the push-ups + Squats called a burpee. This is also called the explosive mode of the push-ups because in this your calorie burning is much higher than simple push-ups. This is the full-body workout that you can easily do at home. It targets your all body parts in every move.

Burpee Steps Are:-

  • First, come in push-ups position.
  • Then do a single push-up and then stand up fastly on both legs and take a little jump with expanding your hands.
  • And then fastly do another repetition with these same steps.

The minimum repetition of this exercise to stay fit if you are a beginner then 10-20 and after some practice increases your repetitions.

Full Body Workout at home Without Equipment - Burpee

3. Plank

Plank is also a famous full-body workout. It generally targets your core, thighs and your hands.

Plank Steps Are:- 

  • Laid down on your both feet and elbows and tighten your core and hold for some time as you hold it.

According to research, this is the best workout for your core and if you are suffering from belly fat then you should do this every day.

In the beginning stage, you must try to do 20-30 seconds of plank. And with the time you can increase your time of plank.

Full Body Workout at home Without Equipment - Plank

4. Stairs Workout

It is another large amount of calorie-burning exercise is in less time. This exercise is best for your home because the best and comfortable stairs are present in every home.

Stairs Workout Steps Are:- 

Remove your all barriers from the stairs. After this wait for 10 seconds and then start with simple up and down in whole stairs as usual as you do.

If your purpose is to lose fat then increase your speed of stairs workout.

The minimum repetition of this exercise to full workout at home is that you should do 3-4 times in slow motion and 1-2 is in fast motion. If you want to take result fast from this full-body workout fastly then you should do fastly.

Full Body Workout At Home Without Equipment - Stairs Workout

5. Pull-ups

You never heard that you do this workout at home easily. If you want to do this workout easily at home then you should read.

Pull-Ups workout steps are:- 

Pull-ups At Home Without Bar

The best benefit of doing this full-body workout is that your training related biceps is completed through this workout. Pull-ups and push-ups is that workout you cannot ignore is in any condition. For you, you never tried pull-ups at home but form today you can do it easily at home without equipment.

The minimum repetition of this exercise to full workout at home is that you should do 10-12 repetitions. You can clearly learn every step of the pull-ups through this GIF below.

Full Body Workout at home Without Equipment - Pull Ups

6. Squats & Lunges Workout

Squats and Lunges is one of the best exercises for your body. It targets all major parts of the body. Squats and lunges are the best calories and strength burning exercises from this list.

Lunges Workout Steps Are:-

  • First, forward your step and keep your other knee on the floor.
  • After this hold of a second and come in the original position in a reverse manner and then try with another leg.

Full Body Workout At Home Without Equipment - Lunges Workout

Squats Workout Steps Are:-

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold a kettlebell in front of your chest, elbows pointing toward the floor.
  • Push your hips back and bend your knees to lower into a squat. Return to start.

Full Body Workout At Home Without Equipment - Squat Workout

In the beginning stage, you must try to do 10-20 repetitions per set. With regular practice, you can increases sets and repetitions according to your capacity.

7. Jumping Jacks

It is that workout in which every repetition, your full body is in motion. This workout also used for warm-up and cool down your body before and after the workout.

How to do?

Stand on your both legs and expand you’re both legs with hands and start these expanding hands are legs with jumping with full energy.

The minimum repetition of this exercise to full workout at home is that you should do 15-20 repetition per set. .

Full Body Workout at home Without Equipment - Jumping Jacks


All Full Body Workouts Video:-

In this video, you finds every full-body workout that is mentioned above. The complete video that helps you to do the full-body workout.


Sets And Sequence of Doing Full Body Workout

Above you find a list of a full-body workout but in the beginning stage all full-body workout is not possible. If you are in the beginning stage then you should follow this schedule of doing full-body workout:-

Day 1 Little JumpsBurpeeStairs WorkoutPull-Ups
Day 2 Jumping JacksBurpeeLunges WorkoutPlank
Day 3 Little JumpsSquats WorkoutPlankStairs Workout
Day 4 Jumping JacksLunges WorkoutStairs WorkoutPull-Ups

This is the schedule of doing a full-body workout. If you follow this schedule then you et your desired results from a full-body workout. For making workout hard you can add some other workouts in this schedule.

Why These List Of Full Body Workout At Home Without Equipment Are Best You?

There are many reasons that prove that only these workout list best for you:-

  • Fewer Mistakes In this there is so much less chance of doing some mistakes. So you can do this workout easily perfect.
  • No Injuries If you are doing all exercises perfectly then there is no chance of injury in these full-body workout lists.
  • No Equipment In this you did not need any type of heavy equipment to do. So you can do it at home easily.
  • Whole Body Coverage In this every repetition of every exercise covers your full body. So every exercise is a full-body workout.


What Are The Results Of Doing This Full Body Workout At Home ?

In The Case of Fat Lose

The results of doing full-body workouts at home related belly fat, you can easily observe in the picture below.

 Results Of Doing Full Body Workout At Home

If your motive is to decrease your belly fat through this exercise then this is your best decision. And if you want to see results in case of belly fat removal then you see the results in this picture easily. These results are seen in 45 days only. Decreases your belly fat by doing these full-body workouts.


In The Case of Muscle Building

Results Of Doing Full Body Workout At Home

His name is Renato and he wants to make his body muscled at home. He did continously workout for 90 days and finally, he gains this fantastic result from a full-body workout. He founds his desired body shape and muscle.

Final Words

First, you read about that best full-body workout at home or at the gym. Second read about the best full body workouts and fantastic results that are come from full-body workout. Best home full-body workouts are present in this article so do this workout daily and gain its amazing benefits. In these workouts, you did not face any type of problem for doing this. I honestly tell you that if you do this workout daily then you did not need any type of other exercises for your body to stay fit and healthy.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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