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10 Minutes Full Body Workout No Equipment – {Every Step With Pictures}

Full Body Workout No Equipment

Best 15 Minutes Full body workout at home without Equipment are enough to keep active your body full day.

Full body workouts generally need for those people which have not enough time to go to the gym, this full body Workout helps to keep fit. In this, you need only 15 minutes only and you do not need any Equipment to do this.

People do lots of exercises to make the body fit and healthy. You just only do Full body workout once a day is enough for your fitness.

Full body workout effects your all body parts that why it demands on a high level. The main thing that you should remember about this is that you do this full body workout no equipment is time and money saver.


Full Body Workout Exercises(No Equipment)

Start Exercise with Warm Uptake 4-5  little Jumps and Stretching for 2-3 minutes. And then:-

#1. Push-ups

  • Equipment Required:-No Equipment required

How to Do?

Laid down on the floor on your both legs and hands. Then downward your chest with the motion of the hands.

If you want to see this practically then you should see this picture below. Not only simple push-ups you may also try 30 types of Different push-ups

You should do 4-5 repetitions in the first set and others do according to your capacity.

There are 5 major benefits of doing this full body workout.

  •  It’s Full Body Workout
  • Helps in create Balancing of your upper body
  • Helps Build Muscle Density
  • Strong Core
  • Upper Body Definition
Full Body Workout No Equipment


#2. Squats with Jump 

works on the thigh, core, back

  • Equipment Required:-No Equipment required

Stand tall with your hands by your sides, feet shoulder-width apart, and toes pointed forward. Keeping your back flat and core braced, push your hips back, bend your knees, and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor. …Pause, and then push yourself back up to the starting position.

These best repetition set to gain its maximum benefits is that 10-15 in a single set.

Full Body Workout No Equipment


#3. Jumping Lunges

works on the thigh, core, back

  • Equipment Required:-No Equipment required

How to do?

Do as simple as lunges, the difference is that you take the jump with every lunge.

This is an explosive mode of the lunges. In this, the calorie burning rate is high then other full body workout exercises.

You must be done 10-12 Seconds in every set of doing this full body workout.



#4. Plank

works on Shoulders, Back

  • Equipment Required:-No Equipment required

It’s strength your lower Back. Balance your body on the knee and the foot of the leg, only your face in ahead and the back portion is in Just above the ground.

It is that workout which strengthens your core too much if you are suffering from belly fat problem then you should do this plank for longer time.

Not only simple plank but you should do these different types of plank also.

The minimum time of this workout is 14-20 seconds to gains it’s amazing benefits.

If you want to know about all details related plank then you should read:-

Full Body Workout No Equipment


#4. Air Cycling

  • Equipment Required:-No Equipment required

works on thigh, core

How to Do?

Laid down on the floor and let’s imagine you are cycling, then follow this same perspective with the legs and do cycling in the air.

Air cycling is more effective how much speed your legs are moving. So increasing your legs speed after some time in every repetition.

You must do this full body workout for 1-2 minutes. So you can do air cycling after every exercise.

Full Body Workout No Equipment
Air Cycling


#6. Chin-Ups

  • Equipment Required:-No Equipment required

works on biceps and core

How to Do?

First, you must hold a bar with an angle of 90 degrees. And upward your body with both hands until your chin touches to the rod.

If you want to see this practically then you should see this GIF below. The main benefits of doing chin-ups is to your biceps but if you do not know about how to do chin-ups at home then you should read:-

Chin-ups At Home Without Bar

The minimum set of this full body workout to gain its amazing benefits is 2 of 4-5 repetitions.


Full Body Workout No Equipment

Full Body Workout Video:-

This full-body workout is sufficient for your body. In this video, all the same, exercises are mentioned that is mentioned in this article. These all exercises are played in this are played in under expert surveillance. So perform every exercise in slow motion and notice each and every step while doing.

Full Body Workout Stretching (Without Equipment)

This is a special type of stretching which is used before and after the full body workout. If you need warm-up your muscles then you do before full body workout easily. And after Full body workout if you to relax and cool down your temperature then you must do this. These qualities make it special for Full Body Workout.

So stand on your both legs and try to touch both hands to your both feet in some bending position without bending your knees. After bending your position of the body is like that in the picture.

Full Body Workout No Equipment
Full Body Stretching


What are the basic things that beginners remember During Full body workout?

  • Do this workout daily.
  • Take less rest after every set.
  • Do every set with your full power.
  • Do every exercise with the right posture.

These workout lists are best for beginners because every step of this exercise is explained with pictures and all exercises are easy to do. There are no chances to get injured through these exercises. These workouts are best for all types of aged people.

Benefits of Full Body Workout:-

  • Save Time
  • Saves Money
  • No equipment
  • Make your core strong
  • Effective for all body parts
  • Increase Brain Function and heart rate
  • Loose fat from your body
  • Increase body strength

Final words

These are the best home workout lists that you do easily with no equipment. These workouts lists are also mentioned by American research of exercise, So this is also a strong reason to do these full body workouts.

If you have any doubt regarding chin-ups that you should contact me Contact Me and visit on or other home workouts.

Full Body Workout motivation

  • Failure is the success in progress.
  • The successful people of this world take life as it comes. They just go out and deal with the world as it is.



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