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How Plastic Will Removed From India? – By Plastic Man Of India

How Plastic Will Removed From India

Plastic is a major problem in today’s world. There are too many protests were done against climate change. Around 3-4 crores of the world is on the road to save the climate. Plastic is too much effect on your health. There are 1000 of death in the world because of plastic every year. This single-use plastic finishes your environment beauty and your health.

Recently a meeting was held in the United Nations regard climate change on 23 SEPTEMBER. In this meeting the Hon. Prime minister of India announced that In the coming days India will become single-use plastic-free India.  This statement of the Prime Minister Narender Modi repeated on 2nd October 2019. And from this day 10-12 types of single-use plastic were banned in India from 2nd October. According to many countries, this is a very effective step that India’s government takes.

How Plastic Will Removed From India

Who Is Plastic Man Of India?

This plastic man of India finds the answer to finish the plastic from India. He was awarded by Padma Shri in 2018 by the President of India. This man has the key to consume all the plastic that is present in India.

All ideas and story of this plastic man in short:-

The journey of this plastic man starts in 2001. He was thinking about how plastic affecting your life. If plastic was finished from the planet then how people’s life become healthy and happy. He was studying in a college then Suddenly in his mind, a strong idea was hit.

The idea was that “bitumen plastic“. He says plastic is an excellent binder, so he binds the bitumen very tightly to each other. Through this, the tensile strength of the road will increase too much.

How Plastic Will Removed From India

This statement of this plastic man gets viral in the newspaper and T.V. channels. After this In 2002 the great president of India Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam reached In his college for the meet. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam gives a target of making a road of his college through that concept.

After this the plastic man makes a road of 60 feet in his college. This road is still OK till now. In 2006 this man received a pretend of this new research.

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How Plastic Will Removed From India?

In making a road of 1 km 10-tonne bitumen is used and his life of this road is about 1-2 years. According to plastic man {Shri Dr. R. Vasudevan} for making 1 km road, you need only 9-tonne bitumen and 1-tonne plastic.

The benefits of using idea of Shri Dr. R. Vasudevan are:-

  • The life of the road extends from 8- 10 years.
  • According to a report if the government will follow this idea then In the coming 3-4 years a single gram of plastic will not found in India.
  • We found a plastic-free India.


No doubt, through this formula India become plastic-free India. Along this step, the government also takes some strict steps to control single-use plastic.

  1. Ban single-use plastic.
  2. Promotes jut bags.
  3. Create many campaigns to aware about the effects of single-use plastic.
  4. The factories that produced plastic will be banned from 2 October 2019.

After applying these no doubt plastic will be finished from your’s daily life. These are all the steps that the government of India takes to makes a plastic-free India. In your mind, a question is came what we can do to makes India plastic-free. You can also take many steps to helps the government makes India plastic Free.

Your responsible steps are:-

  •  Avoid the use of single-use plastic.
  • Do not through plastic in public places. Always throw in the dustbin.
  • Aware other peoples to avoid single-use plastic.

If the government and you take these steps very strictly then according to a report India will become plastic-free India.

Final Words

I hope these steps of government makes India Plastic-free. If in your life plastic will be finished your life extended to 10-12 years. The all harmful diseases that plastic caused will finished. Your body health improved by 60 percent. That a reason you should need to finish this plastic from the planet.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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