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How To Do Crunches At Home? – Pain During crunches Why?

How To Do Crunches At Home
How To Do Crunches At Home

Crunches is one of the most popular exercise for your core. In generally in all articles and videos, you generally noticed that all types of crunches will do only in Gym. This is also a myth because you can do crunches at home easily.

If you doing any workout in the home rather than the gym then it saves your money and time both. Home workout is best in my point of view because the home workout is considered a natural workout which gives you more attractive body structure then gym workout.

Why You Keep Crunches At Home In 1 preference?

  • It Saves You Time.
  • More Powerful and effective than gym
  • Saves your money
  • Faster Results
  • Impressive for others


These are those points that value that you keep doing crunches at home rather than Gym. So for doing at home you need some equipment.

Items Required For Crunches 

  • A Soft Mat which does not hurt your back. And this specially designed mat is available here in low price:- Crunches Mat 
  • Another most important is a good protein diet that is needed after a workout. But in today food it is not possible. So you can gain your all protein that is required for the crunches workout is:- Crunches Protein

These are those types of equipment which is required to do crunches at home. These requirements that are mentioned above is too cheap and easily available.

How to Do Crunches At Home?

The most common and good thing about this exercise is that you do the whole exercise in a laid position. Before starting these crunches do these things.

  • Expand your mat on the floor and laid down on the mat.
  • If it is possible then do this exercise in the open place.
  • Do warm-ups, For warm-ups, you try these workout.

1. Beginners Crunches

Muscle Working:- The rectus abdominis

  • Lie down on the floor and put your both hands on the X position touches opposite shoulder blades.
  • After this tight your core and lift your shoulders blades + upper chest to make an angle 45 degree to the floor.
  • Then slowly come down on the floor again and then do another repetition.

 Do Crunches At Home

2. Side Crunches

This generally helps you remove your side fat and help you grow your side abs. This exercise will target your these muscles internal and external oblique muscles, as well as the transverse abdominus.

Muscle Working:-  internal and external obliques, Side muscles

  • Keep laid down on the floor with folding your both knees.
  • Simple raise your shoulders blade little bit and then put both hands near both buttocks
  • After this, extract your right hand and try to touch right toe and come in the original position.
  • Then do with another (left hands) and come in the original position. This is your one repetition.
  • So do another repetition.

 Do Crunches At Home

3. Leg Crunches

In all types of crunches that you do before you generally used your hands but in this, your complete crunch is done by your legs.

Muscle Working:-The rectus abdominis, External Obliques

  • Laid down on the floor in the crunch position{Bending knees of the legs}.
  • After this raise your both legs in the same position with legs raise your buttock and lower back in the air.
  • Then hold for a second and then down your both legs slowly.

 Do Crunches At Home

4. V Crunch

In this crunch the working of your legs and your hands. You can also count this exercise is full body workout.

Muscle Working:- Abdominal Muscles and many others

  • In this laid down on the floor simply joined both legs and both hands.
  • After this lift your both legs and hands in the air straight and touches each other in the air.
  • After touching hold of 2-3 seconds in the air then keep down in original position.
  • And then do another repetition.

Do Crunches At Home

Note:- If you are doing the workout at the home then this workout is sufficient for gaining all types of results and benefits from the crunches. In other websites many 20-25 types of crunches are available but these are waste for you. So if you doing these types only that is sufficient because in these types your all types of muscles are covered that you will be covering in 2-25 types. So do less but do in the perfect way and do that which is more beneficial and saves your time and money.

Results that you gained from these Home Crunches


This is a beginner stage exercise so people try to make it difficult and gained more benefits through simple methods. So from these steps, you increase your difficulty level of this exercise without any other types of equipment. The main benefit of increasing difficulty level is that you are able to gain more benefits in less time.

  • By Holding:– The best way to increase your difficulty level of this exercise is you keep hold 5-6 seconds when you are at 45-degree position. During holding the power of the core used too much. Through this, you do half of the simple crunches repetitions.
  • By Speed:- Speed matters in this too much. how much you decrease your speed your difficulty level will increase.
  • By Increasing Sets:- If you want to make it more difficult then do more repetitions and more sets. And where holding time is mentioned so increase your holding to make it difficult.

These 2 factors are applied to all types of crunches to increase the difficulty level.

Pain During Crunches Why and How you get Relief?

During Crunches your will faced pain generally in 2 parts of the body in the neck and in your core.

In Case of neck

If you are facing pain after crunches in your neck then it shows that you are doing crunches wrongly. Your upper back position is not right during crunches.

Neck Pain During Crunches

For getting relief from this pain do rest for 1-2 days and after this do crunches in the right posture.

In the case of the Core pain

The process of pain after exercise is also called delayed onset muscle soreness (Doms). Due to this, the pain in the abdominal muscle occurs.

For getting relief from this do not leave to do crunches and do some stretching and strengthening exercises and other types of physical therapy to help you heal.

Final Words

In this article, your complete solution of doing crunches at home is here. So after this, you can easily do perfect crunches and change your body shape completely in low budget.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you  Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.


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