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Ways To Do More & More Pull Ups/Chin Ups Workout – Tips & Tricks

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How To Do More Pull Ups – Every people who are performing pull ups has a goal to do X number of sets and repetitions of pull ups. The common way to increase your pull-up sets and repetitions is to do continue practicing pull-ups and you will definitely find an increase in pull-ups Sets & Repetitions. But there are many people who want to achieve goal in the less time, For those Healthcare Blog represents 13 best and top-class ways to increase the pull ups sets and repetitions. These tips and tricks are specially designed for beginners.

Pull up is an amazing exercise in all over bodyweight exercise. Many people ignore this exercise because this exercise is too strength consuming, late responsive in results, many chances of making mistakes.

Major Benefits Of Doing Pull Up Are – 

  • Helps in Strengthen Back Muscles
  • Give Strength to Arms and Shoulder Muscles
  • Better Grip
  • Increase Entire Body Strength
  • Good for Mental and Physical Health

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Perfect Steps Of Performing Pull Up Are – 

  • Grab the pullup bar with your palms down (shoulder-width grip)
  • Hang to the pullup-bar with straight arms and your legs off the floor
  • Pull Your body above by bending down both arms.
  • Then pull your body up till the chin pass over the Bar.
  • After this hold for a second.
  • And then lower down your body by straightening Arms.


How To Do More Pull Ups/Chin Ups?

So Let us start all the awesome tips and tricks to do more pull ups.

1. More Fat

If you are a fatty person then you can face many problems in doing pull-ups. You can also notice this difference practically, a lean person can do more pull ups than a fatty person.

The fatty person needs more energy to pull the body but on the other hand, the Lean person needs less energy to do pull the body and they can easily do more pull-ups. So if you want to become an expert in the pull-ups then you should lose your extra fat of the body. There is no doubt that pull-ups also enhance fat loss but for achieving X number of sets goal in less time you must lose your extra fat.


Ways To Do More & More Pull Ups/Chin Ups - Fatty Person


2. Mistakes During Pull Ups

This is one of the major points that people generally ignore. There are many people who give the excuse that by doing mistakes during pull ups they become able to do more pull ups. I also agree with that point but there is no benefit of doing this, And in any competition, these wrong pull-ups are not acceptable.

The right posture of pull-ups gives you all benefits of pull ups. Doing pull ups without any mistake surely gives you the strength and increment in the pull ups.

Before resolving mistakes in the pull ups workout you should know about the mistakes that people make during pull ups and how you can resolve them.

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Ways To Do More & More Pull Ups/Chin Ups


3. Daily Routine

Generally, I do not give advice to anyone do any workout daily but if you want to achieve pull-ups goals in less time then you can do this. In a week, you can do pull ups and chin ups workout 4-6 days a week.

You should make a schedule of the pull ups and chin ups workout, In which you will adjust/divide all pull ups and chin ups types in a whole week. And whenever you perform pull ups workout try to give your best.


Ways To Do More & More Pull Ups/Chin Ups


4. Less Height Bar

If you choose Bar bigger than your height and on the other hand if you choose Bar equal to your height then there are too chances that you can do more pull ups and chin ups on that Bar which is equal to your height.

This step is good for beginners only, who want to build the initial strength for doing pull ups. After some time you should increase your bar height because if you are doing pull-ups on less height bar then this is a mistake so do not use this for a long time. This is the basic step for the beginners so keep this for only the beginning stage.


Ways To Do More & More Pull Ups/Chin Ups


5.  Another Person Support

On a new day, people set a new goal to do pull-ups, but there are many goals in which the person gets tired in the middle of a workout. And pull-up is that exercise in which you should complete the set goal of the day.

To meet the pull-up goal and make your workout easier, you can resort to another person who will hold your feet and force a little up during the pull-up. Only use this technique in the rare days and surely if you perform pull ups with this technique then you can do more pull ups.


Ways To Do More & More Pull Ups/Chin Ups


Subsequently, there are several exercises that play a direct role to enhance the ability to perform pull-ups. There are many exercises but here I will tell you the top 3 exercises that surely help you to increase the pull ups capacity.

6. Do Push-ups

Push-ups is that exercise that directly affect your upper body strength. On the Chest and Biceps day you should majorly do push ups, if you want to increase the ability of pull ups. Push-up workouts give strength to all body parts that play a major role in pull-up workouts. The performing way of the simple push ups are –

Steps –

  • First, come in the simple push-ups position.
  • Then lower down the chest by bending arms.
  • Hold for a second below.
  • And Lift your Body(Chest) Upward by straighten your hands and comes in push-ups position again.

For the fast benefits, you should add Different types of push-ups/Push-ups Variations in your push-ups workout.

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Ways To Do More & More Pull Ups/Chin Ups


7. Dips

Dips also an amazing exercise that helps you increase the strength of the upper body. Only Dips exercise is too advantageous to increase the capacity of the pull ups.

Steps –

  • Grasp the parallel dips bars and lift the body, keep your elbows straight and keep hold for 2-3 seconds during exercise. this effect on your lower chest.
  • Then lower down your body by bending arms and come in the original position.

There are 6 major benefits of Dips

  • Muscle Engagement
  • Execution
  • Variation
  • V-Shape
  •  Hands Strength
  • Hands Grip


Ways To Do More & More Pull Ups/Chin Ups - Dips


8. Grip Strength

You know that is how much you use your grip in pull-ups? If you increase the grip then you will able to Do pull-ups easily.

To improve your grip you should try to do those workouts which helps to improve the grips of the hands. And the grip improving exercise is that Chin-ups, Dips,    You can do pull up on bars, rings, Fat Gripz, ropes, towels, suspension straps, beams, Eagle Loops, and even baseballs or softballs hanging from a chain. These are the types of bars and rings where you can do pull-ups and increase your grip strength.


9. Different Types Of Pull Ups

There are many exercises in which if you do variations of that exercise then you surely found improvement in the common version of that exercise. For example, if you want to increase simple push-ups ability then push ups variations in push ups workout will help you a lot to increase the ability to do more push ups.

And same happens with pull ups If you want to increase your pull-ups endurance then you should also add different types of pull ups in your pull ups and chin ups workout.

  1. Cable pulldowns using as much weight as they can do for the full course
  2. Hanging shrugs on a pullup bar
  3. Assisted pull-ups on a machine or with a partner
  4. Banded pull-ups
  5. Pullups + Chin ups

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10. Motivation

To stick with an exercise routine, you need to get out there when that little voice inside you says, “I’ll do that tomorrow. Or the day after — maybe.” Motivation does that, and it’s not about just powering through. For performing pull ups workout regularly you must need motivation from time to time. In short motivation gives you internal energy/willpower to do more pull ups. There are selected trainers who always cheer/motivate his student to do one more-one more.

Then the question is how you can stay motivated always?

  • Track Your Progress
  • Delete Guilt
  • Reward Your Self
  • Listen Motivation sessions
  • Read motivation quotes


Ways To Do More & More Pull Ups/Chin Ups - Motivation


11. 2 Times

If you want to make good pull-ups endurance then you can do pull-ups workout 2 times a day. Once in the morning time and Second in the evening time. You can also skip this step/Trick if you don’t feel it necessary.

#Speical Advice – If you do a pull-up workout 2 times a day, then you should take a good diet and rest.

If you want to do this workout 2 times and you have don’t time to go the gym 2 times a day then you can use these tricks to do pull-ups at home.


 Pull-ups At Home


12. Proper Rest

There are many people who ignore this point, but this point is also the same important as your workout. For recovering energy and muscles, you must take 8-10 hours of sleep in a whole day. And to make your body completely relax you can take massage in a week, Yoga & Meditation.


13. Proper Diet

After a workout, if any of the points are important to the results, it’s your diet. In the whole day diet, you must complete the requirements of all Marco nutrients.



Final Words

These are amazing tips and tricks to do more pull-ups. These tricks are specially designed for beginners. For gaining all the benefits of the pull ups workout you should avoid Pull-Ups mistakes. Do not take pull-ups/chin-ups workout lightly. Always Focus on your steps during every repetition.

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