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How to Do Perfect Push-ups For Beginners? || What Major Mistakes?

Push-ups For Beginners
Push-ups For Beginners

Push-ups are my favorite exercise because I do it easily. In this, you did not need any type of types of equipment and any type of specific place to do that. Push-ups are not effective if you do not know about its perfect way and its mistakes. People knowing after the way of doing push-ups, People do some dangerous mistakes during push-ups these common mistakes is removed after reading this. So after reading this, you know about how to push-ups and its mistakes?

80% people do not the push-ups in the perfect way. The perfect way gives you the perfect result. Before knowing How to do push-ups? you should know about What is push-ups?


What is Push-ups?

Push-ups are the best bodyweight exercise that you a do it anytime and anywhere. This workout is specifically for your upper body. Push ups is the started of every chest workout. For every people have must to know the perfect way of doing push-ups

Benefits Of push-ups

This workout is that whose benefits are greater than its hard work. So its amazing benefits are:-

  • Strong Core 
  • V-shaped Body
  • Do Anytime & Anywhere
  • Full Upper Body Workout

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How many other great benefits? How much it is beneficial?


How to Do Perfect Push-ups For Beginners?

  • First, you choose your ground to this exercise. In this, not any specific ground. Only you need a  plain surface.  In that, you find a plain surface in which your palms feel comfortable where you can do push-ups. you need an empty surface as much you can be laid down easily.
  • Sit on your ground on your hands and legs. Keep your hands under the shoulder.
  • Then Extend your legs and balance it on the feet.
  • Balance your upper body weight on the palms and the fingers.
  • Keep your core tight when your upper body weight is coming down.
  • Half-fold your elbows and then try to touch chest to the floor.
  • And then pull-up your body above on straights hands. You legs place are not movable.
  •  Keep your Back portion straight during push-ups.
  • Keep your neck position right, See ahead during push-ups.

This is the perfect steps of the beginners of doing push-ups are mentioned above.

Push-ups For Beginners

After reading the Perfect way of doing the push-up. Then read Which big mistakes people do during push-ups.

What Push-Ups Mistakes for Beginners?

Mistakes are like a hole in the boat which shrinks the boat so remove these mistakes. 90 percent of the people do mistakes when they start to do push-ups. If you removed these mistakes that generally done by the people then you easily do push-ups perfectly and you easily gained awesome benefits.

1. Keep Butt More In Air

This is one of the big mistakes of the push-ups. When your back in the air the pressure on the shoulders will decrease. Due to less pressure, you do push-ups easily but it has many side effects. It may cause pain in the shoulders. Due to this improper posture, you may cause a serious injury on back. This exercise affects your butt. So to do perfect butt fitness keep your butt straight and tight. For the beginners, this problem generally causes.

So keep your Butt on the same level as the back.

push-ups mistakes

2. Back In U-Shaped

This mistake makes a serious injury. Some people keep her back in U shaped but keep Butt in perfect and some keep her BUTT and BACK  in the wrong position and keep hands only in motion. Her forget about the step of keeping her back straight. The disadvantages of keeping butt in U shaped is that your pressure on the back will decrease and you cause a serious back problem.

Your back posture depends on your effort when your body feels tired during push-ups your back posture will be changed a little bit. So keep your back straight and butt both straight to the upper back.

Push-ups Mistakes

3. Elbows Motion

Some people keep her hands in the wrong place. And  Some people more extract her hands in the beginning. People sometimes tried many Variations of Push-Ups.  In beginning, you do only simple push-ups in the perfect way. After 2 weeks you tried different variations.

Keep your elbows position right. Not keep your elbows position too much far to the upper back. Then keep slow bending of the elbows.

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4. Remove From Daily Workout

Push-ups is that most important exercise of your daily workout. It is the starter of every exercise. In some gyms trainers included in the daily warm-up. To do push-ups in a daily workout routine is not a problem. People do 100 push-ups in a day to make a perfect body. Involve push-ups and pull-ups in daily routine.

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If you want to do 100 push-ups set in 10 days.

5. Your neck position

Keep your neck position straight. Due to this improper neck position, you may cause many serious problems related to the upper back and neck. You feel some pain in the neck after some days. The neck mistake generally was done when you start bore to doing push-ups and start looking here and there. In some cases, people see her position of push-ups that is right or not.

So keep your neck position right, See ahead during push-ups. This is the best position of the push-ups.

Push-ups Mistakes

6. Ground Choosing

In some cases, You start doing push-ups at any place but they do not remember their properties of place. In my beginning, I have some free time I think to do push-ups where I place her hands in the grass. But in grass has cactus in this and I cause Hand small injury. To prevent these injuries.

In some cases, people choose not a plain surface. They choose up and down the surface. Due to this, they face chest problems. One side of the chest is more and another area of the Chest is less.

To prevent these injuries choose a plain and soft surface.

7. Take Much Rest

Suppose, You do 10 repetitions set after that you take too much rest and then try another set. From this mistake, your results related fitness is not much good. After resting your body again come in neutral again.

So keep 20 -30 seconds rest after a single set. This will you give best and fast results. You can take good rest after all the Exercise.


These are that mistkes which are generally done by every men when they starts to do push ups. After knowing the mistakes pople want to resolve these big mistakes. So you can remove all these mistakes errors by reading the resolving methods.

How to resolve these dangerous Problems of push-ups for beginners?

You can easily resolve these problems with these simple steps:-

  • In Front of the Mirror
  • By another Person help.

These ways really help you to do a perfect push-up.


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Final Words

The perfect way of doing push-ups are mentioned above. Every step of the exercise is explained with pictures. SO this perfect method will give you maximum benefits to your body. So if you think you are doing push ups perfectly then you should remained these mistakes that people do during push ups and if you are doing this then resolve it and become expert in doing push ups.

If you have any doubt regarding this so you can send me a message in without any hesitation and you also subscribe my website to get the latest motivational quotes with pictures.


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