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How To Do Pull Ups/Chin Ups At Home For Beginners? – Healthcare Blog

Pull Ups At Home - Healthcare Blog

Pull Ups At Home – Pull-up is that exercise that everyone wants to do daily but due to incomplete resources, they are not able to do. Pull-ups need a specific ground to do this like a park, Gym, etc. There is no doubt that without Bar you cannot do pull-ups/chin-ups workout. Healthcare Blog tells you the ways through which you can do pull-ups at home. There are some tools that you have to arrange for doing pull-ups at home.

Chin Ups/Pull Ups At Home

1. Door Pull-Ins

You have never heard and think about that you can easily do pull-ups with the door. For this, you only need 2 things a door and a strong piece of cloth.

  • First, Tie the pieces of fabric tightly to the door handle.
  • Then keep both feet on both sides of the door(To resist the movement of the door during pull ups workout). And then raise your hips from the ground till your thighs come parallel to the floor.
  • Then forward your body to the door by folding both elbows, till your chest slightly touches the door.
  • After holding for a second, Straighten your both hands by the backward upper body, Till you come to the original position.

#Note – During this pull-ups alternative you should keep your back straight and shoulder in retracted mode. This exercise is new for many people. You can also say that this exercise is a good alternative to Pull-ups.

Pull Ups At Home - Door Pull-Ins

2. Table Pull-Ups

This is also another alternative to doing pull-ups. Put the table in an open place where you can easily do this exercise.

  • First, lay down under the table by the back.
  • Then grab the corner line of the table with both hands(Grab the bar just wider than your shoulders)
  • After this tight your core and raise your body above folding arms. Keeping the heels in contact with the ground, pull your body up so that the upper sternum comes in contact with the bar.
  • After holding for a second lower down your body by straightening both arms, Till your hands get fully straightened.
  • Then repeat the same steps for more repetitions.

#Note – During this pull-ups exercise you should keep your back straight and shoulder in retracted mode. The main problem that people face during this exercise is that they are not able to choose a table. So choose the table wisely.

Table Pull Ups - Pull Ups At Home


3. Door Pull-Ups

This type of pull-ups is just the same as gym pull-ups. In these pull-ups, you need some types of equipment like a door and 2 pieces of cloth. And you need to perform pull-ups on that door which has a stopper, if your Door has no stopper then you use any obstacle to freeze the door.

  • First, go near the open door.
  • Stand near the door and hold the last corner edge line of the door(Grab the bar just wider than your shoulders).
  • For comfortable grips, you can put two pieces of clothes under both palms. Then fold both legs behind your hips.
  • After this Pull Your body above by bending your both arms. Then pull your body up till the chin pass over the Door Edge. After this hold for a second, lower down your body by straightening your Arms.

#Note – The carefulness in this type of pull ups, is that the door should not be moving during pull-ups. There are many people who cause serious injury by moving the door. So do it carefully. In the beginning stage, you will face some problems but doing continue for 5-7 days you feel like the normal pull ups workout.

door-pull-up - Pull Ups At Home

4. Pull-ups Hangers

This pull-ups hanger work like the Pull-Ups bar. In this home Bar, you can do pull-ups and chin-up workouts. The main purpose of this bar is to set up the Gym pull-ups Bar at home. This rod is movable and you can easily use it in any corner of the home.

  • Buy this Pull Ups Bar.
  • Then fit this pull-ups bar at the home when you can easily do the pull-ups workout.
  • Choose the Height of the Home Pull Ups Bar Very wisely.
  • After this, Do the same steps of the Pull-ups on this Home Pull-ups Bar.

This bar is called multiplayer because in this bar you do pull-ups and chin-ups. All equipment that you need to fit this bar is available with the Bar. You can also Buy this Home Pull-Ups bar from here at the cheapest and in reliable price. So if you want to buy then Click Below.

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How To Do Pull Ups At Home For Beginners - Pulls Hangers

5. Protoner 3 in 1

If you thinking to Buy a valuable Home Bar then you can easily use it for the long term. Partner 3 in 1 is a multiple workouts rod. In this Bar, you can perform Dips, Pull-Ups, Chin-ups, and many other exercises.

The benefits of using this bar are that:-

  • Protoner wall removable chin up, dips & push up a multi-home gym
  • Padded foam grips for comfort against your hands and heavy-duty steel construction features with black powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Ideal for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, and crunches, and perfect for working out your backs, shoulder, chest, arms, triceps, biceps, lats and abs etc.
  • This bar is the full value of money Bar.

This bar is too beneficial and a positive point is that, it is too cheap. This bar is movable so you can do pull ups and chin-ups easily at home. This Bar is easily available on the Amazon or Flipkart, Or you can easily buy it from here.

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How To Do Pull Ups At Home - Home Bar

6. Door Window

This is one of the best way of doing chin-ups and pull ups at home. I also perform my pull-ups and chin ups workout at the door window. In India, there is a trend to make a door window above the Door. With the Edge of that Door window, you can easily perform your pull-up workout.

  • First, open the door completely and stop it at one place by using an obstacles/stopper.
  • Then grab the edge of the door window with your fingers and palms. (Grab the edge just wider than your shoulders)
  • After this Pull Your body above by bending down your both arms. Then pull your body up till the chin pass over the Door Edge. After this hold for a second, lower down your body by straightening your Arms. ( In short, you need to follow pull-up steps.)

#Note – Before performing pull-ups, Please check the capacity of the Door window by hanging on it. Because there are many cases in which door Window edge gets broken during the pull-ups and they cause serious injury.

Pull Ups At Home(With Steps) - Door Window

7. Tree Bark

There are many houses Backward in which tress are available. You can easily do pull-ups on that trees also.

  • First Choose the Bark of the Tree. (Make sure that the branches you use are thick enough and strong enough to support your body weight so they don’t snap as you do pull ups.)
  • Then grab the bark of the tree with your fingers and palms. (Grab the bark just wider than your shoulders)


Pull Ups At Home For Beginners - Healthcare Blog


8. Cycle Bus Stand

There are many societies where you find the cycle stand. On that cycle stand, you can easily do pull-ups/chin-ups workouts by using of edge.

Pull Ups At Home For Beginners - Healthcare Blog


9. In Park Rod

There are many people who are not able to go Gym for doing pull-up workouts then you can choose Park for the pull-up workout. Around 90 percent of parks, Government provides a hanging bar for the Kids. But on the hanging bar, you can do your pull-up workout. Park’s Hanging Bar is just similar to the Pull-Ups Bar.

Pull Ups Workout At Home Without Equipment - Healthcare Blog


These are the best ways to do Pull-Ups At Home Without a GYM. In all these methods the injury chances are very less. If you want to do pull ups at home then these tricks and ways are sufficient for your pull ups workout. There are 9 best ways to do pull ups at home, But there top 3 ways/tricks that rated 5 stars by 1000+ gym trainers. In these 3 tricks the injury chances are about 5-10 percent only.

  • Door Window
  • Pull-Ups Hangers
  • Park Rod

You clearly know that these methods are made by the Jugaad techniques. To Prevent from any accident, Before performing pull-ups workout you should check the strength of the Bar by hanging on it. And try to Avoid Pull-Ups Mistakes.

Final Words

By these awesome tricks, you can easily do pull-ups at home. These are the best techniques to do pull ups at home. These techniques are best for beginners. For gaining Amazing Benefits of Pull-Ups you should need to add pull ups in your regular schedule. There are many people who has no time/money to go Gym and do pull ups workout that’s a reason Healthcare Blog Presents an Article that completely answers the question How To Do Pull Ups At Home?

For Motivation, you can Check Pull-Ups Before And After Results.

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