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How To Do Push Ups For Female Beginners {Every Step With Pictures}

How To Do Push Ups For Female Beginners

Push-ups is one of the most popular exercise of this fitness world. This exercise is generally famous in boys. In the gym, you see that 10 out of 1 girl are interested in doing push-ups regularly.

Push-ups is a very difficult exercise for the girls. People fell very uncomfortable in this exercise due to this girls never give first priority to the push-ups.

The push-ups of girls are different from the push-ups of the boys. In the case of the Male, you found 20-30 types of push-ups but in the case of the female, you find only maximum 5-6 types of push-ups. This is because of the female have the quality to gain the same benefits just like boys. The female hormones are more active than men.

An overweight man faced the same problem as a female faced. So you measure the difficulty level of females through this.

In this article, you find the best way of doing push-ups. This way of doing push ups is specially designed for females beginners. So girls start your push-ups workout with the Common push-ups. The main that you gain if you start any type of workout is that Common push-ups will stretch and warm up your upper body.

1. Wall Push Ups

  • First, come near the wall and keep the distance from the wall is nearly 1 hand.
  • And Then raise your toe and stand on your feet.

How To Do Push Ups For Female Beginners

  • After this put you both hands on the wall, Your hands are just wider from your shoulders.
  • Then push your body forward until your mouth touches the wall.
  • After this come in the original position and then do next repetitions.


Things That Should Be Remember When you Do Wall Push Ups

  • Through the whole exercise, you must stand on your feet.
  • Keep your back Straight during wall push-ups.
  • And keep your elbow in the downward direction.

2. Inclined Female Push Ups

  • For this exercise, you need any type of inclined surface. For Example A Table, Chair, Bench.
  • Come near any type of inclined surface and keep your both hands on this inclined surface, Just away from the shoulders.

How To Do Push Ups For Female Beginners

  • After this do your back straight and push your upper body downward in the slow motion.
  • After a hold of a second downward, Upward your body as same as the original position.


3. Ballistic Female Pushups

This push-up is a little bit unique from all types of push-ups. In your push-ups, your body is in different shape.


  • In Ballistic Female Pushups first, keep your both knees on the floor and touches both knees to each other.

How To Do Push Ups For Female Beginners

  • In this position keep your both hands on the floor just wider to the shoulders.

How To Do Push Ups For Female Beginners

  • Then put your both hands on the floor and perform a push-up.


Things That Should Be Remember When you Do Ballistic Female Pushups

  • Through the whole exercise keep your knees closer and fold your both legs also in an upward direction.
  • During this keep your back straight.
  • If you are bored to do simple push-ups so in this you do clap push-ups through this.

4. Diamond Girls Push Ups

In this exercise, your difficulty level will increases. 80 percent of the females are not able to do this exercise. So below you find the easiest way of doing diamond girls push-ups. If you try this method then you come in the remaining 20 percent.

  • In the diamond, push-ups keep you both expand your forefingers and make a cage of this.
  • After this expand your both elbows outside.
  • Then downward your body with carefully balancing of the upper body.

How To Do Push Ups For Female Beginners

  • Touched your chest to your forefingers and pull your body upward. The maximum strength your used in pulling your body upward.

How To Do Push Ups For Female Beginners


Things That Should Be Remember When you Do Diamond Female Pushups

  • Your body is in a proper balanced position.
  • For beginners do this exercise in slow motion.
  • For make this exercise you also take the support of another person to perform this.
  • This female push-up is a little difficult so if you are not able to do then do again with another person support.

5. Decline Push Ups

This exercise is common in both male and female. This exercise is the upgrade version of the simple push-ups. In exercise seems most difficult in this exercise list. If you try this way of doing declined then your difficulty level decreases to 50 percent. For this, you first need any declined surface if you did not find any declined surface then you place your legs on the surface of the bench, Chair and any other inclined surface. This decline push up is opposite to the inclined push up in the position.

  • First, you place your both legs on the inclined surface and your hands on the earth surface.
  • After this push your upper body downward and still, wait for 1-2 seconds.
  • Then pull your upper body in upward direction slowly.

You complete your decline pushups in a total of 3 steps. The part which makes this exercise difficult is that When you pull your upper body upward.

How To Do Push Ups For Female Beginners

Things That Should Be Remember When you Do Decline Pushup

  • When you put both legs on the declined surface should be joined with each other.
  • During this exercise, your hands placing are some wider than the shoulders.
  • From the first step of this female push-ups keep your back straight.
  • Keep your body full balanced when you pull your upper body upward.

Mistakes During These Female Push Ups

Mistakes is that thing which can do everyone but in the case of the female push-ups, Women do more mistakes than male. This is because the female body is soft and naturally they have less strength.

So those mistakes that female generally did when they doing push-ups. If you remove these mistakes then you do perfect push-ups and make your body strength awesome.

1. Pose Mistake

This is that mistake that 60 percent of the girls do when they do push-ups. So when you do push-ups do every pose and step carefully. Generally, pose mistakes that are occurred when you do push-ups is that back is not straight, Hands is not wider than shoulders, Your face not in forwarding direction.

So remember those points of “Things to Remember” that is mentioned after every push-up. Through those points you mistakes chances become Zero.

2. Regularity

In the female, the biggest mistakes that have done is they loose regularity to do exercise. The rule of the push-ups is that stay always regular. If you lose fat and make your good strengthen body then do push-ups from now and stay regular.

3. Diet Underestimate

Female push-ups is that exercise which demands more diet than other exercises. So females generally underestimate the diet of the push-ups and take regular food. For the push-ups, you need a special diet to follow of protein and carbohydrates.


These are that mistakes that are generally done by females when they do push-ups. Your Problem of the regularity is resolved by improving your schedule. And the remaining problem that is too large is Pose mistakes. The best way to resolve this mistake is that

  • Doing Push ups in the front of the mirror.
  • Take Support of another person.

The journey from the beginners to expert starts by resolving these mistakes. So resolve all mistakes and do push-ups perfect.

Repetitions For Doing Female Push Ups

In this, you find the 5 types of the push-up that complete your push-ups workout. The repetitions and sets of doing these push-ups are not the same. The sets are divided according to your experience.

For Beginners:- The sets for the first three types of push-ups female is 4 of 10-12 repetitions

The sets for the remaining types of female push-ups is 2 of 5-6 repetitions.

For Expert:-  The sets for the first three types of female push-ups is 4 of 20-25 repetitions

The sets for the remaining types of female push-ups is 8 of 5-6 repetitions.

Final Words

These are that push-up that is done generally by the female. In this article, all the push-ups are arranged by their difficulty level. After every single type of the push up you find Things that you should remember when you do this. Due to this, your chances of mistake in this is very less. These steps that are mentioned make your every step of doing this easy. The minimum sets that you should do to gain maximum results and benefits.

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