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Push Ups For Female Beginners – Complete Detailed Steps(With Pictures)

How To Do Push Ups For Female Beginners - Healthcare Blog

How to Do Push Ups For Female Beginners? – Push-ups is one of the most popular exercises in the fitness world. This exercise is generally famous in boys. You can also examine this statement in the gym, 1 out of 10 girls is interested in doing push-ups regularly.

According to research Push-ups workout is difficult for females than males. If you are female and you are beginner in the push ups workout then you are in the right place. Here you will get all tips and tricks, How a Female can do Push-ups without any mistake.

In this article, you read about –

  • Push Ups For Female Beginners (And It’s Types)
  • Push ups Benefits For Females
  • Female’s  Common Mistakes During Push Ups

Push Ups For Female Beginners

1. Wall Push Ups


  • First, come near the wall(keep the distance from the wall is nearly 1 hand).
  • And Then raise your toe and stand on your feet.
  • After this put you both hands on the wall, Your hands should be slightly wider from your shoulders.
  • Then forward your chest towards the wall with bending your elbows.
  • When your chest closer to the wall then come in original position again by straightening your hands.

Wall Push Ups - Femal Push Ups

#Note – During the whole exercise, you must stand on your feet and Keep your back Straight during wall push-ups. Every female beginner should start push-up workout from this type of push up. 

2. Inclined Female Push Ups


  • Come near any type of inclined surface and keep your both hands on this inclined surface, Slightly wider than the shoulders.
  • Then lower down your chest by bending down your elbows, Till your chest slightly above the Inclined surface.
  • After this raise your chest above by straightening your arms.

Inclines Push Ups - Push Ups For Female Beginners

#Note – For this exercise, you need any type of inclined surface. For Example A Table, Chair, Bench. Or you should keep you back straight during the whole Inclined Female Push Ups.


3. Ballistic Female Push ups

This push-up is a little bit unique from other types of push-ups.

Steps – 

  • In Ballistic Female Push ups first, keep both knees on the floor and join both knees to each other.
  • Then place both hands on the floor, slightly wider than the shoulders.
  • After this raise your feet in the air and fold it.
  • Then lower down your chest by folding arms.
  • And lift ups and repeat as usual.

 Ballistic Female Pushups - Female Push Ups

#Note – During the whole Ballistic Female Push-ups, you should keep your legs position static and Back straight.


4. Simple Push Ups


  • First,  Get down on all fours, placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • Then lower down the chest by bending arms.
  • Hold for a second below.
  • And Lift your Body(Chest) Upward by straighten your hands and comes in the original position.

How To Do Push Ups For Female Beginners - Simple Push Ups

#Note– This is the most common push-ups for males and females.


5. Shoulder Tap Female Push ups

Steps – 

  • First,  Get down on all fours, placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • Then lower down the chest by bending arms, Till your chest slightly above the Inclined surface.
  • After this raise your chest above by straightening your arms and come in the push ups position.
  • Then touch your one hand palm by bending the elbow to your opposite shoulder.
  • And then come in the push ups position
  • After this do with another hand.

Shoulder Tap Female Push ups - Female Push Ups

#Note – In this type of female push-ups your balancing power also used. In muscle targeting, this type of push ups majorly affects core, chest, and Biceps muscles.


6. Female Diamond  Push Ups

In this exercise, the Difficulty level increases. 80 percent of the females are not able to do this exercise in the first attempt.


  • First come in the push-ups position then Spread your fingers so that your index fingers and thumbs form a diamond, and extend your arms. This is your start position.
  • After this take a deep breath and lower down your chest by bending your elbows.
  • Touch your chest to your forefingers and pull your body upward by straightening hands.

#Note – In the beginning stage of this push ups you can take the support of another person. This exercise majorly targets your chest, Triceps, Biceps & Shoulder muscles.

Female Diamond  Push Ups - Push Ups For Female Beginners



Things That Should Be Remember When you Do Diamond Female Push ups

  • Your body are in a proper balanced position.
  • Do  every type of push up in a slow motion.
  • Keep Your Back straight during the whole workout.
  • Try to Put your full efforts in workout.


7. Declined Push Ups

This exercise is common in both males and females. This exercise is the upgrade version of the simple push-ups. This type of push up is the most difficult push ups in this list.

To perform this, you need any declined surface if you don’t have any declined surface then you place your legs on the surface of the bench, Chair and any other inclined surface. Decline push ups is just opposite to the inclined push ups.


  • First, Place your both legs on the inclined surface and your hands on the ground surface.
  • Then lower your chest by bending arms.
  • After this hold for a second below raise your chest above by straightening your hands.

decline-push-ups -Female Diamond  Push Ups - Push Ups For Female Beginners


Things That Should Be Remember When you Do Decline Push-up

  • During this exercise, should keep your hands some wider than the shoulders.
  • During the whole Decline push up, you should keep your Back straight.
  • Keep your body full balanced when you pull your upper body upward.


These are the best 7 types of female Push-ups, which can give you maximum results. These are much sufficient for every types of fitness Goal.

Repetitions & Sets For Female Push Ups Workout

These are the best 7 types of female push ups. For making these push ups a workout, you need to do push ups with repetitions and sets.


SetsRepetitionsPush Up Types
  • Wall Push Ups
  • Inclined Push Ups
  • Simple Push Ups
  • Diamond Push Ups

Mediate Level(WHen You Reach On the Mediate Level Of Push ups Workout)

SetsRepetitionsPush Up Types
  • Inclined Push Ups
  • Simple Push Ups
  • Ballistic Female Push Ups
  • Shoulder Tap Push Ups
  • Diamond Push Ups

At Advanced Level

SetsRepetitionsPush Up Types
  • Inclined Push Ups
  • Simple Push Ups
  • Shoulder Tap Push Ups
  • Diamond Push Ups
  • Declined Push Ups


Push ups Benefits For Females


1. Toned Arms

If you are a female and you have extra fat on the arms. Then by doing these push ups in the regular schedule, you can make your both arms toned. All types of push ups majorly work on the biceps muscles that’s a reason you can feel maximum results of female push ups in the Biceps muscles.

There are many females who want to get muscled arms by doing push ups. As I tell you that for females, Getting muscled arms is too difficult than the males. This is because male hormones are different from female hormones.

2. PCOD/PCOS Problem

Due to this problem females’ monthly cycle not able to come on time. In this problem, the amount of estrogen in the body decreases, or the body can’t produce that estrogen amount.If you start performing these exercises like Squats, push-ups, lunges, Deadlifts then you will definitely find the amount of the estrogen in the body increases and the problem of PCOD/PCOS also cured.

3. Core Strength

Good core strength help to improves the stability and movement of the body. While doing push ups you can feel also feel the pressure on the core. And this exercise also focused on the arms, chest, upper back and core. This exercise majorly targets the abdominal muscle of the core. For the maximum results Squeeze your core tight while doing pushups.


4. Weightlifting Power

Women have less upper body strength and muscle mass than men. And Pushups strengthen the Arms, shoulder, Back, Core and more firm breast area. And when these body parts become stronger, then your lifting power will automatically increase. If you want to become a weightlifter in the future then this exercise benefits will help you a lot.


5. Other Exercises Improves

Push-ups is that exercise which targets all major muscles of the upper body. And if your upper body strength is good then there are lot of exercises like pull ups/chin ups/plank..etc become easy for you.


6. Upper Body Agility

If you are a sportsperson or want to become a sportsperson then you clearly know the benefit of good agility. There are many females who play these games like volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc and for performing good in these games, you need good upper body agility And for increasing the strength and agility of the upper body, Push-Ups is an amazing exercise.


7. Improve Posture

Push ups is a good strength consuming and calorie-burning exercise. It helps you burn excess body fat. And if the excess fat in your upper body gets burnt, then the posture of your body gets in shape.


8.  Armed & security forces

Us Army Female Pushup Standards Scoresheet

Age Group17-2122-2627-3132-3637-4142-4647-5152-56
Number of PushupsPOINTS


Indian Army Female Pushup Standards Scoresheet

Age Group










































These are the common requirement of push ups for women in the armed forces. For good scores, there should have minimum power to perform 50-60 push-ups in one set.


These are the amazing benefits of doing push ups for females. If you are women and you want to gain all these benefits then add push ups in your workout schedule.

Mistakes During Female Push Ups 

According to survey, In the beginning stage of any workout, females do more mistakes than males. And it’s not their fault, females body has soft body than the males.

1. Pose Mistakes

This is the type of mistake that 60 percent of women usually make. So when you do push-ups, do every pose carefully. Most Common mistakes of the female push ups are –

  • Not keeping Back straight during push ups.
  • Not placing Hands just wider than the shoulders.
  • Not keeping face in the forward direction during push ups.

I also mentioned some points in the #Note section that you should be remember during push-ups. The best way to identify all these mistakes are –

  • Doing Push ups in the front of the mirror.
  • Take Support of another person.


2. Regularity

The biggest mistake that females generally do they lose regularity of doing push-ups workout. To get all the benefits of push ups you should need to do this on a regular routine(Push-Ups in full week workout schedule). I am not asking you to do push ups daily, but you should do push ups 2-3 times a week.

3. Diet Underestimation

You put a lot of effort into your workouts, always looking to perform better and reach your goals. Diet is also required as much as any workout to achieve any fitness goal. And the daily food is not sufficient to complete any type of fitness goal. You should need to add some special foods in your diet schedule. And through the whole day diet complete the daily need of the macronutrients. Macronutrients refer to carbs, fats, and protein — the three basic components of every diet.


These are the mistakes that females generally do during push ups workout. You Should avoid these common mistakes during push ups.


Final Words

This is the best female push ups workout list. All the push-ups arrange in the ascending order of the difficulty. For the results, you will need to maintain the equilibrium of the diet, workout, and rest. There are lot of females who achieved their goal by following this push-ups workout, You can also see those results here – Push-Ups Results 

If you have any doubts regarding Article and you want any personal advice related to health and fitness then so you can Comment Below your query or contact us without any hesitation. I will personally help to resolve your every issue. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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