Push-ups For Beginners

Push Ups Workout For Beginners & It’s Mistakes

How To Do Push Ups – Push-up is a great and too common exercise. This is the exercise that people start to know from the age of 5. The main attraction of this practice is that people of all ages can perform this practice. There are main two reasons from which this exercise is famous too much.

  • During Push Ups, you do need any type of equipment.
  • Push Ups workout results

This is the best part, you don’t have to take complicated steps to do push ups. You can do push ups by following 2-3 simple steps. Push up is a compound exercise which means that it targets multiple muscles of the body. There are many types of body fitness goals that you can achieve only by doing push ups. And for gaining result you should know how to do push ups perfectly without any single mistake. Mistakes is just like a hole on the boat that shrinks the whole boat.


Muscles Targeted By Push Ups

  • Chest muscles, or pectorals
  • Shoulders, or deltoids
  • Back of your arms, or triceps
  • Abdominals
  • The “wing” muscles directly under your armpit, called the serratus anterior

Benefits Of Push Ups

  • Increases the Chest, Biceps & Core Strength
  • V-Shaped Body
  • Do Anytime & Anywhere
  • It’s a Good Full Body Workout
  • Helps to Create Balance and Stability
  • Helps to Build Muscle Density


How to Do Push Ups For Beginners?

Steps For Performing Push Up –

  • First, Choose a plain surface to perform push ups workout.
  • Then sit on feet and place your both palms(With Strong Grip) in the ground.
  • Get down on all fours, placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulders(Your Entire body is involved, Head to Toe).
  • Completely straighten your hands, Back, and legs and make your core tight.
  • Then lower down your chest by bending down knees, Till your chest is slightly above the ground.
  • Hold for a second at the bottom.
  • And slowly lift your chest above by straightening your Arms, Till your arms get completely straighten.

#Imprtant Points

  •  Keep your Back portion straight during the whole push ups workout.
  • Always look forward, From the first step of the push up.


How to Do Push Ups - Healthcare Blog



Mistakes During Push Ups

After this, there are many people who do a lot of mistakes during push ups and these mistakes can give negative impact on the body. So let us discuss about all common mistakes during push up and It’s resolving ways.

1. Keep More Butt In Air

This mistake is not too common but if you are doing this then It can give a very negative impact on the body. There are many people who keep hips up toward the ceiling. Doing this increases the chances of injury and pain in the joints of the back and shoulders.

#Resolving Way – You should put your butt in the equality of the Back. Use your glute muscles and squeeze: this will help you lower your butt and return your body to its proper alignment.” You can also understand this mistake by the picture below.


Push Ups positon - More Butt




2. Full Range Of Motion

This is the most common mistake of the push up which even Mediate, Advance level people make. While this is certainly a cheat move that makes the exercise easier and you can do push-ups in less time. The biggest disadvantage of making this mistake is that you can’t give that amount of pressure to the body which required for the results.

#Resolving Way – You should lower down your chest, till your chest is slightly above the ground. And hold for second and lift your chest above by straightening your hands, Till your arms get completely straighten. And this resolving way apply for all types of push-ups.




3. Hold Breath

This is one of the common and little bit funny mistakes that people do during push-ups. People keep hold the breath during the whole push-ups workout. If you are doing this you’re just screwing with basic exercise physiology.

#Resolving Way – Your body requires a steady stream of oxygen to move fuel. You should continue your breathing process normally. Focus on inhaling as you lower your chest toward the floor, then exhaling as you lift your chest above by straightening arms.


4. Back In U-Shaped

Different people have different mistakes during push ups. There are many people who keep Butt position static & Move your chest portion only during the whole push ups workout. This mistake generally causes when you start doing push ups fastly. This mistake may cause back injury and not gives the required pressure to the body during push ups.


#Resolving Way – If you are in the beginning stage then do it slowly and make sure that your Back also moves with your chest during push ups.  Keep your back position straight.


Push Ups Mistakes - Back Positon


5. Elbows Motion/Positioning

There are many people who keep their elbows position wrong during push-ups workout. And this wrong position gives bad impact/extra stress on your elbows & shoulder joints.

#Resolving Way – Keep your elbows position right. Must Check, your elbows should be 60 degrees to the body.


Push Ups Mistakes - Elbows Position

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6. Remove From Workout Schedule

Initially, people do this practice daily with curiosity but after few days they start leaving this practice. If you are making this mistake then you will not be able to get that type of benefit of push ups.

#Resolving Way –  Push-up is a good exercise to make your body fit and muscled. For best results, you should do this exercise 3-4 times a week. Also, you can do this exercise as a warm-up(1-2 Set Only).



7. Your neck position

There are many people who start looking around, or they start checking push up perfection during push up. Regular doing of this mistake may cause neck cramps, or many small injuries.

#Resolving Way – From the first phase of push ups, you should look in the forward direction. Looking forward during push-ups gives proper pressure to the core, and your neck is also in a safe position.


Push Ups Mistakes - Neck Position


8. Palms Placing

There are many people who place their palm in cupped position during push-ups. People do this because this position gives a strong grip, but you should not do this. Because this puts all the pressure on the heel of your hands, Joints of the fingers, which can cause wrist pain & Fingers joint pain.

#Resolving Way – Make sure that keep your palms are fingers and completely straighten, And in the forward direction.

Push Ups Mistakes - Palms Position - Healthcare Blog



9. More Rest

People generally take break(rest) between every repetition and every set. Due to this mistake, you will not get that result which push ups workout claims.

#Resolving Way – If you are in the beginning stage then you can take 40-70 seconds break between every set, And in the mediate and advance level push-ups workout, you should only take 30-50 seconds maximum rest between every set.


10. Improper Diet

There is no doubt Diet plays a very big role in the push up results. But also for the Push ups Workout, diet plays a good role. Your inner will power and body ability determine how many push ups you can do and diet plays a very important role for body power. People do not follow proper diet but wait for the results first.

#Resolving Way – You should take proper diet before and after a push up workout. Decide Marco Nutrients according to your needs.


These are the common mistakes that people do during push up workout. For the fast and perfect results must ignore these mistakes. If you can’t identify your push up mistakes then you can use these methods.


How To Check Your Push Ups Mistakes?

With every Mistake, Resolving way is also mentioned. But these ways are for those who are not able to detect his mistakes, they need external support for resolving mistakes.

  • Help Of another one – Who knows the perfect steps to perform Push up.
  • In front of the mirror 

These are two master techniques by which you can check your mistakes resolved or not.


Other Workout Mistakes –

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Final Words

A thing only remember “DO less but do perfect”. And For achieving goals only push ups workout is not sufficient you also need to focus on the diet also. Results completely depends on three things – Workout + Diet + Rest. For extra and fast results you can add Types of Push Ups in the workout schedule, And good amount macronutrients in diet, 8-10 hours sleep.

For Motivation, you can Check Push Ups Workout Results.

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