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Make Your Push Ups Harder – With or Without Equipment

Push-up is one of the most popular exercises in the fitness world. The main reason for the popularity is benefits of push-ups. The first exercise that I learned is Push-Ups. Not only me there are lot of the people who learned the first exercise in her life is push-ups. Push-ups is a very simple exercise, So you need to make it harder. There are many reasons behind this to make this exercise harder.


How To Make Push Ups Harder?

The main reasons for making push ups harder are –

1. More Results And Benefits

The benefits of the push ups are really amazing. For gaining more and faster results you should need to make your push ups harder.

2. New Exercise

If you are doing the only type of push-ups then after some time you are bored from this And finally, you leave to do push-ups workout. In order to create continued interest in the push ups workout you need to create some thrills by making it harder.

3. Competition

If you want to make some big record of doing push ups then you must make your push ups harder because hard push-ups help you to increase the strength of the body. To beat today’s competition you need awesome strength.



Make Your Push Ups Harder

  • Use More Weight

If you are doing simple bodyweight push up and you want to make it harder then you can add some weight on your body. You can put more weight on the upper back and then do push-ups. This weight increases the pressure on the body and makes it more strength consuming.

When I started to do more weighted push-up I used to sit small children on my back. And today, I can do push-ups by having my gym trainer sit on my back.


Make Push Ups Harder - By Weight


  • Types of Push Ups

Push ups workout majorly works on the upper body. You can also make your push ups workout hard by adding types of push ups in the workout.

Most Common Types –

Place your both hands wider than the original position and then do push-ups. Your level of doing push-ups will upgrade. This type of push ups called wider hands push-ups.

Come in the push-ups position then Spread your fingers so that your index fingers and thumbs form a diamond, and extend your arms and then do push ups.  This type is called Diamond Push-ups.

In short, I am only saying that by adding different types of push ups in your workout you can make it harder.

How To Make Push Ups Harder

  • Increase Volume, Speed

Volume is the sum of Sets x Reps x Resistance.  For example if you did 5 sets of 10 reps of pushups month, this month would want to try 6 sets of 12 reps of pushups. I would suggest the following technique :

  • While going down into the push up, go slow and controlled.
  • Once you are in the bottom position, try and be explosive on your way up. This will get your muscles pumped.
  • Also, maintain a tight core during the whole movement.

Fast pushups will help you to gain endurance, and explosiveness.

Slow pushups will help you to gain muscle mass and strength.

I completely depend you what you want to gain through push ups workout. I always recommend people to do push ups slowly because 90 percent of people want to gain muscle size by the push ups workout.


  • Shortened Rest Time

To make the push ups workout harder you can decrease the rest period b/w the sets.


These points are that which makes your push-ups harder without any type of equipment and now read about those techniques that make your push-ups harder with types of equipment.


  • Push Ups With Football

This is that technique of push ups which completely depends on the balancing. In this type, you need a football to perform.

First, put one hand on the football and the other hand on the surface of the earth. After being comfortable, start doing push-ups with the best effort.


How To Make Push Ups Harder


  • Push Ups With Dumbbell

For this type of push ups you need a pair of the dumbbell to perform. In this, you have to hold dumbbells with both hands as regular. Then place both dumbells on the ground surface and then starts to do push-ups.


How To Make Push Ups Harder


These are those techniques that make you push-ups harder with the equipment.

Final Words

These are the awesome techniques that make your push-ups harder. The main purpose of making push-ups harder is to gain more benefits of push-ups in less time. Must Remember, If you are making your workout harder then you will also need to make your diet hard. For the results, you should maintain your diet and workout equally.

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