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How To Make Push Ups Harder? – With or Without Equipment

How To Make Push Ups Harder

Push-up is one of the most popular exercise of the fitness world. The main reason behind his popularity is this exercise types and their amazing benefits. The first learning exercise that I learned is Push Ups. So there is 80 percent of the people are that who learned the first exercise in her life is push-ups. Push-ups is a very simple exercise, So you need to make it harder. There are many reasons behind this to make this exercise harder.


Why Do You Need To Make Your Push-Ups Harder?

In starting generally all people start to learn about the exercise they do only a simple type of push-ups. So there are many reasons behind to make push-ups harder.

1. More Results And Benefits

The benefits of the push-ups are really awesome to your body. In the case of the simple push-ups you gain all amazing benefits but at the usual time but in the case, if you make push-ups harder then you gain same benefits but you gain these benefits in less time.

So you are able to gain more benefits and faster results if you make your push-ups harder. You gain more benefits and faster results because harder push ups act more powerfully on your muscles.

2. New Exercise

If you are doing the only type of push-ups then after some time you are bored from this And finally, you leave to do push-ups workout.

To increase your interest in the push-ups and make it more adventurous make it more harder and more types.

3. Competition

In this exercise, the competition level increases too much. You heard about that people do 1000 repetitions of the push-ups in a single set. To decrease this competition level push-ups make harder.  Those people who do simple push-ups 500 who only able to 100 harder push-ups only. This is the reason to make every type of push-ups harder.


These are 3 most popular reasons which are behind to make every type of push-ups harder. After knowing about the reasons you think that making these push-ups harder is necceasry for you. So the most reliable steps to make your push-ups harder with the memorable Steps.

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Make Your Push-Ups Harder {With Memorable Steps}

  • Use More Weight

If you are doing simple body weight push up and you want to make it harder then you should increase your weight on your body. You keep more weight on the upper back and then do push-ups. Due to this the difficulty level of the doing push-ups increases too much.

When I start to do this more weighted push-up I used to sit small children on my back. And today I used to sit my gym trainer on my back. During the time period of doing push-ups child to the gym, trainers make my body strength awesome.

How To Make Push Ups Harder

Female Push ups Doing Steps

  • Change Your Hands Position

This exercise working focus on your upper body. During the push-ups, the working of your hands is too much. The process of the simple push-ups makes it harder is that you change your hand’s position.

First, you place your both hands wider than the original position and then do push-ups. Your level f doing push-ups will upgrade. This position of doing is also called wider hands push-ups.

Second, you close your both hands fingers and touches to each other and then do push-ups. This type is also called Diamond Push-ups.

By changing your hand’s position you can make your push-ups harder and gain amazing benefits in less time.

How To Make Push Ups Harder

  • Speed Of Sets and Single Repetitions

In the case of the speed to make push-ups harder is divided into two parts. First is repetitions Speed.

Like the Hindu push-ups, Diamond Push-ups, Simple push-ups also, How much you do this exercise slower same your difficulty level upgrade and make harder.

In these types of exercise when you pull your body upward during push-ups pull slowly because this slow motion makes it harder.

Second is Sets Speed, This is that another way to make push-ups harder by speed. For this, you need a stopwatch to measure every set time.

For this, you measure the time of doing a single set of push-ups and after the measure, in another set, you try to do push-ups faster and finds less time than the previous set.

You compete yourself with the time and speed to make your push-ups harder.

These points are that which makes your push-ups harder without any type of equipment and now read about those techniques that make your push-ups harder with types of equipment.

  • Push Ups With Football

This is that technique which completely depends on the balancing. In this type, you need a football to perform.

First, you place your one hand on the football and keep another hand on the earth surface. After this comfortable placing starts to do push-ups with your full effort of balancing.

In this the motion of the body just like that you do in the simple push-ups.

How To Make Push Ups Harder


  • Push Ups With Dumbbell

For this technique, you need a pair of the dumbbell to perform. In this, you hold dumbbells with both hands as regular.

Then place both hands with dumbells and then starts to do push-ups.

How To Make Push Ups Harder

These are those techniques which make you push-ups harder with the help of equipment.

Final Words

These techniques are that which makes your push-ups too harder. In this, the level of push-ups making harder is arranged. The all possible techniques to make push-ups harder with types of equipment and without equipment are here.

The basic need to make push-ups harder is here. So if you fulfill these conditions then you make your push-ups harder whether you not.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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