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Hrithik Roshan Body Transformation For Movie War – Full Journey

Hrithik Roshan Body Transformation
Hrithik Roshan Body Transformation

The war movie such an amazing movie for Hindi movie lovers. In this movie, all fans are wonder about the Hrithik Roshan body.

For this movie Hrithik Roshan especially trained his body. The abs are just like fitness models. In daily life, you generally noticed that Hrithik Roshan’s body is a little fatty. But in starting of 2019 he transforms his body like magic. All the fans when they come out from cinemas after watching a war movie, want to know the secret of making this amazing body. All those secrets he revealed how he make his body for the movie war. So read about all the secrets carefully.



Hrithik Roshan Body Transformation

In your mind, this question always comes that Hrithik Roshan is a completely fitn man than how he becomes fatty. So the journey of becoming fatty is started in year 2017.

In 2019 a movie released named Super 30. In this movie, he plays the role of teacher. For becoming a normal teacher he should need to become his body fatty. In this movie, he needs to show that a person who never tried the gym. So for this movie he loose external fitness for some time. For this movie super 30, his abs are completely invisible and carries more belly fat.


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Hrithik Roshan Body Transformation for super 30
Hrithik Roshan Body Transformation for super 30



After this movie, a new project comes which in his life. In 2018 Siddharth Anand offers a movie to both actors Hrithik Roshan and tiger shroff for the movie. In this movie, both actors needed a high muscularity body. For his role tiger shroff is ready but Hrithik Roshan is in super 30 fatty people role.  Hrithik Roshan have the time of 1 year to gain his muscularity again.

After this, he hired Kris Gethin as his trainer and later Marika Johansson as his nutrition expert. These trainers of the Hrithik Roshan trained for the movie war. Hos whole journey of making his body muscular through these trainers. All that diet and exercises that his trainers said, Hrithik does it.

In this journey, he faces a strong problem. During any exercise a faces a few slip disk. These slip disks directly affect his spine. So due to this problem ha takes a rest of some days. During rest, his trainer suggests doing some poses to do daily to recover his pain and disk. And due to good trainer guidance, his problem finishes in fewer days.


Hrithik Roshan Body Transformation

After the slip disk problem he reagians starts his fitness journey. And In July 2019 he completes his journey and ready to play the role of hero in movie war. All those exercises and diet that he follows are mentioned in this video below. So must watch it.


After hard training, finally his body size for movie war is:-

Hrithik Roshan Body Measurements

• Height: 1.82 m (6 ft)
• Weight: 190 lbs (86 kg)
• Chest: 46 inches
• Waist: 30 inches
• Biceps: 17 inches


Final Words

Hrithik Roshan’s journey to make muscularity like this is very difficult task. He do lot of hard work for these results. So you must need to take motivation from Hrithik Roshan. If you are a fitness lover then you must try this schedule at home also. In diet you should need to focus on the diet and rest schedule also.


Start doing the workout at home without equipment. These exercises that are mentioned in this make body like Hrithik Roshan. So try to spend 10 to 15 minutes in your health. You must do these 10-12 minutes full-body workout video.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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