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4 Ways To Identify OPTIMUM NUTRITION Whey Original OR Fake

Identify Original Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

Optimum Nutrition whey protein is one of the famous and high demanded supplement in the Indian Fitness Industry. With the rising of popularity of any product, An fake product will increases. And same case happen with Optimum Nutrition. His whey protein is famous in complete market but his copied whey protein is on the market. These all copied whey protein is in half price of original whey protein.

You heard from your many friends that anyone provides Optimum Nutrition whey protein at 40 – 50 percent less price than original whey protein. Alert from these types of offers these all are fake whey protein. Here you find the best way to Identify Original Optimum Nutrition whey protein without any extra equipment.


4 Ways To Identify Original Optimum  Nutrition Whey

1. Gold Hologram Seal

This is one of the famous mark through which you can easily Identify this product is fake Or Original. In every optimum Nutrition whey protein company provides a gold hologram seal on the cap of whey protein. This gold hologram seal not easily in the market.

If you find any whey protein of optimum nutrition in which gold hologram seal then you considered as fake whey protein.

Idientfy original whey protein


2. Crease On The Bottom

Another most famous way to find whey protein is original or fake. First, you should notice the crease in the bottom of the whey protein jar. One more interesting factor about this is, That Optimum nutrition whey exported from the U.S. in which you will found a crease in the bottom and those whey protein exported from the U.K. has not these type of crease.

If you buy your product from any U.S. imported website then you find a crease in the bottom. And if you buy whey protein from the U.k. then you did not find any type of crease, For this case you can very verify your product with other ways.

Identify Original Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein - In 4 seconds

3. Expiry Date

In every whey protein, you find an expiry date and manufacturing date. In the optimum nutrition whey protein a manufacture date, expiration date and batch code. Powdered products have a 2-year shelf life, so the dates should be 2 years apart. In all whey protein expiry date, manufacturing date are written in Blue color. So through this way you easily Identify that your whey protein is original or fake.

Identify Original Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein - By Expiry Date

4. Easily Removable Vacuum Barrier

A common cardboard is used under the cap of the whey protein which is vacuum barrier that helps hold powder in place during shipping. This cardboard under cap is not glued. If you found a glued cardboard under cap of whey protein then you says it is a fake whey protein.

Identify Original Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein - By Cap Cover

Check Authentication Tips for products manufactured in the UK for Europe. If your whey protein of optimum nutrition passed out from these 4 tests then you say that this is original Whey protein. These all ways to Identify original whey protein are recommended by Optimum Nutrition company and many famous trainers himself.

Myths For Identifying Original Optimum Whey Protein

Here you find the myths that are spread in today’s society for finding an original whey protein.

1. Scan Bar Code

Many of people says that scanning code is the best option of checking whey protein is fake or original. But this is wrong completely. I bought a fake whey protein(which meet only one condition from these 4 conditions that are mentioned above) of optimum nutrition and scan barcode and I found that bar code is scanned completely. This is completely myth for Identifying original whey protein.

That a reason company never says to scan his bard code for Identifying original whey protein.

2. Importer Mark

People start judging his whey protein from the Importer mark. It is totally a myth because optimum nutrition changes his importer mark time to time.

These 2 myths that are very famous for finding an original whey protein. I recommend you to try these 4 tricks that are mentioned above for finding an original optimum nutrition whey protein.

Lunge Matrix & Barbell Lunges

Pull-Ups Vs Chin Ups

Final Words

There are many fake products of optimum nutrition in the market. So be alert before buying any optimum nutrition whey protein. Check that all these 4 conditions matched with your whey protein. I recommend you these 4 ways because these ways are not easily copied.

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