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Is Alcohol Dependence A Form Of Addiction? – Complete Research With Solution

Is Alcohol Dependence A Form Of Addiction - Healthcare Blog

Alcohol Dependence A Form Of Addiction – Alcohol dependence is also known as alcohol addiction. Individuals suffering from this disease cannot control their alcohol intake and tend to drink more alcohol. They end up consuming a greater amount of alcohol compared to other individuals.

If an alcoholic stops drinking alcohol at a time, they end up facing many side effects. If an individual does not stop consuming alcohol, they end up facing many health issues in the long run, such as liver failure, fatigue issues, obesity, and many more. It also leads to various types of cancers.

However, people suffering from the disease make a full recovery with a variety of treatments. Alcohol addiction treatment is often best done if it is personalized according to the particular individual’s needs. Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease.

Some chemical changes occur in the human brain when they consume a huge amount of alcohol. When these changes take place, then an individual finds it a pleasure to consume alcohol. This feeling increases the cravings, and the individual ends up having more alcohol.

It harms them in the long term. An individual suffering from this disease ends up consuming more alcohol to prevent withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms are very dangerous and unpleasant. This disorder is gradually developed over a long time.

Causes of Alcohol Dependence/ alcohol addiction

This particular disorder develops when an individual consumes a higher amount of alcohol. Both internal and external factors contribute to the development of this disease. Few internal factors include genetic factors, psychological factors, personality choices, drinking history, etc., and external factors include family, friends, social norms, education, job status, etc.

The most common factors include :

Genetic factors: – Few studies suggest that biological children of alcoholics are more likely to develop this disorder because of their parents’ genes. Simultaneously, biological children of non-alcoholics have fewer chances to develop this disorder than individuals who alcoholics raise.

Genetics is a complex subject, and it is far from fully understood. Alcohol dependence is not developed due to a single cause but is created when many genes interact with each other. Genetics has a significant impact on individuals developing this disorder.

Psychological factors: – There are higher chances of an individual developing this disorder if they are suffering from health issues such as depression, anxiety issues, bipolar disorder, etc.

On average, 20% of individuals suffering from depression end up developing this disorder, and 40% of individuals who have bipolar disorders end up consuming alcohol. Overconsumption of alcohol will develop this disorder.

Social and cultural factors: – Many social factors can influence alcoholism. If a group of alcoholics surrounds an individual, then there are more chances of that particular individual developing this disorder.

For example, if a group of alcoholics surrounds a student in college, then there are most chances of that individual developing this disorder. If non-alcoholics surround an individual, then there are nearly zero chances of developing this particular disorder. Social factors also have a significant impact on the treatment practices.


Alcohol Dependence A Form Of Addiction - Healthcare Blog


Alcohol Addiction Treatment

There are many alcohol addiction treatments. Here are two of the most common treatment methods.

Detoxification – Most of the treatment plans begin with a detoxification program. It helps to break an individual’s addiction to alcohol. Detoxification is performed in a therapy treatment center and sometimes in a hospital. On average, detoxification treatment takes one week.

During this medical procedure, an individual will end up facing withdrawal symptoms. They can be very dramatic. That is why during this phase of the treatment, individuals are assisted with few medications to prevent withdrawal symptoms. Few common withdrawal symptoms include hallucinations, shaking, confusion, and convulsions, etc.

Counseling – In a few cases, a doctor refers to one-to-one counseling or group counseling depending on the situation of the individual suffering from this disorder. In this process, individuals are connected with support groups that help them during this medical procedure.

A support group is a group of individuals who are going through similar challenges. A support group can help an individual suffering from alcohol dependence as they can help answer questions, provide mental support and direct you to support resources.


Alcohol dependence is a form of addiction. Getting rid of alcohol addiction can be a lifelong journey as it is never an easy task to get rid of this disorder. A few individuals can get rid of this disorder in the first attempt to become sober; the rest of them take many years to get rid of it.

In the majority of cases, addiction is accompanied by psychological disorders. Few common psychological disorders that individuals face are depression and anxiety. Along with the medical procedure, individuals have to seek medical care simultaneously for other complications they might face during the procedure.

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