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Long Lever Plank – Perfect Steps, Benefits & Results

Long Lever Plank - Healthcare Blog

Long Lever Plank is one of the most confusing exercise. The basic problem that people faced with this exercise is the wrong posture. So here your all problems related plank will be resolved.

Long lever plank is that type of plank which changes your full body structure completely. And It depends on you what you want.

My experience related to long lever plank exercise is awesome. I added long lever plank in my daily exercise schedule for 30 days. After 30 days I also gained awesome results related to Abs and shoulder. In my point of view, this is not an exercise this is and the key to achieving your fitness goal.

In this article you have read about the:-

  • How To Do Long Lever Plank?
  • Benefits Of Doing Long Lever Plank.
  • Results Of Doing this Plank
  • Comparison of this type of plank with others

In this long-lever plank, the balancing power of the body is used too much. So if you cause any type of serious injury in the hands and core then you should not do this. If you are completely well then you can do this Plank.

How To Do Long Lever Plank? {With Pictures}

The whole plank exercise is finished in few steps. All these steps of long lever plank are easily memorable.

  • Before starting this do a warm-up of your complete body. After this come in the push-up position.

Long Lever Plank - First Step


  • Then joined your both legs to each other and tighten your core.
  • After this, keeping your palm position in the same place and start to backward your both legs till your body come in long lever plank position

Long Lever Plank - Second Step

  • Hold your full body at this position for some time as according to your capacity.

Long Lever Plank - Third Step


Some FAQ Related Long-Lever Plank

Question: How You can make long-lever plank explosive?

Answer: Some people are bored by doing long lever plank for a long time. The simple way to make this exercise explosive is, when you are in the plank(Long Lever) position then lift up your one leg on the air.

In the first set, you lift your one leg and in another set, you can lift your another leg. Due to the lifting of the leg the effect/pressure on the core and in your hand’s increases. And this pressure is also very good for results.

Question: What should you do before long lever plank workout?

Answer: Before this long lever plank workout, you should do the hard warm-up because, long lever plank gives it maximum benefits after warm-ups. And if you do long lever plank without warm-up then injury chances will increases up to 90 percent.

Question: What are the mistakes that people generally do during long-lever plank?

Answer: 90 percent of the people do these mistakes during long-lever plank:-

  • Your back position:– Generally people do this mistake and then they facing back injury. So best for you is that you keep your complete back straight.
  • Your neck position:- You generally listens to that people are discussing about the neck injury during plank. The reason behind this is the wrong neck position. In long lever plank, your neck should be downward during the whole Long-lever plank workout.

Question: How many minimum sets you should do?

Answer: In the beginning stage of this plank, you should do only 1-2 sets of 30 to 40 seconds. And in the Intermediate stage, you can do 1-2 sets of 1-1.30 minutes. After this in the advanced stage of plank you can do this plank as according to your capacity.

Benefits Of Doing Long Lever Plank

There are too many interesting benefits that you surely gained from doing long lever plank. And these benefits completely change your body structure.

1. Arms Strength

In this long lever plank, your complete body load on your Arms. In the explosive stage of the long-lever plank, when you lift one leg, then the pressure on your hands increases many times. That’s a reason if you do practice daily of this plank then after some days, you will notice the drastic improvement in your Arms strength.

Due to increased hands strength, your push-ups capacity, weightlifting capacity, and pull-ups capacity automatically increase. And the time period of doing other types of the plank will also increase.

2. Core Strength {Fat Loose}

This is another part of the body that effects too much in this plank workout. If you have a problem with chipko belly fat. Then for you this plank is too helpful. In this long-lever plank, the pressure on the core is too high. Due to this high pressure, you can also feel pain in the core. And this same pressure helps you grow your abs and decreases your belly fat fastly.

This exercise makes your core strength awesome due to this your body flexibility and works doing capacity increases.

3. Balancing

In this long-lever plank, the balancing power of the body used too much. Doing this plank regularly increases your balancing power. Those exercises and stunts in which the balancing is used, you can do it easily after doing this plank regularly.

4. Mind Concentration

In this exercise for how much time you can hold Body, its depends on your mind concentration power. And if you start spending 3-4 minutes in this long lever plank by doing it regularly. Then you automatically found that your concentration on any work increases. With mind concentration, it helps to keep your mind cool and relax.

5. Time Period Increases

Doing Long Lever plank regularly also helps you to increase the time capacity of the other types of plank. This plank also called a master plank.


After this, you have many reasons for doing long-lever plank. These are that benefits which about 98 percent of the people gained easily from long lever plank. After gaining these benefits your body structure changes completely.

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Results of Doing Long Lever Plank

These all experiments are done in a gym. In these results, the whole journey of belly bat to grow abs in a specific time period. These all results are come by doing this type of planks.

  • Men {Belly Fat To Abs}

This picture describes the result of doing plank results. That man who is in this picture found this result by doing long lever plank + some full-body workouts. In the before and after picture you can notice this abs formation result that comes only through long lever plank.

Long Lever Plank Results

  • Women {Belly Fat To Abs}

Long Lever Plank Women Results

She is suffering from the extra belly fat problem then healthcare blog team suggests him to do long lever plank daily. In the beginning stage, she faces too much problems for doing long lever plank. For doing this plank perfectly she takes 14 days. After the hard work of 3 months, she gained his desired result by doing plank.

Comparison Of the Long-lever Plank With Others

According to healthcare blog point of view, this plank type is best for beginners. The main and special thing about this long lever plank is that it is easier for every beginner. And for those who want to gain results fastly, for those it is also best.

In other planks, the injuries chances are too much but with long lever plank who face this only 20 percent. In the building of hand’s strength, this plank proves top-class plank in comparison of other planks.

Results Comparision of Doing Long Lever Plank

This graph shows the clear result of the long Lever Plank. This graph shows the result in the EMG values.

Final Words

This is one of the different type of plank. This plank pose is very impressive for others. This is that type of plank in which you did not need any type of equipment. So you can perform this anywhere but not any time.

You should perform this plank after DETOX in the morning time for better results.

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