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Lunge Matrix – Steps {Every Step With Pictures}, Benefits, Results, FAQ

Lunge Matrix

Lunge Matrix is a type of workout which is used for many purposes in your exercise routine. This workout is unique as its name. So understand first about the meaning of the lunge matrix. In this, you heard the word lunge means an exercise which many types and meaning of the matrix is the sum of different types of lunges. So in easy words lunge matrix is the sum of different types of lunges in specified time.

This exercise is that which is used as the workout as well as many purposes. The main and basic purpose of using this lunge matrix is:-

  • Warm Up To Your Complete Body
  • Stretched Your Body
  • Full Body workout

For these purposes, the lunges matrix are in use. After knowing about the purpose of this exercise you should know about how to perform this exercise perfectly. So the main difficulty behind this workout is that people do not able to how to do this workout. You see that people do many mistakes during this workout. So the reason behind this is the wrong guidance. In this workout, the perfect guidance of doing this workout will be easy for you and you will gain maximum benefits.

Lunge Matrix {Perfect Steps}

This workout term and steps are for a long time. So you need easily memorable steps of doing this workout. These steps are explained with pictures and Gif. This workout also called a warm-up workout so before starting this workout you did not need any type of warm up before this.

1. Forward Lunge

So this is the most common part of the lunge matrix because this exercise steps are very easy and basic. In this exercise forward your step and keep your another knee on the floor. After this hold of a second and come in the original position in a reverse manner and try with another leg.

Lunge Matrix

2. Side Lunge

In this workout sit down on your right leg and keep your another leg straight in parallel. After the hold for some time then do this with another leg. See below the gif with proper explanation of doing side lunge.

Lunge Matrix

3. Angular Forward Lunge

For 60 percent of people, this exercise is new. So this workout is the same as forwarding lunge but in this, the angle of your leg is changed when you bend down.

Lunge forward toward “11″ on the clock with your left foot. And after this bend toward the forwarded lunges with the weight of the back and shoulders. and after this bend down come in the original position in reverse motion.

Lunge Matrix

4. Crusty Lunge

It is that exercise of the lunge matrix in which the balancing of the body is in the large amount. So the steps are that first stand straight and reach your left leg behind the right leg and you will reach your left foot back to about “5″ on the clock. After this bend down your body half and wait for a second and then repeat again with another leg.

Lunge Matrix

5. Raise Hand Lunge

In this exercise, only the difference is that in you raise you both hands in the air. And do other all same steps that you are doing in the forward lunge and angular forward lunge. Due to this, the balancing power of the body increases and your pressure increased on your both legs.

Lunge Matrix

These are 5 exercises which make a lunge workout. These steps that are mentioned in this are very easy and memorable. These exercises that are mentioned above is arranged systematically with their difficulties.

You only read above the exercise which is included in the lunge workout. So for making this lunge workout in the lunge matrix, you should do these exercises in a specific manner.

So the sets of doing this exercise to make it lunges matrix are:-

You do these all exercises in a continuous manner called lunge matrix complete workout and You should do 2 repetitions of every exercise and then change it. 

Lunge Matrix Video

Every step of the lunge matrix is available in this video. If you want to see all the steps of the lunge matrix in practically way then you must watch this:-

Benefits Of Doing Lunge Matrix

People faced many difficulties in this lunge matrix. So Don’t Worry your all hard work of lunge matrix will give you that benefits you say are really unbelievable.

The benefits that you will gain from doing the lunge matrix is:-

  1. High Testosterone Level
  2. Mental  Strength Will Increase
  3. Abs Formation
  4. Symmetry Of Your Leg Improves
  5. Satisfaction Through Lunges
  6. Not Need Any Type Of Equipment
  7. Fat Loss
  8. Walk Way Improves
  9. Endurance of the body increases
  10. Body Working Capacity Increases
  11. Balancing Power of body increases
  12. Help To Burn high calorie.
  13. Hips Come in Shape
  14. Running Style Improves
  15. Stamina Of Body Increases

Benefits Of Lunge Matrix

Results Of Doing Lunge Matrix

It is that type of exercise that transforms your body completely.  For real confidence, you need to saw these results that comes from the lunge matrix. Those results that are mentioned below are very long term results{3-4 months}.

Women Legs Size {Before And After}

Lunges Before And After

Men Leg Size {Before And After}

Lunges Before And After


Some Popular FAQ Related Lunge Matrix

Question: What Is the Lunge Matrix?

Answer:- In easy words, the lunge matrix is the sum of the different types of lunges. In this, you do different types of lunges in a specific time period.

Question: Is there is an injury chances in the lunge matrix?

Answer:- Yes, there are many injury chances of the lunges matrix. People faced injury in the lower back and with thighs muscles. So do every step of the lunge matrix perfectly.

Question:- Is there is a piece of equipment needed to perform lunge matrix?

Answer:- No, there is not any type of equipment needed to perform lunge matrix. You can do this workout anywhere and anytime.

Question:- How Much Calorie burned in 2 minutes lunge matrix?

Answer:- Lunge matrix burn 5.28 calories per minute to 9.33 calories. In the lunge matrix, people easily burn the required calories to lose their fat.


Final Words

Lunge matrix is one becomes your one of the favorite workout after these results. I hope this workout and this article is helpful for you.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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