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Importance Of Lunges Workout For Runners – Speed, Weight Loss

Lunges For Runners - Healthcare Blog

Lunges For Runners – Running is one of the great workouts. Different people have different reasons to do Running. Some people want to lose fat by running and some want to participate in any Running competition. But every type of runner wants to increase his running speed. I will not advise you to special medicine to increase, I will only recommend you to do a master workout that helps you to increase your Running speed.

After knowing the uses of the lunges you never forgot to do this exercise. In this article, you will read about the complete analysis between the runners and lunges workout. There are many types of exercises for runners but lunges workout is very special for the runners. Here you will find all detailed explanation of this question is why you should you do Lunges workout after running. For the Good running, you should train these muscles –

These are the major muscle groups that you need to be trained to increase the running.

  1. Thighs (Posterior and Anterior)
  2. Calves
  3. Glutes
  4. Abdominal

And Lunges workout will train you all types of muscles that need for good running.


Lunges For Runners - Healthcare Blog


Lunges For Runners

How Lunges Affects Your Running?

There are mainly 5 reasons on which you can say that lunges will directly affect your running.

  • It will affect your core and both legs strongly and make it more strong. During running the use of the legs and core is about 80 percent.
  • For improving stamina you should need to strengthen your core. And Doing lunges workout after running for 45-75 days helps to improve your core strength up to 80 percent.
  • Regular Lunges Workout helps you to decrease your extra fat that is also a big barrier to the fast running.
  • According to many scientific researches, regular lunges improves the style of running. If your running pose is not so good then you can try lunges for improving running and walking way.

These are the benefits of lunges that directly affect your running. These are that benefits of the lunges which  related directly to the runner’s life but if you are a normal person and do lunges as a normal workout then you can read the lunges benefits to lunges your complete body.

Manner Of Doing Lunges

You can use lunges by two ways, If you are a runner. First, you used it on the warm-up way and another way is a workout.

Lunges before running help you extract the full body muscles. Lunges before running called warm-ups exercise.

And another is the workout. If you want to improve running in fewer days then you should try these awesome types of lunges in everyday life.

  • Forwarding Lunges
  • Lunges Walk
  • Side Lunges 
  • Lunges Jump 

You can arrange repetitions and sets according to your capacity/comfort. These are those types that complete your lunge workout. If you want to read about all types of lunges deeply then you should read:- Lunges workout


Final Words

There is no doubt that Lunges workout completes all requirements of the fast and long Running. For the results, you must also focus on the Diet and rest also. There are many people who want to practice some more to improve their race. So, They can do exercises –

  • Hurdle Jumping
  • Jumping Jacke
  • Crunches
  • Squats/Squats Jumps
  • Sit-ups

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