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How To Do Lunges With Weights? {Each Step Explained Through Pictures}

Lunges With Weights

In the past, you generally listen about generally bodyweight lunges and barbell lunges. These are both lunges are that lunges with your own body weight but lunges with weights. In this, you do lunges with your body weight and extra weight.

In lunges, weight means dumbells in the gym but in this, you also read about the lunges with weights with home products. The another option of doing lunges with dumbells is that you bought old dumbells from any website. Old dumbbells are affordable and you do lunges and other heavy workouts with this.

Perfect Weight

If you have Not dumbells

In this exercise of lunges, the importance of the weights is too much. Every repetition of lunges will give you the result and if you take improper then you face problems in your shoulders. These improper load problems generally occur with those peoples who are doing lunges with home remedies. In lunges, if you keep weight in a proper balance way then you face easily in doing lunges with weights. If you are doing then you can use these things that are to lunges at home are Small Water Buckets, Pair of Bricks, Pairs of weight blocks. These are the best weights that you can do at home if you are not able to buy dumbells.

If you have Dumbells

In this case, if you bought dumbells for home then should buy 5 kg pair of dumbells. This pair of dumbells of 5 lbs is best for the beginners and for expert people. In the gym, you provide all types of weights are available easily. In lunges with weights the importance of weights are too much so if you keep weight right then you do perfect lunges easily.

Perfect Steps Of Doing Lunges With Weights

In this exercise every step of this is important. So do every step in a systematic way. Every step of this exercise is explained with the pictures and Gif. After the warm-ups of your body then starts to do this exercise with these following steps.


  • First, stand straight with holding the dumbells on your both hands. In this standing position, you keep your right leg in little forwarding direction.

Lunges With Weights

  • Then raise your right or left leg in the air in 90 degrees folding position. And after this take a big forward step.

Lunges With Weights

  • After a second of forwarding step touches your another knee to the ground. Then tight your core during this all motion.

Lunges With Weights

  • After this, all motion your half steps of doing lunges with dumbells and weights are finished and after this, that step is coming is equal to these all steps.
  • So after touching another knee. reverse your position and come in standing position again and do with another leg again. The stage where calorie burnt more is that coming reverse.

So See complete Steps through One picture is menstione below See it:-

Lunges With Weights

These are that steps that complete your lunges with weights in a shortcut way with maximum benefits. Every step fo doing is so big so do every step slowly and perfectly.

Things Should Be Remember During Lunges With Dumbells

These are those things that you should remember when you do lunges with weights and dumbells. Everything you should keep on your mind when you lunges with heavy weights.

  1. You should keep your core tight during all process of lunges.
  2. Keep your Neck straight during when you bend down and upward it.
  3. Do this workout in some open space.
  4. Take weight according to your capacity that you lift it easily.
  5. All types of lunges workout are done after a strong warm-up.

These are the little things that people generally missed when he doing lunges. The need to remember these things generally in case of the with lunges and barbell lunges.

Lunges Types

In the case of dumbbell lunges, you never heard about his types. You listen before about the types of bodyweight lunges. Lunges with weights are that exercise who has more valve then bodyweight lunges. These dumbells types are generally people do less because these are a little bit difficult and some boring.

1. Dumbell Lunges Walk

In previous you do simple lunges walk with body weight but this you see an amazing difference. This is the explosive mode of the lunges walk. This is the beast mode of your thighs.

The most easiest way of doing lunges walk with weights are:-

  • First, you come in simple lunges position when your one knee touches the ground}.
  • After this upward your both hands in the air in straight of your shoulders.
  • Then come upward half and forward your next leg in this same position this is called one repetition.
  • So do minimum 8-10 repetitions of this exercise.

Lunges With Weights

2. Dumbell Lunges Jump

Jumpes is also known as most calorie burning exercise in my point of view. People face too much difficulty in doing lunges with bodyweight and you how much you face difficult to do this. In my opinion, you only do simple bodyweight lunges. So if do not know about simple lunges jump then you should read:- Lunges Workout

When if want to try this then you should do these steps:-

  • Hold Dumbbells on your both hands and bend down in the same lunge position.
  • After this a take jump with holding dumbbells on both hands and exchange your leg position in the air.
  • The main problem is generally occurred in balancing the dumbbells. In this 60 percent of the people are not able to do and they leave it to do lunges jump.

Lunges With Weights

If you want to understand every step through pictures then you should see these pictures and GIf to understand properly. Every step of this exercise gives you benefits surely. So do these lunges types with dumbbells in the correct manner.

Cheap And Reliable Dumbells

Dumbells is the most important part of the home workout and Dumbell Lunges. So for this, some have not dumbells to play these exercises. If you want to make fitness in low cost then you should need to buy dumbells. So here you provide cheap and pocket-friendly dumbells from here.

The benefits of buying these dumbells are:-

  • Bodygrip 12 kg adjustable dumbbell set
  • 2kg x 4 plus 1kg x 4 plates black
  • 2 rod 14 inches plus gym gloves plus skipping rope plus hand gripper
  • In-Box Contents: 2Kg 4 Weight Plates, 1Kg 4 Weight Plates, 14-inch 2 Dumbbell Rods, 1 Pair Gym Gloves, 1 Skipping Rope and 1 Hand Gripper

So buy these dumbells from here at low cost and gained these amazing benefits from dumbells by doing the workout.

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Lunges With Weights Benefits

You heard about the benefits that are come from doing bodyweight lunges. These benefits are nearly 70 percent same but in this lunges, with the dumbbell, you gain more benefits in every part rather than body weight lunges. In my opinion, those benefits are best and perfect in own places. The benefits that you are gained from doing lunges is really new for you. After reading this you start noticing these benefits when you do exercise further.

This exercise mainly acts on your Legs, Core and Butt.

1. Complete Leg

In the complete process of doing lunges, your complete leg is in working. When you bend down and step up your pressure on your full body on your thighs and when you stand up and ready for the jump then you calf will work in this position. Your complete leg helps to gain all benefits.

From this, you gained your awesome thighs strength. Those people who want to gain thighs and calf muscle then for those this is the best exercise. From every set of doing lunges, you start to gain these benefits.

2. Core Fitness

To make core fit people try many workouts and different types of diet plans. So if you want only fit your core then your only do this exercise for some time then you find your fit core in nearly 3-4 weeks. If you are purposing to burn your belly fat then do this exercise in your daily schedule because in this the calorie burning rate is very high due to this you easily lose your belly fat.

If you want to make abs through this then you easily gained from this. For abs, you do this workout for a long time for nearly 2 months.

3. Butt Fat

Butt is mostly affected by both most from 2 workouts is lunges and squats workout. So that benefits that you are gained from the lunges are only for one time. In 90 percent of cases, lunges have generally suggested those peoples who are suffering from more fat in the butt.

This lunges workout with weights especially works for your butt fat. So if you want to decrease your butt fat and resize according to you then start from today to do this lunges workout. For decreasing the fat you must be 4-5 sets of 10-12 repetitions. These all sets are in fast with less rest.

These are that benefits that I 100 percent sure that you gained these amazing benefits and results if you do this lunges with weights continuously. After reading the benefits you start to imagine how my body sees after gaining these benefits. The complete body structure that you understand through one picture below. Through this picture, you see the proof of these benefits. This picture clicked after doing lunges workout with weights and then this picture clicked. To see the results that you gained from lunges. The positive point is that this result are done on men and women both and we found these results.


Lunges With Weights Benefits

These are that results that are gained after doing lunges with weights. In both cases, we found 90 percent of the same results. So you see the smile that you see in after gaining results. To gain these benefits do lunges with weights from now and make you body fitness as like you want.

If you want to read every body part research of lunges before and after then you read all these experiments that have on different aged people and we find these Results:- Lunges Before and after{Deep Research}.

Why Lunges With Weights Are More Recommended and Beneficial Rather than Simple Lunges?

In previous you mostly you heard and read about the lunges in which you did not need any type of equipment to do this lunges workout. But in this you read about every lunges type needed some weights so the reasons behind this are very logical. In lunges with weights, you feel more pressure and more beneficial for you. And another reason for doing lunges with weights is that you gained amazing results of doing lunges are in short time and these results are more attractive than simple lunges workout.


Motivation For Doing Lunges

For every workout, you need motivation for doing any workout for a long time and for lunges like difficult exercise you need motivation must. The biggest motivation for doing any workout is your dream and your results that want after any workout schedule.

So After this, you need some motivation then read these motivational quotes to built new energy when you do lunges. Lunges is little bit boring exercise but these quotes make it interesting. Due to these lunges quotes you never skip to do lunges. These quotes are especially designed for the lunges only.

“I bend, so I don’t break.”

“Wow, I really regret that workout – Said No One Ever.”

“When your legs can’t run anymore, run with your heart.”

No pain, no gain!

So after reading and understanding the deep meaning of these quotes, you will to do lunges will increase surely.

Final Words

Your complete solution related lunges are present here. Your all expectations and doubts have come from the lunges with weights workout are mentioned in this. All procedure is starting with this simple basic steps for doing lunges and its amazing types after this that results and benefits that you surely gained from doing these types of lunges. And finally, you got motivational quotes of doing lunges with weights.

If you have any doubt regarding this so you can send me a message in without any hesitation and you also subscribe my website to get the latest motivational quotes with pictures.


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