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Lunges With Dumbbells Workout & It’s Benefits

Lunges With Weights or Dumbbells - Healthcare Blog

Lunges With Weights(Dumbbells) – There are many ways by which you can do lunges workout. From these ways there is way of doing lunges workout is”Lunges with Weights.” In short, you can say that Lunges with weights is the upgraded version of the bodyweight lunges. There are lot of extra benefits which you can gain from the Lunges with dumbbells workout.

There are main two things that make lunges with weights workout different from simple lunges workout.

  • Extra Weight
  • Extra Benefits

For performing this workout you need some extra types of equipment.

Perfect Weight

If you have not Dumbbells

For performing this workout you must need a pair of Dumbbells. but there are many people who have not a pair of Dumbbells and they want to do Lunges with weights workout. So in place of the Dumbbells, you can use Small Water Buckets, Pair of Bricks, Pairs of weight blocks.

Must Check – If you are choosing home equipment as a weight then must check the weight equality of both weights. Doing lunges with improper weight may cause many negative side effects.

If you have Dumbells

If you have different varieties of dumbells then you do not need any other type of equipment to perform lunges workout. Best for you is that you perform your lunges workout in the Gym because in the gym you get dumbbells of all kinds. But if you thinking to buy Dumbells for your workout then you can check these dumbells.

Cheap And Reliable Dumbells

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So buy these dumbells from here at low cost and gained these amazing benefits from dumbells by doing the workout.

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Lunges With Weights(Dumbbells)

In this exercise every step is important. So do every step in a systematic way. Every step of this exercise is explained with the pictures and Gif. After body warm-up then start doing this exercise with these following steps.


Step 1 – First, stand upright by holding dumbbells on both of your hands. In this standing position, you place your right foot slightly forward. And then take a deep breath.

Lunges With Dumbbells - Step 1


Step 2 – Then forward your first leg, then lower the leg left behind until the knee almost touches the ground.

Lunges With Dumbbells - Step 2


Step 3 Lower your body until the right thigh is parallel to the floor and right shin is vertical. And you should keep your second knee is just above the ground. Push off the heel of your front leg to return to the starting position.


Lunges With Dumbbells - Step 3


Step 4 –  Repeat on the other side.


Things Should Be Remember During Lunges With Dumbells

These are the things you should remember when you lunges with weights/dumbbells.

  1. You should keep your core tight during the whole lunges’ workout.
  2. Keep your Neck, Back straight, when you bend down and lift the body up.
  3. Do this workout in some open space.
  4. In the beginning stage, you should start the workout with lightweight Dumbbells. Take weight according to your capacity that you can lift it easily.
  5. All types of lunges workout you must do after good warm-up.

Lunges With Weights(Dumbbells) - Overall Motion

Lunges With Dumbbells/Weights Variations

There are many ways by which you can do lunges with Dumbells exercise.

1. Dumbell Lunges Walk

This is also an explosive mode of the Bodyweight lunges walk. Dumbell lunges burns more calories and strength than the simple Dumbbell lunges exercise.

Major Muscles Targeted By Dumbell Lunges Walk

  • Quadriceps
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Abdominals
  • Hips

Steps –

  • First, Stand Upright by holding dumbells in both hands.
  • Then forward a long step of right leg by bending knees, Lower your body until your right knee is at a 90-degree angle, and left knee slightly above the ground.
  • Push off left foot (back foot) so the left knee lifts up and you land with left foot in front, same bent knee position.
  • For Walking Lunge you should repeat these steps, Till your target.


#Important Tips 

  • For more effectiveness, do the entire workout slowly. (Means Try to increase Resistance)
  • Keep your back and neck strain during the whole workout.
  • Keep your core engaged from the beginning of the exercise.


Lunges With Weights or Dumbbells - Dumbell Lunges Walk



2. Explosive Reverse Dumbell Lunges

This type of Dumbell Lunges is little bit different. There are a lot of people who will start doing this exercise after reading from here.

Muscles Worked

  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Abdominals

Steps –

  • First, stand Upright in a relaxed position and take a breath.
  • Then forward your chest and take a large step backward with your left foot.
  • After this Lower down your body till your right leg thigh is parallel to the floor and right shin is vertical and your left knee is slightly above the ground. 
  • Then press on the right heel and comes in the original position.

#Important Tips 

  • Do not take a long step, otherwise you may cause injury in the back.
  • Before this exercise must warm-up your body.


Lunges With Weights or Dumbbells -Explosive Reverse Dumbell Lunges


3. Dumbell Lunges Jump

Jumping is also a good calorie-burning exercise. There are some eligibility criteria to perform this exercise. First, You must have the ability to do 10-15 bodyweight jumping lunges and another is you should also have light weight dumbells.

Muscles Worked

  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Abdominals

Steps – 

  • Stand straight upright by holding dumbbells on both hands.
  • Jump your left leg forward and your right leg back into a lunge position.
  • When you come at the bottom position, Jump and switch you’re both legs in mid-air so that you land on that lunge position in which you right leg in front.
  • Without taking the gap repeat these same steps for more repetitions.


Lunges With Weights or Dumbbells -Dumbell Lunges Jump



4. Dumbbell Lateral Lunge

  • Thigs
  • Core
  • Shoulder
  • Quadriceps
  • Hip adductors(Inner Thigs Muscles)


Steps – 

  • First, stand upright and hold dumbbells on both and put it on the and rest them on the tops of your shoulders with your palms facing in toward each other OR you can hold dumbbells on both hands and keep both hands straight above the head in the air.
  • Take a wide step to one side.
  • Bring down your hips on that expanded leg slowly, Until your Thigs comes parallel to the floor. And another leg is absolutely straight.
  • Push that expanded leg and return into the original position and repeat this with another leg.


#Important Tips 

  • Make sure that you kneed doesn’t come forward to the toes.
  • During Bend down, you should keep your chest lifted and core engaged.
  • If you are a beginner then you can do this exercise without dumbells. Actually, this is the upgraded version of the Lateral Lunge.

Lunges With Weights or Dumbbells - Dumbbell Lateral Lunge


Lunges With Weights/Dumbell Benefits

There are many benefits that are common between the Bodyweight lunges and the Dumbell Lunges. If you want to read all those benefits of lunges that you can read – Lunges Benefits. Here I will only tell you that benefits that you can’t gain from the bodyweight lunges.

This exercise mainly acts on your Legs, Core and Butt.

1. Complete Leg

During whole lunges workout, your complete leg working. The thighs body part mainly effects by the lunges that you can also feel. If you are a beginner then you may face temporary soreness in the thighs.

If you want to lose extra fat of the thighs, glutes, calves and makes them muscled then Dumbell Lunges Workout will help you a lot. With fat loss, it also helps you to increase the strength of the lower body.

Overall Dumbell Lunge and It’s variations help to improve the lower body structure. With the leg’s strength, It also helps you to increase the Lower Body agility.


2. Core Fitness

To make core fit people follow many workouts and different types of diet plans. But they do not get succeed. And the reason behind this they can’t able to choose the right workout for core.

And if you are doing dumbells lunges workout then you will surely gain the results. Core muscle’s primary targeted muscles by the dumbells lunge workout. But if you want to gain abs then you should need to add some core workouts in the workout schedule. Because For Abs formation, you need to train core explosively.


3. Butt, Thigs, Calf, Belly Fat

If you facing more fat problem in the butt, thigs, calves, and stomach then this exercise is good for you. Dumbell lunges workout calorie burning rate is too good for burning your extra fat. If you add dumbbell lunges workout in your workout schedule and do the workout with your full effort then you can burn you fat in a big amount.

If you want to increase the speed of fat burning then you can add Dumbbell squats with Dumbbell Lunges Workout. These body parts are the primary targets of dumbbell lunges workout. That’s a reason you can see maximum results in these body parts.

4. Weight Lifting

If you want to become a weightlifter then this Dumbbell lunges workout helps you a lot. Weight lifting power depends on your legs and core strength and Lunges workout mostly strengthens to your legs and core. And in the Dumbell Lunges workout, you also perform the workout with some weight also.


5. High Testosterone Level

If you are facing the problem of the High Testosterone then this exercise helps to resolve this problem completely. his is one of the most useful benefits of doing lunges because you can easily notice changes after 14-15 days of regular workout.


Results Of Doing Dumbells Lunges Workout


Lunges With Weights Benefits


These are the some examples that you can also see in the above pictures. They only gained these results by doing Lunges with weights workout. If you want to see more results and want to know about every result then you can read – Lunges Before and after.

#Important – For results, the only workout is not sufficient you must focus on the diet(Choose Wisely) and rest also. For results, you should maintain all 3 things equally.

Why Lunges With Weights Are More Recommended and Beneficial Rather than Simple Lunges?

The results that you gain from the bodyweight lunges and that you gained from the dumbbell lunges are different. In dumbbell lunges workout you need to do every type of lunge with weight. And this extra weight puts more pressure on the primary targeted muscles than the bodyweight lunges.

And another reason for doing lunges with weights is that you can get all the results in a short time and these results will be more attractive than a bodyweight lunges workout.


Motivation For Doing Lunges

You must need motivation for doing any workout for a long time and for exercise like lunges you need motivation must. The biggest motivation for doing any workout is your goal and results. But there are some quotes that hit straight and inspire to do more lunge workout. These quotes are specifically for the lunges workout only.

“I bend, so I don’t break.”

“Wow, I really regret that workout – Said No One Ever.”

“When your legs can’t run anymore, run with your heart.”

No pain, no gain!


Final Words

There are many reasons for adding Dumbell Lunges’ workout in your workout schedule. Must remember “Do less But do Perfect”. There are many beginners who get injured by doing lunge in the wrong way. And if you making mistakes during lunge workout then you may suffer from many negative side effects. If you can’t able to Identify your mistakes then you can use these ways.

  • Help Of another one
  • In front of the mirror

Please try to avoid mistakes during the workout and If you have any doubts regarding Article and you want any personal advice related to health and fitness then so you can Comment Below your query or contact us without any hesitation. I will personally help to resolve your every issue. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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