Lunges Workout

Lunges Workout & It’s Types – Benefits

Lunges is that workout that you can easily do at home or an office. Lunges are the most important and basic exercise for every man and women who want to make his thighs special and more killer. The importance of the lunges is more than any other type of thigh exercise.

Lunges is not an easy exercise but good guidance make it easy and more beneficial. The perfect form of doing lunges workout will give perfect and more benefits. The perfect guidance of doing lunges workout are present here with pictures. This lunges workout is free of cost for you because in this lunges workout you did not need any type of equipment and place to perform. You can do this workout at home or at the office. That is the reason that this workout is also called Lunges Home Workout.

Lunges Workout: Ready For Do

First, you do some warm-ups and stretching your legs to do a lunges workout. After this starting to do lunges workout with the most simple type of lunges.

* Forwarding Lunges Workout

How to do?

1. After the warm-up, Stand Tall and put your both hands on your side core.

Forwarding Lunges Workout

2. Take a big step in forwarding direction through any right or left leg. After forwarding step down your body on the step and fold your another knee.

Forwarding Lunges Workout

3. After bend down, Take your full burden on forwarding leg Heel and upward your body and come in original position.

Forwarding Lunges Workout

4. Then try with another leg these same steps.

Things That You Should Remember During Forwarding Lunge

  • Tighten your core when you come down with forwarding step.
  • Keep your Back straight during the whole lunge.
  • Keep your face forward during full lunges workout.
  • Your other knee just remains above the ground always.

*Lunges Walk Workout

How to do?

1. Stand tall and forward your steps with both legs.(Same as forwarding lunge till you bend down).

Lunges walk workout

2. Then ready to forward that leg which knees are just above the ground.

Lunges walk workout

3. Then lift that leg in the air for some time(2 seconds) and forward this leg.

4. After this and hold of 2 seconds then do the same with another leg. This 3-4 forward steps you fell just like walking.

Things That You Should Remember During Lunges Walk

  • Do with proper balance each and every step.
  • Tighten your core during full lunges walk.
  • Hold your both hands back to your head.

Note:- It is the second level lunges workout. In this, the calorie burning according to forwarding lunge is more.

*Side Lunges Workout

How to do?

1. Stand straight and fold your both hands in forwarding direction.

Side Lunges Workout

2. After this sit down on your right leg and keep your another leg straight in parallel.

Side Lunges Workout

3. Then upward your body to keep the pressure on your right leg.

4. After coming in original position then do the same steps with your left leg and keep your right leg straight.


Things That You Should Remember During Side Lunges

  • Keep your back and hands straight during side lunges.
  • You should sit down as your hips are straight to your knee.
  • Keep your proper balance during full lunges workout.

Note:- This type of workout is also used when you do leg stretching. This workout works on your complete leg(thighs+Calf).

*Lunges Jump Workout

Note:- This type of workout is that in which the calorie burning rate is really awesome. After this workout set your lunges workout are finished. It is the final and most calorie burning workout in less time. This workout is work on your upper thighs and butt muscles completely. The calorie burning depends on which that in which speed you do these types of lunges.


How to Do?

1. In this, you first, come in the position of forwarding lunge.

Lunges jump Workout

2. After this, you take the jump and then exchange your legs position in the air and come in this forwarding lunge position with another leg. The main things that you should remember during taking jump are that you should keep proper balance during jump and exchange both legs fastly.

Lunges Jump Workout

3. Then repeat this motion again and again.

Lunges Jump Workout

Things That You Should Remember During Lunges Jump.

  • Do this lunges workout compulsory for the everyday workout.
  • This is also called full body workout at home no equipment.
  • If you are beginners then you should do this lunges jump slowly.

This is your full lunges workout that is cost-free and easy for you. Forwarding Lunge, Side lunges, Lunges walk and lunges jump are sufficient for your lunges workout. In many articles, you read about 19-20 type of lunges but if you are doing these types only then you should never need any type of lunge workout to do. These types of lunges workout are enough and more beneficial for you.

What are Results Of Doing These Lunges Workout?

The results of each workout are matters too much. Lunges workout results matters too much because these results are too much valuable and faster.

In the case of muscle Size

Lunges Workout results

These are results that you have seen in this picture above is only 45 results of doing lunges workout results. The size of changing of thighs size is really awesome. The muscle size that you are noticed in the first eye has come from these lunges workout. Through my personal experience if you need this size and muscle type of thigh then this workout is best and easy for you.

In The Case Of Fat Loss

Lunges Workout results

If you want to suffer from the problem of fatty thighs then for that this workout is best for you. In before results, you have seen the increase in the size of thighs but in this, you have seen the decreasing size. Yes, from this workout both are easy and successful. For decreasing the size you only do this you should increase your sets of doing these exercise.

The results related to fat loss that you are seen in this picture is only 30 days of results. I honest says that these lunges workout and best for if you want to fat loss.

Why this workout is for both fat loss and muscle gain?

This workout is best for fat loss and muscle gain both because the results depend on your workout speed if you are doing these lunges workout slowly then you are working for muscle gaining and if you are doing fastly then you should fastly as soon as possible(Especially Lunges jump).

Why These Lunges Workouts Are Best and Easy For All?

These lunges workouts are best for all because this workout is for all types of people that are old child and adult. The main advantages of this workout are that this workout is best for beginners and expert people. If you are beginners then do this workout with slow motion and through experience increase your lunges workout speed. Through American research, these workout lists are best for all. So do this lunges workout every day and gains its amazing benefits.

Final Words

Do this Amazing Lunges workout in the correct manner. In honestly says that every dream related thighs, Butt and core are completed through these workouts. In Lunges Workout if you cause any type of pain in knees through this then you should take rest of some days.

If you have any doubt regarding chin-ups that you should contact me and visit on or others home workouts.


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