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Morning Habits For Weight Loss

No matter what your weight loss routine but sometimes weight loss is such a difficult task. More than 60 percent of the people suffering from more weight problems. For losing weight many of ideas and plans for weight loss but not one works as much he desired. Here you find best morning habits that help you decrease your weight by 80 percent and the remaining 20 percent depends on your workout schedule. All these ways that are mentioned here proved by science also.

In this article you read about:-

  • Morning Habits For Weight Loss.
  • Results of Follow These Morning Habits For Weight loss


All these habits that you find here are very simple and easy to follow. Not any extra paid item needed do these habits.

Morning Habits For Weight Loss

1. Luke Warm Water

This is one of the best and famous habit that you only heard from old aged people but you did not know about its benefits.

Benefits Of Drinking Luke Warm Water in Morning.

  • It helps you clean your body parts.
  • It helps you to increases the metabolism rate that helps you to decrease the extra fat of the body.
  • Lukewarm water helps you to keep your body hydrated.

Morning Habits For Weight Loss - Warm Water

Extra Benefits of Luke warm water:-

For extra and fast results you can add some honey and lemon juice in water. Lemon and honey is the direct cutter of the fat.

2. Exercise, Yoga & Meditation

For yoga, you do not need to go outside, you can easily do at your room and the roof of the house. Yoga helps you to release your physical and mental stress of the body. Yoga and meditation help you to decrease your extra fat of the body. Here some yoga is mentioned that you must do for weight loss.

In Workout

  • Lunges, Squats (3-4 Sets – 15-20 repetitions)
  • Plank (2 sets, 1:30 Minutes)
  • Push-ups (20 repetitions)

In Yoga

  • Suryanamaskar {10-15 repetitions}
  • Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) {2 sets – 30 seconds to 1:30 minutes}
  • Bridge (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) {3 Sets – 30 seconds to 1:30 minutes }

In Meditation

  • Simple Breathe (2-3 Minutes)
  • Shavasana (3-5 Minutes)
  • Kapalbhati (70-100 rep.)

These are the workouts, yoga, and meditation that you should do if you are want to lose your weight. If you are in  hurry then you can do 2 workouts, 2 yoga, and 2 meditation exercises. For this, all types of exercise you maximum take 15-20 minutes only that is not a big amount for your desired body structure.

Morning Habits For Weight Loss - Yoga Exercise

If you are doing these exercises daily for 45-60 days regularly then you find a big change in your body shape. All these exercises that are mentioned above help you to burn your more calories and make your body fit.

3. Get Some Sunlight

Keeps your body 10-20 minutes in the morning sunlight helps to promote the weight loss process of the body. If you are taking sunlight in the summer seasons that it helps to extract some sweat from the body and sweat helps you burn more fat of the body.

Many studies show that people with less vitamin D are more prone to weight gain. And if you are doing all exercises in sunlight then you did not need any for spending extra time on sunlight.

Morning Habits For Weight Loss - Taking Sunlight

4. Good Protein Diet

Diet is one of the biggest and main factor of weight loss. This the backbone of the weight loss process. Many of tend is that skip our breakfast which is definitely a good idea. Breakfast is an essential meal of the day.

In breakfast, you must take a protein diet like that helps you lose your weight and keep your body energetic entire day.

The best diet for weight loss are:-

  • Soybean
  • Beans
  • Fruits in random days
  • Sprouts
  • Yogurt
  • Yogurt Cheese

Morning Habits For Weight Loss - Diet

5. Set Your Intentions

For any desired work you need to set your intentions for the day. One of the important rituals is to set up your intention and practice mindfulness every day.

According to many studies that show that practicing mindfulness helps you to lose weight and also promotes your healthy habits. Because when you practicing mindfulness you are actually aware of your action, feeling, emotions and thoughts. It creates a will power to follow this schedule daily.

Results of Follow These Morning Habits For Weight Loss

These all the results of following these best 5-morning habits for weight loss. You can completely notice this results by before and after images of the men and women. These 5 morning habits for weight loss works on the men and women both.  So here you can notice the one – one result of men and woman.

For Men

Morning Habits For Weight Loss Results - Men

For Women

Morning Habits For Weight Loss Results - Women

And if you succeed from these habits then you can send/contact me your success story with the pic I update your success in this article.

Final Words

If you follow these 5-morning habits for weight loss for 45-60 days only then you finds a big change in the body guaranteed. All these 5 habits that are mentioned above also helps you to glow your body look by the face, hairs.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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