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3 Most Famous Patanjali Products Harsh Reality – With Proof

Patanjali Products Harsh reality

Patanjali is one of the famous and fast-growing brands in India. Today the value of the Patanjali brand is around 30Billion. In every small and big market in India, you find these products. The main reason behind the success is Baba Ramdev. He is one of the famous yoga gurus of India and in India the culture is that who are wearing orange clothes like baba people trusted more. Patanjali launches 1000+ products in the market and it also commented that his all products are safe and healthy than all products.

My healthcare Blog team tested the top three products of the Patanjali and they found that all three products are unsafe for you. I also give the proof of this unsafeness of all top-selling products of the Patanjali. Not any type of chemical you needed to prove product purity. You can judge the purity of the product physically method. Here you read about the reason why these products are unsafe for you.

Patanjali Products Harsh Reality

1. Patanjali Mixed Fruit Jam

What Company Offers:- Patanjali Mixed Fruit Jam is a delicious spread made with mix fruits which provides a good fruity experience. it can be eaten with bread, paranthas and can be used in making tasty milkshakes.

Patanjali Jam demands the market at the peak and it is a very lovable product by children also. Patanjali committed that his jam is completely safe and made by fruits only.

Harsh Reality of Patanjali Mixed Fruit Jam:-

  • In the Patanjali mixed fruit jam, any type of original fruit will be contained.
  • 100 gm of Patanjali mixed fruit jam contains 90 gram of carbohydrates that is not good for your health.
  • In Patanjali mixed fruit jam, not any single amount of fiber contains.
  • It also contains 69 grams of sugar that 2 times as usual use. In the description of jam, he mentioned that Not for the diabetic patient. 1 teaspoon of the Patanjali jam = 3.5 teaspoons of the sugar.
  • Patanjali mixed fruit jam also contains a harmful chemical named carmoisine that helps to colour the jam. Regular use of carmoisine causes cancer like harmful diseases.

These are those reasons through which you can say that this product is completely unsafe for you. You can also notice this fakeness of the product by the nutrition table on the glass of the mixed fruit jam. This is one of the Patanjali Products Harsh Reality. 

Patanjali Mixed Fruit Jam Harsh Reality

2. Patanjali Dant Kanti

What Company Offers:-  Improve oral health with Dant Kanti’s time-tested herbal ingredients. From offering dental protection to dental beauty, Dant Kanti works to guard and beautify your teeth. Packed with the goodness of nature.

It promotes by the name of ayurvedic medicine for your teeth and it contains the power of neem for strengthing your teeth.

Harsh Reality of Patanjali Dant Kanti:-

  • It contains calcium carbonate on the base level that is not good for your health.
  • Patanjali Dant Kanti contains fluoride. And in the Ayurveda, there is no space for the chemical like fluoride.

These are the two reasons that make Patanjali Dant Kanti is unsafe for you. In comparison to the other types of products like Colgate, pepsodant dant kanti is good. This is one of the Patanjali Products Harsh Reality. 

Patanjali Dant Kanti Harsh Reality

3. Patanjali Chyawanprash

What Company Offers:- Chyawanprash has come into Ayurveda through the tradition of the Indian sages and named after Sage Chyawan who invented it 5000 years ago in Great Himalayas. Chyawanprash is the best herbal formulation & not just meant for sick people but excellent for healthy people too.

It just type a magic and full ayurvedic for you. All these benefits completely change the body structure.

Harsh Reality of the Patanjali Chyawanprash:-

  • The use of sugar in the Patanjali chyawanprash is too much. Due to this reason, it also mentioned a note for the diabetic patient.
  • In 10 grams of the Patanjali chyawanprash 5.82 gram of sugar. Regular use of this product can cause diabetes problem in the future.

That a reason you should use the Patanjali chyawanprash in daily life. In place of Patanjali chyawanprash, you can use Dabur chyawanprash. In Dabur chyawanprash, the amount of sugar is less. In 10 grams of the Dabur chyawanprash 2.5 grams of sugar. I depend on you that which type of product you want to use. This is one of the Patanjali Products Harsh Reality. 

Patanjali Chyawanprash Harsh Reality

Final Words

This is the harsh reality of the top-selling products of Patanjali. These Patanjali Products Harsh Reality turn your opinion toward this company. If you are using these products then be aware and remove these products from your daily life. If you want more articles on the harsh reality Patanjali products then comment product name. My team will also write an article on your demanded product.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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