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Plank Before and After Pictures – Dangers Of planking?

Plank Before and After Pictures || Dangers Of planking?

Plank is the best body weight exercise that you can do it anywhere. Plank is not a single part exercise it is the full body workout. You know full body workout is too much useful and beneficial to everyone. You know that plank has amazing benefits. It covered your all muscles during plank.

Plank is that exercise which has more benefits and less work. Plank is that exercise in which you did not need any heavy pieces of equipment to do this exercise.

In this Article, you have read about the After Plank Real images and which people did not need to do this workout?

People Do workout daily but these workouts are not beneficial but in this plank workout you How much you do this the same will you get benefits. Plank directly targets your core.

The Successful Story of My Plank Before and after.

First, when I start planking I do not know How to do a plank? After reading many articles and learn from my coach then I start planking in the perfect way. In starting I faced Many problems but after the good guidance, I easily do a perfect plank.

I start planking before 2 months to lose weight and make a strength of my body Today I got both. After studying from Fitness and health college I doing a job of Gym Trainer in a Gym. There are some students who follow my this plank workout schedule and gains amazing results. These all success stories I mentioned below.

After doing perfect plank so let us read about the What is the benefits of plank daily and differences saw before and after plank. People do plank for some days and then leave it. In this way, he does not find the result from any exercise.

When you do exercise daily you only remember only two things:-

  • How to do a plank?
  • Your fitness dream

These two things make your dream successful and make your exercise effective.

Plank Before and After Pictures (Others Examples)

  • In case Of Body Building


#1. Plank Before and After Pictures

You know this is a very drastic change. This change will not comes in one day. It takes 7 weeks of plank workout. For this, He do planking workout(types of planks) and push-ups for 1 month, drink more and more water, Eat a good protein diet. See how much result before and after the picture is massive and ordinary.

#2.  Another example of Plank Before and After Pictures.


Plank Before and After Pictures

You see another lovely transformation in the body muscles. This is all over the result of planking daily. This is the result of 4 weeks only. He does planking 2 times a day. He do really a great job. This man smiles at his smart and hard work. This is the only result of doing plank daily. On 4 th week, He is capable for doing the plank for 12 minutes in one set.

If you want these kinds of results then you should need to do minimum 5 minutes plank workout.


  • In Case Of Fat Losing

These are that Cases that are suffering from the more belly fat problem and they start to do plank. Then you see the results in plank before and after.



plank before and after images

The success story of fat loss is succeeded by plank, crunches and running. These results are shown in 45 days only. This is the perfect example of plank before and after images. For these amazing results, he takes 4 Months. Before 4 months he had 95 kg weight. Through hard workout(Full Body Workout + Running + Crunches), he gained normal weight(85 Kg) and then he starts doing plank workout daily.

For 4 months he did regular workout and takes fat loss diet plank only. And after 4 months he gains the results of his all efforts.


Plank Before and After (In Fat Loss)

He is my close friend that is suffering from a more belly fat problem. I suggest him to do plank daily and he starts to do daily and you see the big difference in a single picture due to plank. Plank gives you fat loss and body strength and he gains both.

These are such a big success through the plank. This is one of the great success of my Gym Team.

Minimum Requirements For These Plank Results

  • Normal Body Weight (In overweight, there are many risks of back injuries during plank)
  • Perfect Plank Steps
  • Daily Plank Workout
  • Good Diet and Rest


So plank is a very useful exercise. If you succeed through plank then send me your success story on Contact Me and I show your success story on my article. 

So do plank exercise form now and make your plank before and after picture. You noticed a thing in these pictures is that Abs. This exercise main focus is only on Abs muscles. It strengthens your core directly and gives you all strong core benefits.

After knowing these transformations from the plank you really motivated. And you decided to do plank daily if not then let decide. Only one thing just remember that you should plank workout after warm-up and an empty stomach.

Below I mentioned some conditions In which you should never do the plank. Plank is dangerous for you if you can suffering from these problems.

How it is dangerous for you?

  • Improper Posture You know very well the perfect pose of the plank. if you are doing the wrong posture it may be dangerous for you. There are many chances that you can cause injury and cramps through wrong posture of the plank.
  • Your Body Conditions

Your body is suffering from these conditions then you should not do plank workout. If you do then it cause harmful effects instead of benefits. You did not permanently ban of plank, After these body problems, you can easily do the plank.

Plank Before and After Pictures || Dangers Of planking?

1. Over Weight

Overweight persons should not this workout because when you do plank in this situation, you will not able to do a plank in proper posture and due to more weight in back you may cause strong back injury. First, come in normal weight through other workouts and then do plank.

To reduce your weight at home without equipment you try this Full Body Workout

2. Back injury

If you suffer from the back injury by any exercise or accident. You should not do plank in this situation for some days. After the injury recovery, you can do the plank.

3. Pregnancy

For the female, if You are now suffering from the pregnancy. Then you should not to do plank. In Some motivational videos, he tells that. But you did not do plank in this condition.

4. Recently Child Birth

In previous you read you should not do in the stage of pregnancy but after pregnancy, you do it or not.

So you can do plank after pregnancy but after 2 months of childbirth, you can try. You have a gap of 2 months after pregnancy to do any type of hard exercise.

5. Stomach pain

People suffering from stomach pain and do plank exercise it may cause harmful effects to your body. You know that plank is the Best exercise for the core. if you feel pain in core then you leave this exercise until you relief from pain.

6. Recently Surgery

If you are suffering from the surgery recently then you should not do the plank. It may very dangerous for you. If you suffering from any body part surgery then you delete your plank schedule.

These are those problems In which you need to do the plank. Do not do the plank, When you are suffering from these conditions. After relief from these conditions then you do a plank without any hesitation.

Items Required

In this, you find that Items that make your plank before and after results faster and in low cost.

  • Plank Mat: Give you perfect smoothness to your knee during plank. So best mat that is especially designed only for plank. So buy this from here
  • Protein:- So best diet for the pull-ups is protein but in today food we are not able to take well protein that is required after plank workout So the best protein diet that makes your fitness awesome here:- Plank Protein
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Final words

Always make the right posture during the plank. These plank before and after will show you the results that are common if anyone is doing plank in regular schedule. So Start to doing plank from today and the best time for the plank workout is that morning time.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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      And in overweight situation you can do plank, But there is lot of chances that you may cause injury in your lower back.