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Plank Workout Results Of Men And Women After 30/60/90 Days

Plank Before and After Pictures - Healthcare Blog

Plank Before and After Pictures – Plank Workout Results. Plank is one of the most common workout for the core. It targets multiple small and big muscles of the body. Plank has a great potential to bring a big changes in the body. And there are n numbers of  people who achieved their fitness goals, just by adding plank workout in the workout schedule. To prove the efficiency of plank workout, I will show you the amazing change that happened with the help of plank workout.

In this article you will read about:-

  • Plank Before & After Pictures
  • Dangers Of Planking Exercise


Plank Before And After(Results)

The Successful Story of My Plank Before and after.

First of all, when I started doing plank, I had to face many types of injuries and cramps and all the reasons behind this, are my pose mistakes during plank. After recovery, I started plank workout in the presence of my coach. And this marks a turning point for my plank workout journey. From this point, my injuries came to naught, and I start gaining positive results.

I am telling you my story because people always learn from mistakes. There are many people who may face these kinds of problems, but after listening to these points of my journey, you will notice the mistakes of posture from the very beginning.

I start planking before 2 months (in January 2019) to reduce the extra belly fat and make body strong. Today (March 2019) I got both. After studying fitness and health college, I am also working as gym trainer in gym. Let us start the amazing success stories of Plank Workout.

In case Of Body Building


Plank Before and After Pictures - Results

His name is Denik, He gained this amazing transformation just by adding plank workout in core workout schedule. No Doubt, this is a very drastic change and this change was not come in a day. It took 7 weeks. For this amazing result, he did plank workout (types of plank) as a primary exercise on core workout day. You can easily notice this amazing results through before and after images of Denik.

#2.  Another example of Plank Before and After Results

Plank Before and After Pictures - Healthcare Blog

This is another lovely change in the body. Initially, he also had to face a lot of trouble in balancing and at times he also had to face cramps in his back. But after good guidance from Healthcare Blog, and 7 weeks of hard work, he got the desired shape and result.

Along with plank workout, he also did other core exercises but most of time he prefer plank workout only. In the 7th week, their plank capacity is upto 8 minutes and he has visible abs.

In Case Of Fat Losing

These are the cases who are suffering from the problem of excess belly fat and start to plank. Very interesting results came through plank which was mentioned in plank before and after workout.


Plank Before and After Pictures

This fat loss success story was accomplished with planks, crunches, and running. These results were visible only in 6 months. For this amazing result, he distributed his time journey in 2 stages.

In the first 3.5 months, he did only running and other workouts to reduce his overloaded weight. In June 2018 he joined Healthcare Blog and my team suggested him to reduce his overloaded weight because if he does plank in an overweight position then there is a high chance that he would get serious back injury can.

In June 2018 he weighs 120 kg and in early September 2018, she lost more than 25 kg. And then he starts doing plank workouts and attains his desired body shape in 2.5 months. The Healthcare blog also salutes this man as he did this level of hard work at 55 years old. Along with exercising, he also pays a lot of attention to diet.


Plank Before and After Results - Fat Loss

He is also my long follower of Healthcare Blog, His name is Peka. He was battling with the problem of excess belly fat. I recommend him to do plank daily and he starts doing it daily and now you can see a huge difference in the same picture because of plank and some other core workouts. He is a gym boy, he also did other workouts but he mostly liked plank workouts, in December 2018 his plank capacity was up to 7 minutes and he has visible abs.

Minimum Requirements For These Plank Results

  • Normal Body Weight (In overweight, there are many risks of back injuries during plank)
  • Perfect Plank Steps
  • Plank Workout (Must Add Different Types Of Plank)
  • Good Diet and Rest


The success rate of plank workout is about 86 percent(Approx). If you will also become successful through plank then you can send me your success story on contact me and I will show your success story in my article.

Start doing Plank exercise form next morning and make your own plank before and after pictures. The main focus in this exercise is only on the core muscles. It directly strengthens your core and gives amazing results. If you want to know about all the benefits of planking then you can read – Benefits of Planking.

You will really feel inspired after knowing these success stories from Plank. Just remember one thing that you should do plank after warmup and on an empty stomach.

Below there are some of the conditions in which you should never do plank. If you are suffering from these conditions then plank may be dangerous for you.

How Plank is dangerous for you?

  • Improper Posture – Perfect pose during plank helps you to get all the benefits of planking. Doing plank workout in wrong pose will be dangerous for you. There are many cases in which people face cramps and pain due to the mistakes of plank workout. To know all Possible mistakes and resolving way you can read – Plank Mistakes & Resolving Ways
  • Your Body Conditions

If your body is suffering from any these conditions then you should avoid plank workout. otherwise you may face negative impacts.

How Plank is dangerous for you? - Healthcare Blog


1. Over Weight

Overweight individuals should avoid this exercise because when you plank in this position, you will not be able to plank in proper posture and you can get serious back injury due to excess weight in the back. Through the other workouts, first come to the normal weight and then start planking.


2. Back injury

If you have suffered from a serious back injury from an exercise or accident. In such a situation, you should not plank for a few days. You can do plank workouts after the injury has completely healed.

3. Pregnancy

For the woman, if you are pregnant. Then you should avoid plank workout. In some motivational videos the trainer suggests to do this. But you should never perform plank in this condition.

4. Recently Child Birth

After pregnancy, you have a gap of 5 months to do any kind of strenuous exercise.

5. Stomach pain

Performing plank workout during abdominal injury can have a more harmful effect on your core. You know that plank targets core more. If you are feeling pain in the Core then you should take a break from the workout.

6. Recently Surgery

If you have recently suffered from surgery then you should avoid plank. This may be very dangerous for you. If you are suffering from any body part surgery then avoid plank for daily schedule. After complete recovery and after Doctor’s advice, you can do this workout without any hesitation.

Items Required

  • Plank Mat: Give perfect smoothness to your knee during plank. So choose a quality mat that is especially designed only for plank.
  • Protein:- The best diet after plank workout is good protein diet.


Final Words

Always makes the right posture during plank. The main reason why people face some negative results from plank workouts are mistakes during workouts. Plank mistakes are the biggest obstacle in the way of Plank results.

Start doing plank from today and send me a frame like plank before and after, I will show your struggle in this article called “plank before and after pictures”. According to Healthcare Blog the best time to do plank workout is in the morning after detox.

If you have any doubts regarding Article and want any personal advice related to health and fitness then so you can Comment Below your query or contact us without any hesitation. I will personally help to resolve your every issue. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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