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Plank Challenge For Beginners – 30 Days And It’s Benefits & Results

Plank Challenge For Beginners – Plank is the Great Bodyweight exercise that you can do at home easily without any equipment. There are no boundations in the plank workout, every age(10-60) people can do this exercise. There are many people who have made major changes in their body by doing plank workouts. For reading about these transformations in detail then you can read – Plank Results.

For achieving any fitness goal, You should need to take challenges. And also same here, for gaining all plank benefits you should need to add Plank challenges in your workout schedule. There are many ways by which you can take the plank challenge, that you can also read below.


Muscles Involved During Plank

Upper Body Muscles

  •  Erector spinae is the muscle of your back that helps to balance your back during plank. This muscle is located near the Spinal Chord. This is the important muscle of the back. Generally, injuries are caused in this muscle.
  • Rectus abdominis (abs) and Transverse abdominis these are primary muscles that involved during plank. These muscles are located in your stomach. Rectus Abdominis is responsible for abs Formation.
  •  Trapezius is the muscle that is located near the upper back. When you see ahead during plank this muscle feel pressure.
  • Rhomboids, rotator cuff, the anterior, medial, and posterior.
  • Deltoid muscle is the muscle of the shoulders.
  • Pectorals is that muscle which is located in your Biceps.
  • Serratus anterior is located near the lower chest. This is also called Ribs muscle.


Lower Body Muscles

  • Gluteus maximus is the muscle of the hips. This muscle group is the largest muscle group of the body. So think how much area covered by plank.
  • Quadriceps is the muscle of the Both thighs. This is the major muscles of the Thighs. In case of losing the thigh fat this muscle work.


Benefits of the Planking:-

There is no doubt that the Plank challenge is one of the great challenges to transform the Body.

Read It:-

Planking Benefits 

 Plank Challenge For Beginners

30 days plank challenge is not a big problem. If you are taking rest of 3-4 days then you will take complete 30 Days Either you done it only 15-20 Mostly. To complete the challenge you only have to follow the chart/schedule indicated below.

You should always start your Plank Challenge after doing a good warm-up of the Body. The main benefit of doing warm up before plank is that it warm ups your body muscles which reduces your chances of injury.

Before this, if you don’t know how to do plank without any mistake then you can read –

How To Do plank and How to stay long on Plank?


So Let’s Jump into the best charts/schedule to complete Plank challenge. And these charts specially designed for beginners.

Plank challenge for beginners - Chart/Schedule 1


Start Plank with Day 1

On the first day, you should only do this for 10 seconds because you are a beginner and your muscles require some intervals for adjustment. There is no restriction of time if you have the capacity to do a plank for more time then you can do so.

Day 2

On day 2 you can try to do the plank for 20 seconds. And in starting if you are not able to do the plank for 20 seconds then you can try only for 15 seconds. If you are able to do one set of 15 seconds then you will try a set of 20 seconds.


Day 3 

If you are able to do Plank of the previous day then you should move on to the next day plank. If you are able to do plank of 20 seconds then you should move to 30 seconds otherwise, you can repeat till your target gets completed.

On Day 3 If you can’t able to do 30 seconds plank then you can do it for 25 seconds.


There is no strict rule of doing the plank on the next day with an increment of 10 seconds. But on every plank workout day, you should give your best to the workout.

If you want to rest in the middle of the schedule then you can take. But don’t rest more than 3-4 days because your body’s endurance starts decreasing and again you will need to do more workouts to get that endurance back.

Continue time increment for the 29th day.

Day 30

If you following this regularly then On day 30th day you can complete the challenge of 5 minutes plank easily. This day is the day of success because on that day you complete your plank challenge. On the 30th day, you will not remain a beginner But you will become a professional.


If the above chart/schedule you don’t like or not suitable so you can go with this another amazing schedule.

Plank challenge for beginners - Chart/Schedule 2

If you want that Plank schedule in which Rest also mentioned then this is the best chart/schedule for you. There are two types of people First, who are completely beginners in the plank and on the other hand, there are some people who have the strength to do the plank for some time. And this schedule for those who are completely beginner in the plank. This chart is for those who are slow in adopting new strength.



Master Plank Challenge Chart OR Schedule


Plank Challenge For Beginners - Healthcare Blog


This chart/schedule that is different from the other types of schedules. If you follow this schedule in the plank then you will surely become the professional in the plank workout.

Day 1

On Day 1 you have to do forearm plank workout.

4 Sets – 30 Seconds to 1 Minute

Day 2

On Day 2 you have to do side plank workout + Forearm Plank.

4 Sets = 2 Sets of Side Plank + 2 Sets of Forearm Plank

2 Sets Side Plank – 25 Seconds to 1 Minute

2 Sets Forearm Plank – 30 Seconds to 90 Seconds

Day 3 

On Day 3 you have to do Extended Arm plank workout.

4 Sets – 40 Seconds to 90 Seconds


Day 4

On Day 4 you have to do side plank workout.

4 Sets = 2 Sets of Side Plank + 2 Sets of Forearm Plank

2 Sets Side Plank – 25 Seconds to 1 Minute

2 Sets Forearm Plank – 30 Seconds to 90 Seconds


Day 5 

On Day 5 you have to do Knee Taps workout.

4 Sets – 40 Seconds to 80 Seconds


Day 6 

On Day 6 you have to do Shoulder Taps Push Ups + Forearm Plank

4 Sets = 2 Sets of Shoulder Taps Push ups + 2 Sets of Forearm Plank


Day 31 

On Day 31, you will find that you have a good strength of the doing plank. According to my experience, On 31th day you can easily do forearm plank of 5 minutes easily.


This schedule gives you the awesome strength to the core and it is not designed for the beginners. Before doing this you must have 30 seconds capacity to do every type of plank.

Which Is Best?

The main three Plank Challenge programs are mentioned above and all 3 charts / schedules are good in their place. You only need to decide which is right for you. Every Programme has a unique quality and you can also select your programme according to this quality.

  • First Schedule – 5 Minutes Plank Capacity
  • Second Schedule – Best for beginners
  • Third Schedule – Great for the body strenght

In my point of view, If you are a beginner then 1st and 2nd chart/schedule is best for you and you have some capacity to do plank then the 3rd schedule is best for you. So decide your program according to your goal and must Comment Downwhich programme you will be choosing to complete the Plank Challenge.


Benefits & Results Of Doing Plank According to the Schedule

  • Strong Core
  • Burns Your Belly Fat/Side Fat
  • Increases Back Strenght
  • Reduce Back Injury Chances
  • No Equipment Needed
  • Full Body Workout
  • Gives A New Energy
  • Increases Balancing And Flexibility
  • Increases Mental Strenght
  • Improves Core Agility
  • Improves Other types of Workout

Results – Every plank transformation has a different journey. I also see that different people have different stories to get success. There is no doubt that success stories increase the trust on the exercise and inspire you. So those people who get succeed by doing only plank workout are – Plank Workout Results (With Full Story)


World Record Of Doing Plank

The longest time of doing plank is 8 hours 1 minute was achieved by Mao Weidong (China) on an event organized by Men’s Health in Beijing, China on 14 May 2016.

This event started at 10:26 in Beijing Shangri-La Hotel, participated by Mao Weidong and George Hood. Mr. George Hood withdraw after 7 hours 40 minutes and 5 seconds and Mr. Mao Weidong ended the challenge at 18:27, with a score of 8 hours and 1 minute.

People are making a world record in the plank and you say it is difficult. These all world record-maker was in the beginning stage in his life. So they come in world record make stage by taking challenges regularly of doing the plank.

If you starts take challenges of plank regularly then you can also make a world record of the plank. The main problem is that after 1-2 months people stop doing the plank. To complete any challenge regularity is a must.


Final Words

If you follow this chart/schedule then you can easily complete your plank challenge in a short time. And must remember for the results you should also focus on these things.

  • Proper Diet
  • Proper Workout
  • Good Rest
  • Avoid mistakes during plank

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