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How To Complete 30 days plank challenge for beginners?

30 days plank challenge for beginners

Plank is the Best Bodyweight exercise that you can do at home without any equipment. In starting people faces problem in plank. Plank is in some step exercise but these balancings make it’s some difficult. You think that plank targets your Core only but it targets your full body in one move. 30-day plank challenge is not a big problem you can do it within 26-27 days through these steps. In this, you read it Which muscles are involved in plank and how to complete your 30 days plank challenge?

Which Muscles are Involved During Plank?

Upper Body Muscles

  •  Erector spinae is the muscle of your back that helps to balance your back during plank. This muscle is located near the Spinal Chord. This is the important muscle of the back. Generally, injuries are caused in this muscle.
  • Rectus abdominis (abs) and Transverse abdominis these are primary muscles that involved during plank. These muscles are located in your stomach. Rectus Abdominis is responsible for abs Formation.

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  •  Trapezius is the muscle that is located near the upper back. When you see ahead during plank this muscle feel pressure.
  • Rhomboids, rotator cuff, the anterior, medial, and posterior
  • Deltoid muscle is the muscle of the shoulders.
  • Pectorals is that muscle which is located in your Biceps.
  • Serratus anterior is located near the lower chest. This is also called Ribs muscle.

Lower Body Muscles

  • Gluteus maximus is the muscle of the hips. This muscle group is the largest muscle group of the body. So think how much area covered by plank.
  • Quadriceps is the muscle of the Both thighs. This is the major muscles of the Thighs. In case of losing the thigh fat this muscle work.

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Think How many muscles are affected by plank and how much it is beneficial. Do plank daily is too much beneficial.

Benefits of the Planking:-

In this these muscles are responsible for plank challange and these muscle are gaines these amazing benfits.

10 Other Benefits that you never heard before through Planking. How it is beneficial? and How much this is affected?  If you do daily what is Major benefits. To know these answers Please

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How To Complete 30-day plank challenge for beginners?

30 days plank challenge is not a great problem. If you are taking rest of 3-4 days then you will take complete 30 Days Either you done it only 15-20 Mostly. You only follow this chart and practice plank daily. So take it easy and do this workout Simply and only remember the mistakes that you Done. If you do not what most dangerous mistakes people done during Plank?

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You start it simply your challenge after do a good warm-up start this exercise. The benefit of doing the warm-up before exercise is that your full body muscles are active through this and your core muscles are not active until you have not done a strong warm-up. So Do warm-up first.

Then you should know Aout How To Plank then you should read the perfect step of doing the plank.

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After Know About the Perfect way of Doing plank then you will follow this chart

 30-day plank challenge for beginners

Start Plank with Day 1

In day 1 you should try it for 10 seconds only because you are beginners and you able to do any workout for less time. People do plank 5 minutes but their posture is not right so you try only for 10 seconds only but do it perfectly because perfect exercise gives you a better and fast result.

Day 2

In day 2 you can try to do the plank for 20 seconds. And in  starting you will not able to do the plank for 20 seconds then you will try 15 seconds. If you are able to do one set of 15 seconds then you will try set of 20 seconds.

In day 3 

You follow the same set as Day 2 if you are not able to do 20 seconds if you can then you will try of the third-day plank of 30 seconds. If you are not able to do 30 seconds then you will try a set of 25 seconds. If you can do then you do for 30 seconds.

There is no strict rule of doing the plank for every 10 seconds increase. If you are not able to plank then you will try before day plank time. There is no problem regarding time if you can do for that you can do. In this, it is the basic pattern of doing plank in an easy and systematic way.

Through this chart time,, you can take all benefits from the plank and you feel proud that your plank is increasing day by day.

If you want to rest in plank for a day so you can take it easy but not take rest of 3-4 days. Due to more days, your endurance of plank decreases and again start planking so best is this you Do it daily. This is the full body workout so you do not face problems through the plank.

After day 3 you can try these steps till the 29th day.

Day 30

In day 30 you complete your challenge of 5 minutes plank in 30 days after doing one set of 5 minutes. After this, you are ready to challenge your friend and effect that you found through plank you will be shown. you Find your strong core, Less fat and good endurance.

This day is the day of success because you complete your 30 days plank challenge for beginners. In 30 th day, you are not a beginner you become a professional.

So ready to enjoy the success of plank by following this time game that mentioned in this chart.


If you are not able to follow this chart then you try this another chart with easy steps.

30 days plank challenge for beginners

If you want that chart that you follow in some steps and some rest is mentioned in this chart. This chart is beneficial for those who have great endurance and they want to start his plank with 20 seconds and finished her 2 minutes only.

This chart is followed by those who are slow in Doing any exercise. For those, this chart is suiting. In this, Your rest days are also mentioned.

Who Is Best?

For me, the 1st chart is best because this chart is best for beginners. Generally, people are beginners in plank exercise.

So you try both there is no problem whose chart did you like Please mentioned on the Comment.

World Record Of Doing Plank

The longest time of doing plank is 8 hours 1 minute was achieved by Mao Weidong (China) on an event organized by Men’s Health in Beijing, China on 14 May 2016.

the event started at 10:26 in Beijing Shangri-La Hotel, participated by Mao Weidong and George Hood. Mr. George Hood withdraw after 7 hours 40 minutes and 5 seconds and Mr. Mao Weidong ended the challenge at 18:27, with a score of 8 hours and 1 minute.

People are making a world record in the plank and you say it is difficult to come on guys do plank and increase your fitness and capacity.

Through these steps, you can easily make the world record. Make you 5 minutes to 8 hours guys. so take care and do practice daily.



Final Words

  • Do Plank daily and do it your best each day.
  • so complete your plank challenge for beginners in 30 days.
  • This plank challange is become easy for you.



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