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How to do a Plank for Beginners? – Way To Stay Long On Plank

Plank for Beginners

Bodyweight Exercise I loved it too much because In this you did not need any Equipment to do that you can easily do at home.

So let Do a tuff Exercise A plank which is Known is Full Body Workout also. The big problem for plank exercise is that it is difficult for beginners. So let make it easy by these steps.

It takes it on the fun after improving the strength.


What is Plank?

A plank is a form of bodyweight workout that will never fade away because it’s so powerful and requires a small amount of time on your part.

Plank is that Exercise which is most important to our fitness. It mainly Focuses on the body core.

Effects of Plank Exercise

It Affects on your core. Those muscles in which it affected.

  • Primary Muscles: erector spinae, rectus abdominis (abs)
  • Secondary Muscles: (synergists/segmental stabilizers): trapezius (traps), rhomboids, rotator cuff,

It Benefits to the core due to Perfect Plank.

  • Strength and Flexibility It improves your body strength and flexibility. It direct affects on your back muscles due to this your banding Flexibility increases. Keep your spine stable.
  • V-shape  All needs V shape body of the upper body. The easy method to come upper body is shaping up core by this exercise.
  • Improving daily Work core strength your full body automatically. so your thigh and arms workout also improve. Daily work like this carrying load, cleaning and others tuff work you can do easily.
  • If you are in running side this is a most useful workout for you. In this due to this while running fatigue will cause late. Due to this your running will improve.
  • Your abs formation Dream is completed from this Exercise. It affects the abs Muscles very much and helps to make faster.

plank for beginners


What Are The Different Types Of Plank?

Mainly 3 Types of Plank which you can do easily at home.

  • Basic Plank In this plank Pose same as push-ups position plank keep your elbows and feet on the floor and keep of hold as soon as possible. For Beginners keep hold of 10 Seconds.
  • Planks with Feet Raises Keep your body simple as basic plank position and then raise your First Leg towards any inclined surface and keep it up. Place your Elbows same as the basic plank.
  • Up and down plank you come it on the simple plank position try to do the push-up with elbows.

You should try all Plank position for doing it better and improve Plank strength.

The MOst Perfect Way Doing Plank For Beginners {With Pictures}

In this, you find the easiest way to do the plank with pictures. If you are not able to read this language then you easily understand every step with pictures and GIF.

  • Let our body in push-up position simply. This is the simplest way to do the plank with the push-up position.


  • Then easily fold your Elbows and place Elbows on the floor.
  • Keep your neck straight. If you do not keep your neck straight then you face neck pain problems.


  • Keep Hips above the floor and Back Straight.

plank for beginners


How to Improves Plank For Beginners?

The Method to improve Plank is that Do it Everyday and in proper posture. Increase your time according to your to days increasing. The best way to increase plank is to have self-motivated always. In this, the work of motivation is done by Its Amazing Benefits. For beginners, you can see this improvement in just 1 week.

Try Other Core Workouts that really improve your Planks Time. You also try running and other Thigh Exercise to do that.

How To Stay Long On Plank For Beginners?

  1. Turn Off Your watch and Count Itself
  2. Read an article in a magazine while Plank Move
  3. Do it until it hurts, then hold for 30 seconds more
  4. Play a planking game
  5. Do plank mini-sets
  6. Plank in front of a mirror
  7. Compete With Freinds


1-Turn Off Your watch and Count Yourself

You know about your speaking time is more than your watch time so count your seconds itself. From this way, your concentration will on Counting the time and your time of plank will also increase.

You Noticed that way after some days your time really increases.

2-Read an article in a magazine while Plank Move

Read a serious article while plank moves through this way your concentration on the article is increased and you do more plank.

In other, you take your mind on other situations and on others dreams. Due to this your plank time are increase Surely!

3-Do it until it hurts, then hold for 30 seconds more

You know after a plank feels a lot of pain in the core. If you feel pain in the core than You should motivate your self and Do 30-40 seconds again.

You Know

Practice makes a man perfect

So do your practice continue surely Result will come.

4. Play a planking game

If others method is not useful in this so take enjoy while plank and you take enjoy by gaming. So play plank game.

And you should add these plank Exercise with other Exercise one set.

5. Do plank mini-sets

If you feel boring to do big sets of the plank of 1-2 minutes then you take 10-20 seconds mini plank sets. But if you do mini sets then take minimum 5-6 sets of this exercise.

Due to mini sets, your plank strength increases. You can also these mini sets after long time plank Exercise.

6- Plank in front of a mirror

You know Everybody sees your body fitness in front of the mirror. Due to the front in the mirror, you feel little proud and motivated. So due to this your plank time and strength will increases.

Due to this your body posture of the plank will also improve. The mistakes will occur in the plank will be improved.

7- Compete With Freinds

You know the competition is that thing in which people do its best. if the competition with her friends then you should try in that time in which you do not do before.

Firstly I tried my all methods but little improvement will be seen but from this method, I will see a big change in my plank time. In starting I did plank lonely but after joining my friends with exercise then I will see a lot of difference through that.

These are awesome tricks that you surely see the Improvement in the plank and all these techniques are best for beginners. So try from today to plank and enjoy its benefits.

World Record Of the Plank

By a woman is 3 hours, 31 minutes and 0 seconds by Maria Kalimera (Cyprus) in September 2015.

Final Words

  • Do your Best in this Plank.
  • Drink More and more water after plank Complete Workout.
  • Get Always Motivated.
  • These techniques are best for who do planking from the beginning.
  • Keep away from the Junk Food while Plank day because of junk food direct effect on your complete core.

Don’t Worry! Your plank time and time will increase if you Do daily and Give him his best to this workout. Always take Proper Posture. Do not do mistakes while planking.

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