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Plank For Chest

Plank workout is one of the finest workouts of your full body. This is very adjustable exercise because this is the only exercise through which you can train any specific part of the body. In India, this exercise also considered Yoga.

This exercise is also called “time value exercise”. If you try this exercise in the past then you realize that 1 minute time period is very long. Plank is a full-body workout but if you modify plank steps then it also works for chest in major amount. Before this, you should know about the steps through which plank works for your chest.

Which Plank Workout For Chest?

There are 3 types of plank which work major on your chest.

1. Straight Arm Plank

Straight arm plank generally counts in the beginner’s plank list. This plank step is very simple and easy.

  • First, come in the push-ups position.
  • Then straight your hands from the knee.
  • And then Joins your both legs.
  • After this hold for a fixed time at this position.

These are the steps that need for performing straight arm plank. When you are in straight arm position your chest, biceps, core muscles will work in major amounts.

Plank For Chest

2. Plank Chest Fly

This is one of the famous types of plank. This plank is famous due to its difficult steps. And if you try these steps to do plank chest fly then your 80 percent difficulty will loose. These steps also mentioned with video, so read and notice every step of the plank chest fly very carefully.

  • First, come in a simple plank position.
  • Then Expand your both hands from knees slowly as your capacity.
  • After this expandation hold for a second, and then come in the simple plank position.
  • Doing these steps in a repetitive mode.


Things Should Be Remember:-

  • Put a smooth cloth under both knees. This cloth prevents you from injury.
  • In beginning-level expand your hands in less amount.
  • Minimum 2 minutes simple plan capacity needed to perform plank chest fly easily.


In this workout of the plank, the muscle working of the chest is in a huge amount. Sometimes you feel pain in chest muscles after this workout. So due to these reasons, you can say it is plank for chest.

3. Plank with Chest Taps

This plank with chest taps is counts in common workout list but in results this exercise is awesome. This is only exercise that realizes load on chest during exercise. Simple steps of Plank With Chest Taps are:-

  • First, come in straight arm plank position.
  • Then raise the left hand and touch your right shoulder.
  • After this raise right hand and touch your left shoulder.

plank for chest taps

When you balance your body on one hand. In that position, the load on the chest will increases many times. Due to this reason, this plank is also for the chest.


Is Plank For Chest?

Yes, if you follow these steps that are mentioned above then I am guaranteed sure that you also saw results in your chest. Plank is not designed only for chest, plank workout is a full-body workout. So it depends on you that how you modify it and make a specific body part workout.

plank for chest results

Why Plank For Chest Workout Is Important?

There are many reasons through which I recommend you to do plank for chest workout:-

  • Workout of Chest + Core.
  • Strengthing Of Chest + Core.
  • Balancing of Body
  • Saves your workout time.
  • Improves your plank doing capacity.
  • Different exercise, different expereince.
  • Gives a good impression on others

These all are also benefits of doing the plank for a chest workout. The results of doing this exercise is really impressive. So add this plank for chest exercises in your daily schedule.

Final Words

Best advice and experience of doing the plank for chest is available here. Do not take this exercise lightly because this exercise result changes the way of watching plank for chest workout. The positive point of plank for chest is that injury chances in these workouts are very less.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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