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Protinex Original Powder Review & Results(After 2 Months Use) & Side Effects(Negative)

Protinex Review - Healthcare Blog

Protinex Powder Review – This is one of the most selling Protein Powder in India. In India, there are many types of Protein Powder available but this powder became the most selling Protein Powder in India. And the main reason behind this is her advertisements and qualities. Today Healthcare Blog gives you an Honest review of Protinex Original Powder. Advertisements of this protein powder show you many unbelievable benefits, But the truth is very different from the advertisement’s claims, that you will know further.


Protinex Powder Supplement Review

1. Packaging & Availability

The packaging of Protinex supplement is very impressive. In the Packaging of supplement, they provide metal packaging. And this is good for any food supplement.

You can find out this protein powder at every Big General Store in India. You can also buy this from online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc… . In the case Of Packaging and Availability Healthcare Blog gives 10 out of 10 marks to Protinex.

2. Ingredients

It has zero trans-fats and contains high protein + 8 Immuno nutrients that can make your diet excellent.

Nutrients UNITPer 100gm PowderPer Serve (30gm Powder)
Vitamin B1mg3.31.0
Vitamin Dmcg8.32.5

After reading all the Ingredients in detail we realize that these Ingredients of any protein powder at this price are not satisfactory. In one serving of powder you only get 10-gram protein only, and In addition, it contains sugar around 8.7 grams, which is not acceptable for any ideal protein powder.

You can understand the difference between them through these Ingredients table, One table is for Protinex Powder and On the other side is for any Ideal Protein Powder of the market.




Protinex Supplement - Healthcare Blog


Ideal Protein Powder 

Ideal Whey Protein Ingredients - Healthcare Blog



Facts To Concentrate On

  • Protein Amount – Ideal protein powder contains (50-55 grams per 100g) more protein content than Protinex. For any protein powder, protein content is the main complement, and when the protein content in the protein supplement is not satisfactory, how is it the ideal protein supplement.
  • Sugar Content – Whey protein contains next to zero sugar whereas, on the other hand, Protinex has a lot of sugar and carbs which might not be a good choice to buy.

At last, In the case of Ingredients, Healthcare Blog gives 7 out of 10 marks only to Protinex.


3. Good For Bodybuilding

There are many people who want to know that Protinex supplements are good/perfect for bodybuilding or not. According to Healthcare Blog and me, Protinex supplements are not for bodybuilding. And the main reason behind this is that:-

Protein Concentration In Protinex  34 Percent

Protein Concentration In Any Whey Protein80 Percent

Protinex is only good for complete the daily requirement of the normal person, which you can also complete with daily food. But if you are working on Muscle gaining, Bodybuilding, Weight loss, Running then you would need choose any genuine whey protein.


4. Protinex Powder Types And Its Content

There are mainly 5-6 types of Protinex Powder available in the market –

  • Protinex Original has – 10.2 gram/ 30 gram serving (Peanut Protein)
  • Protinex Vanilla has – 12 gram/35 gram serving (Mix of Milk Powder and Soy protein)
  • Protinex Kesar badam has – 12 gram/35 gram serving (Mix of Milk Powder and Soy protein)
  • Protinex Tasty Chocolate has – 12 gram/35 gram serving (Mix of Milk Powder and Soy protein)
  • Protinex Lite or Protinex sugar free has the same also but it has only 7 gram of protein.

At last, we did not find satisfactory protein content in any Protinex Supplement. And we also repeat the same thing again that Protinex powder is enough/good to complete the daily nutrition requirement of the normal working person.


5. Pros And Cons

Every Product has some Pros and Cons. So same happens with this product also.


  • Good for those who have not enough diet plan and time to complete daily nutrition requirements.
  • Children’s Friendly
  • Good for daily usage
  • Tasty
  • Have Different types of nutrition that are good for your overall health.
  •  Trusted Brand Product
  • Easily Available


  • Protein Content Is Not Satisfactory
  • It contains a lot of sugar, which is not good for people’s health. Especially for Diabetic patient.
  • Not good for Bodybuilding.
  • It does not promote any type of weight loss because it contains a lot of carbohydrates and sugar that only promotes weight gain.
  • It has maida (refined wheat flour). This is the weirdest thing about protinex powder.
  • After research about Ingredients, we found it very costly.


6. Comparisons

Protinex Vs Horlicks Protein Plus

Both Supplements are very popular in the market.

ProtinexHorlicks Protein Plus
Contains Lot Of SugarIt also comes in No Added Sugar variant, that is good for fat loss.
Protein Quality(PDCASS) IN Protinex = 0.52Protein Quality(PDCASS) IN  Horlicks Protein Plus = 1.0
1 Scoop(30 gram) Of Protinex Contains 9.6 grams of protein content.1 Scoop Of Horlicks Protein Plus Contains 3-4 grams of protein content. That is very less for any healthy shake.
It contains 100mcg Vitamin D, which is too much than the Horlicks protein plus.It only Contains 16mcg Vitamin D.
Calcium in Protinex is 400mg.Calcium in Horlicks Protein Plus 280mg, which is less than half of Protinex.
It is also suggested by many doctors also.It is only suggested in the advertisements.


Final Verdict Of Protinex Vs Horlicks Protein Plus

After an in-depth comparison of both products, we found that Protinex is a much better  Supplement than Horlicks Protein Plus. ProtineX is best to meet your daily nutritional requirement as it contains around 5 nutrients, 13 vitamins, and 4 minerals. It is definitely a reliable product.



Protinex Vs Bournvita


1 Scoop(30 gm) Of Protinex Contains 9.6 grams of protein content.1 Scoop of Bournvita only contains 3 – 4 grams of protein content.
It is a reliable product for adults.It is only suggested and advertised for the kids.
It does not contain any type of artificial colors.It contains some type of artificial colors.
From 100 grams of Protinex, you would get 367 kcal.From 100 grams of Bournvita, you would get 393 kcal. That is a little bit more than Protinex.
Normal in TasteGood in Taste
Final Verdict Of Protinex Vs Bournvita

After an in-depth comparison of both products, we found that Protinex is a much better  Supplement than Bournvita. But after reading about the nutritional value, Healthcare Blog found that you should not be completely dependent on these types of supplements. It contains certain types of chemicals which can be very harmful for you.



Protinex Vs Endura Mass

ProtinexEndura Mass
1 serving of Protinex provides 92 kcal.1 serving of Endura Mass provides 140 kcal.
1 serving of Protinex(30 gm) contains 9.6 grams of Protein.1 serving of Endura Mass contains 5 grams of Protein, which is 3 grams less than Protinex.
1 serving of Protinex contains 14.4 grams of Carbohydrates.1 serving of Endura Mass contains 27 grams of Carbohydrates content.
The sugar content of Protinex is not very harmful to your body.But the sugar content of Endura Mass may very harmful for you, After taking Endura Mass you can be notice/feel a sudden increase in blood glucose level, which is not good for any food.
There is no strong evidence that steroids have been found in Protinex.Some traces of steroids have been found in the endura mass and it may start decreasing/interfere with the production of testosterone in the body.


Final Verdict Of Protinex Vs Endura Mass

If you are measuring the Nutritional value of both, you would surely get more nutritional content in Endura Mass. And If you want to gain weight then also Endura Mass shows faster results than Protinex. But Endura Mass will give you more negative impacts on the body than Protinex. Lastly, if you want to know the final decision then I would suggest you to buy Protinex Protein Powder as it has very less negative effect on the body as compared to Endura Mass.



Protinex Vs Whey Protein


Deep comparison of Protinex and Whey Protein(Every small to small comparison) are – Protinex Vs Whey Protein



Junior Protinex Vs Pediasure

Junior ProtinexPediasure
1 serving of Protinex provides 201 kcal.1 serving of Pediasure provides 240 kcal.
1 serving of Protinex contains 11.25 grams of Protein.1 serving of Pediasure contains 7 grams of Protein.
This is a completely vegetarian product.This is not, because it contains Fish and Their Derivatives.
1 serving of Protinex contains 15 grams of sugar. And this is too much for any child. 1 serving of Pediasure contains 12 grams of sugar, and this is also too much for any child.
Taste is not so GoodTaste is Good(Attractive for children)
Mixability is not good, It Settles down as a paste in the bottom.Mixability is also good.
Final Verdict Of Junior Protinex Vs Pediasure

If you are comparing both products according to the nutritional value then I will suggest you to use Pediasure, as it contains more macronutrient amounts and extra vitamins than Junior Protinex. The most attractive point of Pediasur is that it has child-friendly taste.

After deep research of both Healthy Drinks, Healthcare Blog suggests you avoid these types of commercial products for children. Because these commercial products loaded with sugar and preservatives. The Best healthy Drink for any child would be Milk + Dry fruit/Nuts powder.



Protinex Vs Ensure

Total Calories in 100gm of Protinex are 367 kcal.Total Calories in 100gm of Ensure are 410 kcal.
100 grams of Protinex contains 32 grams of protein content.100 grams of Ensure contains 15.1 grams of protein content. And this protein content is very less for any Healthy Drink.
Fat in 100 gm of Protinex is 1gmFat is 100 gm of Ensure is 11.5 gm, which is too higher than Protinex
100 gm of Protinex contains 31 grams of sugar, which is higher than Ensure.100 gm of Ensure contains 14.70 gm of Sugar.
It also contains Vitamin A, D, E, K , C and Vitamin B, folic acid, and phosphorous, that’s why doctors basically suggest Protinex to women.It contains fewer Vitamins and Minerals than Protinex.
It never claims these types of big things.The New Claim of Ensure supplement is that It increases the immunity of the body. This immunity is highly essential to fight against the pandemic Covid 19.
Final Verdict Of Protinex Vs Ensure

After deep research on Both Supplements, we found that Protinex supplement is better in comparison to Ensure Supplement. You can easily differentiate between them through nutritional value. For reading about the detailed benefits of Protinex you can read the PROS of Protinex which mentioned above.



Protinex Vs Protinex Lite

ProtinexProtinex Lite
1 serving(35gm) of Protinex contains 12 grams of protein content.1 serving(25gm) of Protinex Lite contains 7.5 grams of protein content.
It contains Zero SugarAnd It also contains Zero sugar
1 serving of Protinex contains 19 grams of Carbohydrates.1 serving of Protinex Lite contains 10.9 grams of Carbohydrates.
Taste and Mixability are not so Good.Taste and Mixability are better than Protinex.
Final Verdict Of Protinex Vs Protinex Lite

After deep research, we found that there is not such a big difference in ingredients in both supplements. But there are some differences in nutritional values, that you can easily notice in the ingredients table.If you want to choose one of them then I would suggest you to choose Protinex.

In short, Protinex and Protinex Lite are the products of the same brand. There is not any special difference between them. Both products contain unwanted ingredients such as maltodextrin, cornflour, and maize starch.  They may be dangerous for your body.


Protinex Vs Mama Protinex

Protinex Mama Protinex
1 serving(30 gram) of Protinex contains 9.6 grams of protein content.1 serving(25 gram) of Protinex contains 8 grams of protein content.
It is for all kinds of people.Especially made for pregnant women. It provides Essential Nutrition during Pregnancy & Lactation.
It majorly contains Peanut protein hydrolysate(56 percent).It contains Soya isolates, not recommended for people allergic to peanuts or soya.
It contains some unwanted ingredients such as maltodextrin, cornflour, and maize starch. that may be harmful to your body.After research, we did not any traces of any unwanted ingredients.
No, It does not contain any type of special DHA and foetus.It contains DHA that plays a key role in the development of eye and nerve tissues.
Not so special taste.Good in Taste
Final Verdict Of Protinex Vs Mama Protinex

So the final verdict of Healthcare Blog on both supplements is that if you are women then for you Mama Protinex is a better product than Protinex. Both products have different criteria and benefits of using.

#Note – Before consuming these artificial products, Healthcare Blog would personally suggests you to take Doctor’s advice first. And If you are Women/Pregnant Women then I would not suggest to buy any type of supplement. After this, If you have interest to have any of them, then take Doctor’s advice first.


QNA(Frequently Asked Questions)


QuestionIs any Side Effect Of Using Protinex Powder?

Answer – Yes, there are some negative effects of using Protinex Powder. It is an Artificial supplement, so it is a very common thing to have negative impacts. For that, you can also read the CONS Section of Protinex powder.

  • Protein Content Is Not Satisfactory, that’s why it is not for Bodybuilding.
  • It contains a lot of sugar, which is not good for people’s health. Especially for Diabetic patient.
  • It does not promote any type of weight loss.
  • It has maida (refined wheat flour). This is the weirdest thing about protinex powder.
  • It is very costly, according to his products.

QuestionWill Protinex help to build muscles?

Answer – After my research, we found that the protein, carb, and healthy fat(Macronutrients) content of this supplement is not satisfactory for Bodybuilding. So, if you want to build your muscles then go for muscle building supplements like ON, Muscle tech, Ultimate nutrition, etc.


QuestionHow to take Protinex Powder?

Answer – According to company recommendations, You can Protinex Powder with Water Or Milk. And for more calories, you can take with milk.

  • Add one Scoop/Spoon of Protinex in water/milk and shake it very well.
  • Then Drink it.


QuestionIs Protinex safe to gain weight?

Answer – Yes, It can help to gain weight. It contains good amounts of Carbohydrates and sugar that will surely help in Weight gain. But in my point of view, this type of weight gain is very temporary and sometimes it may be unhealthy.


Question Can the intake of more Protinex cause kidney disease?

Answer – There are many types of research that say that excess use of Protinex may harm your kidney. Excessive use of Protinex may cause strain and damage to the Kidney.


After that if you have any question regarding Protinex or other supplements then you can comment below you question, I will surely give you a satisfactory answer.


Final Words

In the end, we came to the conclusion that if you want to meet the daily nutritional requirement of the body then you can go with Protinex but if you want to build your muscle then you should go with any genuine protein supplement. All these products reviews and comparisons points mentioned above in this article are my personal thoughts and research. If you also want any personal advice then Contact Us freely, I will try to give to best and reasonable advice.

If you have any other doubts regarding Article and you want any personal advice related to health and fitness then so you can Comment Below your query or contact us without any hesitation. I will personally help to resolve your every issue. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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