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Protinex Vs Whey Protein – Which Is Best For Bodybuilding, Transformations, Fat Loss

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Protinex Vs Whey Protein – Protein is one of the important nutrients for your body. Protein is one of the important nutrients for your body. There are many people who think that only Bodybuilders consume extra protein, But this is not true. For good health, you need a good amount of protein daily. In today’s food people are not able to consume the required protein. That’s a reason people consume special protein powder for completing the daily protein requirement of the body.

In the market, there are many protein brands but these two brands(In Supplement Market) are very popular. So there are many people who are very confused among these both proteins. If you are thinking to buy anyone from both then you are in right. Here Healthcare Blog will compare both protein on all possible aspects.


Protinex Vs Whey Protein – Complete Study

1. Packaging Factor

In the packaging factor, both Protein is good. Both supplements have different types of packaging. But if you compare the packing then you find that the packaging of the Protinex is better than the whey protein.

2. Main Ingredients

Whey Protein (1 Serving)

  • Calories  – 120
  • Total Fat – 1gm
  • Cholesterol – 30mg
  • Sodium – 130mg
  • Sugar – 1gm
  • Total Carbohydrate – 3g
  • Protein – 24gm (High-quality Protein)


 Protinex (1 Serving)

  • Energy  – 105
  • Total Fat – 0.15gm
  • Cholesterol – 30mg
  • Sodium – 130mg
  • Sugar – 9.3gm
  • Total Carbohydrate – 16.4g
  • Protein – 9.6 gm (High-quality Protein)
  • Some Vitamins and Minerals


1. A single serving of Protinex contains only 9.6 gms of protein and whereas a single serving of Whey Protein contains 24 grams of protein content. Any protein supplement becomes real because of its high protein content. No doubt, In Whey Protein you will found 3times more protein content than Protinex. That’s why, Whey Protein is a very superior product than Protinex.

2. Whey Protein contains a very less amount of sugar in comparison to Protinex. And that point makes too much difference b/w both supplements. Protinex contains malt extract, maltodextrin, and carbohydrates that are different forms of sugar.

3. The taste of Whey Protein is too better than Protinex because it contains many artificial sweeteners. And In my point of view, this is the negative point of Whey Protein because these artificial sweeteners, colors are not good for the Body.

4. Protinex contains some vitamins and minerals that are missing in the whey protein. But if your motive is muscle building or fat loss then this factor not matters too much. You can also gain these vitamins and minerals from daily food.

3. Price

There are many people who choose protinex instead of whey protein. The reason behind this is the price difference. The price of 250 grams of protinex is Rs 375 and the price of 900 grams of whey protein is 3000. Optimum Nutrition is an American brand which is one of the reasons it becomes very expensive after applying custom duty.

But My team did a deep study on both proteins, we find that if you are measuring price on the protein level then you find both protein amount approximately the same.

1 Gram of whey protein = Rs. 4.11 Gram of Protinex = Rs. 4.5


4. Pure Protein

Both companies claim that his protein is pure and quality is too good. So let us check the quality of both proteins. Whey Protein Completely Vegetarian Protein. It is extracted from milk. It is a complete source of protein that contains 9 amino acids.

And the main source of Protinex is peanut and that is not a complete source of protein. After research, we found that Whey Protein contains pure and high-quality protein than Protinex.


Protinex Vs Whey Protein - Pure Protein

5. Results

This is the most important part of any comparison. Before understanding the result you should need to understand the motive and branding of both supplement companies.

The purpose of the Whey protein is to complete the extra protein diet requirement of advanced athletes, bodybuilders, and regular gym-going guys. Protinex has a different purpose it’s made for people who just needs protein for their day-to-day activities. Both supplements have a different motive.

But here I can say that you can use Whey Protein for daily purposes or muscle building, fat loss, etc. But Protinex can not able to fulfill the need for muscle building, You only use it for completing the need of protein for day-to-day activities.

6. Fraud

Both companies are very popular worldwide. There are many possibilities that, you can be fooled by selling fake products in the market. Even there are many Authorised sites that are selling a copy of Proteins in less price. You must buy protein from any authorized dealers. If I will find any authorized dealer/website then I update here.

There are many copies of Whey Protein that are selling on the market with authorized stickers and lower prices. So please be aware of that.

Protinex Vs Whey Protein - Pureity Test


How to use/Drink These Proteins?

  1. Take a mug of lukewarm or cold milk or water (200ml)
  2. Add 2-3 heaped tablespoon of Protinex/Whey Protein Original
  3. Stir well before drinking


Final Words

I have no problem with Protein X. Both supplements are made for different purposes and different set of audiences. You must need to select protein according to your need. If your motive to get muscled body then no doubt, you must go with Whey protein and if your only motive to fulfill the requirement of daily activities then Protinex is good for you.

In all over the comparison, Whey Protein is too better than Protinex. If you have any doubts regarding Article(Protinex Vs Whey Protein) and you want any personal advice related to health and fitness then so you can Comment Below your query or contact us without any hesitation. I will personally help to resolve your every issue. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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