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Proven Pull Ups Before And After Results (With Pictures) – Healthcare Blog

Pull Ups Before And After Results - Healthcare Blog

Pull Ups Before And After Results – The results and benefits of doing chin-ups and pull ups are really awesome. Pull-ups is an great exercise that has more benefits and fewer injury chances. It is that type of exercise in which you did not need any heavy pieces of equipment to perform. This exercise is cost-free and it has great potential. Pull ups workout is also on the top list of the upper body workout. Doing pull-ups correctly is not an easy task. Around 80 percent of beginners make mistakes during pull-ups workout.

People generally ignore this exercise, due to two small reasons

  • More strength consuming
  • Need a special type of equipment(Bar)


In this Article(Pull Ups Before And After) you read about:

  • My Success Story Of Pull Ups Before And After
  • Pull Ups Before And After Results (Gym Students)
  • Pull Ups Before And After Results Barrier


Pull Ups Before and After Results

My Success story of My Pull Ups Before and After

My success story of pull ups before and after is that I started doing pull-ups workout in January 2019. In January 2019 I was also a beginner in pull-ups Exercise. In the beginning stage of pull-ups exercise I got a serious injury and I took rest for 2 months. Actually, my hand was slipped from the rod and I got Back and leg injuries. For the complete recovery from the Back Injury, I took 2 Months.

After a full recovery, I started pull-ups workout at home. Sometimes With Pull-Ups workout I also did push-ups and Some lower body workouts also. Doing pull ups and chin-ups in the regular schedule for 4 months I had gained 90 percent benefits of the pull-ups.

After doing pull-ups for 2 months I am also feeling bored from this exercise but I continue this exercise for 4 months and I gained all my desired results. Two important things that I learned from the pull workout are that for results you must need Regularity and Perfection.

My pull-ups before and after results photos I had not clicked (Due to many reasons). But there are many gym students and partners who do pull-ups workout under Healthcare Blog guidance and they found amazing results(mentioned below).

Doing pull-ups is not an easy task so before concentrating on pull-ups results, you should focus on doing perfect pull-ups. Perfect pull-ups steps will give you perfect and amazing results.

These all are my gym students and friends, who followed my pull-ups schedule and gained amazing results. Here you can see the results of each body part, which is affected by the pull-ups workout.

In Case of Chest And Core


Pull Ups Before and After Pictures - Chest & Core

His name is Anne he gains amazing benefits and results of results in 69 days. He is a very lazy boy but due to good guidance and motivation, he gained these results. For doing perfect pull-ups steps he took 20 days. In starting he was not able to do half pull-ups and on the 70th day, he was able to do 20-25 pull-ups per set. In the ending days of the pull ups journey, he used to do 5-7 sets of pull ups + chin ups daily.

Through pull-ups workout, he gained good strength and good muscle size in the chest and biceps. Due to laziness in workouts and diet, he did not gain any drastic change but he was very satisfied with this result.

This boy will power, continuity, taking good diet habits helps him to gain these results. The best motivation for doing pull-ups is these Fitness changing pictures. When you are doing pull-ups workouts remember only these pictures on your mind.

2. Pull Ups Before and After Pictures - Chest & Core

In the first picture, you have seen that the body is less muscled, and in the after image, you can see the results that he gained from the pull-ups. His name is Tonny, He is in the medium level of bodybuilding and pull ups workout. He is my gym partner he wants to prove that pull ups can also majorly effect on the chest muscles. For that, he did wide-handed pull-ups workouts 2 times a day for 14 days. And on the 15th day, you can see the result and effect of pull ups on the chest muscles.

And for core, he did crunches, plank, and sit-ups with pull-ups workout. If you want to affect your chest muscles through pull ups then you should choose wide handed pull-ups workout.

  • In the Case of Back

Pull-Ups workout affects your back majorly. Teres Major (Outer Back) muscles of the back that are majorly covered by pull-ups. If you want to make your back straight and more muscled then this is also the perfect exercise for you.

Pull Ups Before and After - Back

This back before and after image describes that these results have come from pull-ups. His name is Joseph. He did pull-ups workout for  75 days continuously and gained this amazing result. On the first day, he was capable to do 8-10 pull-ups easily, and on the 76th day, he was able to do 35-50 pull-ups per set. For 75 days he did types of pull-ups workout and a good diet in the regular schedule with his full effort.

Joseph’s daily workout routine for these results is that first, he used to do 2-3 sets of simple push-ups as a warm-up, and then do pull-ups workout. Along with his workout schedule, he deeply focused on diet and rest. He also used to like to do some back (body part) stretching after workout.

  • In the Case of  Biceps

Pull-Ups is that type of exercise in which you need to lift or lower down your body with the help of your arms. There is no doubt that doing pull-ups workout regularly helps you to increase your arms strength and size. You can alternate pull up workout and chin up workout for better results in biceps muscles.

Pull Ups Before And After - Biceps

His name is Sumit, and he wants to grow his biceps size at home. He joins the Healthcare blog in March 2019 and my team suggested him to do chin-ups and pull-ups workout + a muscle gaining diet. He is a very busy person but he followed our workout program daily (with fewer sets and repetitions) and took a proper diet. After 29 days, he achieved a satisfactory biceps size.

All results that are mentioned above only comes through pull-ups & Chin ups Workout. If you want to succeed through pull-ups then add pull-ups to your workout schedule.

If you succeed through pull-ups then send me your success story on Contact Us and I will show your success story in my article(Pull Ups Before And After Results). 

Pull Ups Before And After Results Barriers

The major barriers that are in the journey of pull-ups before and after results are:-

  • Irregularity

This is one of the major barriers in the way to gaining pull ups results. Pull-Ups is the type of workout whose results come little bit late and the strength consumption rate is very high, That’s the reason people start ignoring it. For good pull ups results, you should follow a disciplined workout schedule. If you’re feeling bored, you can do variety of pull-ups.

  • Wrong Steps

This is also a big barrier in the journey of pull-ups results. Mistakes during pull-ups workout increase injuries and cramps chances. If you are a beginner then there are a lot of chances that you may make mistakes during the workout. For Every pull-up’s mistakes and his resolving way, you can read here:- Pull-Ups Mistakes.

  • Good Diet and Rest

For pull ups results, you should not need only workouts. The basic need for pull-ups results is a good diet and proper rest with the workout. In diet, you should take sufficient protein diet. In case of rest, you should take 8-10 hours of good sleep for full muscle recovery.


Final words

After reading all pull up results deeply my team comes to the conclusion that for pull results you should only need to follow three things – Perfect Steps Of Pull-Ups With Regularity, Proper Diet And Rest. The negative point regarding pull-ups results is that results comes little bit late and the strength consumption rate is very high. For making pull-ups results interesting and memorable you should capture your pull ups before and after images.

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