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Pull Ups And It’s Amazing Types/Variations

There is a myth that pull-ups are the most difficult exercise but this is not the truth. Through these techniques your pull-ups become easy and you can start to do pull-ups without any hesitation. Pull-ups are the best bodyweight exercise because its benefits and results make its best. These steps and techniques are specially designed for the beginners and you can do these pull-ups at home. First, start from what is pull-ups and benefits. You complete results related pull-ups are mentioned in this read it.

What Is Pull-Ups?

Pull-ups are the Best BodyWeight Exercise which you can do at home easily. This Exercise is done by your palms of the hands. Pulls Is the tuff one Exercise list name for the beginners and the Benefits are really awesome.

Muscle Worked In Pull-Ups

  • Upper Body Muscles
  • The latissimus dorsi muscle
  • Biceps muscle
  • Abdominal muscles
  • Pelvic floor { used to hold the organs up and stabilize the pelvis }.

In this Exercise, Muscles feel a little bit painful but it is not a big problem Problem is How to do Pull-ups and What is it Benefits? So First learn About Its Benefits.


Pull-Ups Benefits

You Know Every Exercise has Benefit but these Pull-ups Exercise benefits are Different from others. Pull is that exercise in which you need to do others Exercise to improve this exercise.

  • Pull-Ups Works So much

Pull Ups Exercise is that much Works no one exercise will beat this Especially for Beginners. It makes It Best Because you pull your own weight of the full body that way it makes Best Body Weight Exercise. It Effects on the upper body muscles is so much beneficial.

  • Upper body strength

Know very well if you Lift body weight by your upper body that way it is beneficial for the upper body Strength. It improves your Shoulders, Biceps, Chest muscles strength. Basically, it directly works on the Upper body strength.

  •  Posture Improvement

The Main motive of doing Exercise is body v shape posture. So this is the best exercise to improve your structure. It Direct Effect to your Upper body Muscles.

  • Back Strength

Your back Shape is also Depend on the Pull-ups pose. Your pose is right to do pull-ups then your back posture is automatically starting improving.

  • Use In Armed Forces

You know armed forces generally show you powerful things. So In the physical Test of the Armed Forces Pull-ups is a big demand. It is the part of the Physical training of the armed forces.

And Other Most Amazing Benefits Of pull-ups.

How To Do A Perfect Pull-Ups For Beginners At Home?

You Only Follow These Easy Steps because these steps are specially designed for the beginners:-

  • First, you Find a Bar to hang on this. The only thing is to remember that the bar is not so much smoother and not at too much to your height. The Height of the bar is 1 Foot above than your height. If your height is 6 foot then your bar is 7 feet approx. It is not a hard and fast rule that your pull-up bar is 1 Foot above than yours.  For Beginners You Choose Bar according to your choice, You may choose similar to your height.


  • Make your Body intention to try it. Hold the bar with your palms and when you hold your hands your legs are straight. After holding the bar try to hang on it. After hanging of 1-2 Seconds.
  • Try to make endurance to pull your own body in upward Direction. And pull it your whole body. The things that remember when your body starts pulling is that your Shoulders are not in motion only your biceps are in motion.
  • This process of pulling the body is the Best part of the Pull-ups because this part affects your biceps chest and back most. The one thing is only to remember this that when you try to pull up your own body your legs are Straight, Or your legs are in 90 Degree with the body in backward Direction. If legs Motion is not stable than it reduces your pressure on the upper body.
  • After pulling your body touch your chin to the bar. You keep a hold of 2-3 seconds in the air.


  • Then release your chin from the bar and start back down your body again come back in original position in slow motion, When you come down keep hold of 2-3 Seconds for the Explosive mode. If you did not need the Explosive mode than you come down your body normally.
  • When you come in the original position of hanging then you try another if you can.

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For the Beginners, You are not able to try another pull-up then try these Techniques to do more pull-ups in 1 Week.

What Are The Different Types Of Pull-ups For Beginners At Home?

There are 3 major kinds of pull-ups that are most effective to your body and you can easily do at home. In this, you do not need any such heavy types of equipment. These types of pull-ups are specially designed for beginners.

  • Behind the Neck Pull-ups

Simple Pull-ups are Do so much so try these different Pull-ups. Behind the neck pull-ups, In that, You do as simple pull-ups. The only difference is this when you pull your body in the up direction you keep neck under the bar. Touch the neck to the bar for 3-4 seconds hold. Neck Behind will work on the back and biceps.


  • Wide Grip Pull-Ups

Steps are not too much different in different types of pull-ups. In this the step is different is that only you hold the bar widely. You can Extract hands from shoulders 10 cm to 20 cm. Due to this It directly effects to your biceps and chest directly. It also improves your grip. it is also known as Isomeric Pull-Ups.


  • Close Grip Pull-Ups

In the close Grip Pull-Ups. This name shows that is the opposite of the Isomeric Pull-Ups. Only the changed step is that you hold your both hands closely and then pull your body. It Effects too much on the shoulders and back. It is also known as simple push-ups.

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Pull-ups at home Without Bar

Final Words

  • Do it Regularly. It is full Bodyweight Exercise also so it can you do daily.
  • Take Proper rest to the upper body after the workout.
  • These steps are best for the beginners and you can easily do at home.
  • It can you did after warm-up for real test.
  • Try less But Do it correct.
  • Increase Your Pull-ups Sets day by day.
  • For beginners try with similar height Bar.


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