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8 Most Biggest Chin Ups & Pull Ups Mistakes – Resolving Ways

Chin Ups & Pull Ups Mistakes - Healthcare Blog

Chin Ups & Pull Ups Mistakes – Pull Ups and Chin ups are the hardcore workouts. These are that type of workouts which Benefits and results are really Amazing. In the Beginning stage of these workouts, people face too many difficulties. In the research, Around 80% of beginners are not able to do perfect pull-ups. Not only Beginners, but there are also many Exerpeties who generally do mistakes during pull ups/chin ups workout

Chin ups/Pull ups is not an easy exercise. That’s the reason you need good guidance about the pull ups workout. Doing mistakes during pull ups workout will give negative impacts on the body. There are many people who faces lot of injuries like Cramps, joints pain, due to chin ups/pull ups workout. And reasons behind 90 percent of injuries are mistakes during the workout. I am not here only to discuss the big major Chin Ups & Pull Ups Mistakes only, I also tell How to resolve these mistakes. If you following these steps then I am sure that you will never do any type of mistake during pull ups/chin ups workout.


Chin Ups & Pull Ups Mistakes

1.  Shoulders Reach

Shoulders reach mistake also known as chin reach mistake. When people start feeling tired during pull-ups/chin-up workouts then many people try to forcefully touch the chin with the bar by pulling the neck. And some people not even pull the body up so much that her chin comes in front/over of the bar.

Due to these mistakes, your shoulder motion and Lat engagement are not sufficient as much as you need for results. If you are doing this mistake regularly then you may start feeling pain in the neck and shoulder joints. This mistake happened with the chin ups and pull ups workout both.

#Resolving Way – Pull your body upward with the help of the arms strength till your chin passes/over the bar. Do not forcefully stretch your neck to touch the chin with the bar. Only use your arms power to pull up your body till chin passes the bar.

Pull Ups And Chin Ups Mistakes

2. Momentum

This is a very common and dangerous mistake from all pull ups mistakes. This mistake divided into three parts.

  • Lower Body Movement

The Rule of the perfect pull ups/chin ups is that your complete lower body remains static during the whole repetition. But there are many people who use lower body momentum to pull Up the body. Doing this regularly may cause pain in the body joints.

Pull Ups Mistakes - Lower Body Movement
Pull Ups Mistakes

#Resolving Way – During the whole workout of pull-ups, you do not need to use lower body momentum. You should keep your lower body static during the whole workout.

  • Negative Fast

There are many people who pull his body upward fastly and lower down body fastly. This is completely wrong. If you are doing this regularly then you will not gain any type of benefit from pull-ups workout.

Pull Ups Mistake
Pull Ups Mistakes

#Resolving Way – For completing the set in less time, people start doing workout fastly. But in the case of the pull-ups/chin-ups, you do not do this. You can pull your body upward fastly but you should lower down your body slowly by feeling the load of muscles.

  • Legs Motion

There are many people who use legs momentum to do more pull-ups/chin-ups. This is completely wrong. Due to this mistake, you can do more pull-ups but this type of pull-up will not beneficial for you anymore and there are many possibilities that you can also face many side effects.

Chin Ups & Pull Ups Mistakes - Legs Motion

#Resolving Way – You should keep your legs straight or you can keep your leg in 90 degrees(with respect to the body) back. Perfect legs posture gives proper pressure to the lat and arms muscles.

Side Effect Of These Momentums – During these wrong pull-ups, your lat engagement gets decreased and the pressure on the arms joints increased. That’s a reason you will not gain any benefit from this type of workout and you could also face joint pain and back cramps problem.

In Case Of Chin Ups

Momentum mistakes, Side effects, and resolving ways of mistakes are the same as the pull-ups.

Chin Ups Mistakes - Momentum

3. Range Of Motion

This is another biggest mistake of pull-ups and chin-ups workout. There are many people who do only half pull-ups repetition. This is not pull-ups workout, this is the only formality of doing pull-ups.

Due to this mistake, you can do more pull-ups but from this type of pull-up, you will not gain any type of result. These types of pull-ups and chin-ups not able to give pressure or engagement to the muscles that are required for the results.

Range Of Motion - Pull Ups And Chin Ups Mistakes

Resolving Way – You should pull up your body till your chin touches/passes the Bar. Then hold your body above for a second and feel the contraction. After this lower down your body till your arms get straighten completely. Proper raising and lower down your body gives more pressure to the shoulders, biceps, and back muscles. And that pressure is good for your results.


4. Shoulder Rotation(Internal)

This is not a common mistake and this mistake happens with only pull-ups workout. This is a very technical point. This mistake generally happens when you pull your body upward by bending shoulders inward. Generally, people ignored this mistake but it gives you many side effects.

During this type of pull-up, the pressure on the shoulder cuff, Traps, and elbow joints increased. If you regularly doing this mistake then you may face joints pain in shoulder and elbows.

Shoulder Rotation - Pull Ups Mistakes

#Resolving Way – During pull-ups, you should keep your shoulder in the retracted mode. For maximum engagement of the lats, you should keep shoulders retracted.


5. Unnecessary Extra Weight

Some people feel bored through simple Pull-Ups and then they start to carry weight during the workout. They feel that, if they lift more weight during pull-ups, they will get more and faster results. But this is not reality. In opposite, you may face many negative effects. Due to heavyweights, your shoulders and arms joints start pain after some time. This Extra Weight pull-up is too impressive but it has also many bad effects.

Resolving Method:-  The solution of this problem is very simple. You should not carry any type of extra weight during chin ups and pull ups workout. You can try different types of Pull-Ups for best Results. If you want to more Strain then you can increase repetitions of the pull-Ups. You should only remember that this is bodyweight exercise and the only bodyweight is sufficient for this.

Chin And Pull Ups Mistakes - Extra Weight

6. Delete Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups From Everyday Routine

If your motive to gain all benefits of pull-ups then you should add this exercise in your regular schedule. If you are not doing then this is also a mistake in the way of gaining chin-ups and pull-ups benefits. There are many people who delete this workout in his routine because this is Boring and more strength consuming.

#Resolving Way – For gaining the all amazing benefits of doing pull-ups workout you should add this workout on your regular schedule. I am not suggesting you do this workout daily because your muscles should need proper rest after a workout. You should do this workout 3 times a week. Or You can also do pull-ups and chin-ups workout on alternate days.

I know after 1-2 months practice, this workout starts looking boring but at this moment motivate yourself and continue the workout. For good level results, you should do chin-ups and pull-ups workout for 5-6 months regularly.

Chin Ups & Pull Ups Mistakes - Regular Schedule

7. Selection of Bar

You know that without Bar you cannot able to do pull-ups and chin-ups.  There are many people who get injured by choosing the wrong bar. Pull-Ups is that exercise which you can do anytime and anywhere. That’s the reason people start doing pull-ups when they feel free. There are many cases in which pull-ups bar gets broken or your hand gets slipped from the bar Because of which there are many people who got seriously injured.

#Resolving Way – Before a workout, you should check the bar by hanging on it. And try to do workout only that bar which is only for pull-ups and chin-ups.

Pull Ups Bar - Mistake

8. Warm-Up

This is that mistake, because of which you can also suffer from serious cramps in the body. There are many beginners who start doing pull-ups and chin-ups without any warm-up.

#Resolving Way – The resolving way of this mistake is very simple. You should do a hard warm-ups exercises before workout. Warm-up help to Active your small muscles and Decrease your Injury Chances. 

Warm Ups Before Pull Ups Workout


How To Identify Chin Ups & Pull Ups Mistakes?

With every Mistake resolving way is also mentioned. These ways are for those who are not able to detect his mistakes while performing, they need external support for resolving mistakes.

  • Help Of another one
  • In front of the mirror

These are two master techniques by which you can check your mistakes and resolved them. From both methods, I would suggest you to choose the first method, because the outer people/coach can easily identify your all small mistakes.

How To Do Pull Ups Without Any Mistake?

  • Grab the pullup bar with your palms down (shoulder-width grip)
  • Hang to the pullup-bar with straight arms and your legs off the floor
  • Pull Your body above by bending down your elbow.
  • Then pull your body up till the chin pass over the Bar.
  • After this hold for a second.
  • And then lower down your body by straightening your Arms.

These are the perfect steps of doing pull-ups without any mistake. For detailed Pull-Ups Steps, You can read – Pull-Ups For Beginners.  And for the Details Perfect Steps of Chin-Ups in which mistakes chances are very less then you should read – Chin Ups For Beginners.

World Record Of Doing Pull-Ups

The Guinness World Record for most pull-ups in 24-hours was 4,210, a pretty amazing feat. But, that record was trumped last week by over 100 pull-ups by 54-year old Mark Jordan. Jordan, from Corpus Christi, Texas, cranked out 4,321 pull-ups in 24-hours. He was awarded the World Records certificate last Wednesday after Guinness made it official.

Final Words

There are many people who know the perfect steps of doing pull-ups But in the race of doing more pull-ups and fast pull-ups, they start making mistakes. In my point of view Do Less Sets/repetitions of pull ups/chin ups But do perfectly. Do not take pull-ups/chin-ups workout lightly. Always Focus on your steps during every repetition. I hope after this you will not do any type of chin ups and pull ups mistakes.

If you have any doubts regarding Article(Chin Ups & Pull Ups Mistakes) and you want any personal advice related to health and fitness then so you can Comment Below your query or contact us without any hesitation. I will personally help to resolve your every issue. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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