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6 Most Biggest Pull-ups Mistakes – And Resolve It {Deep Study 2019}


You know that after listening to this Difficult Exercise name you fell some awkward about this. When you try pull-ups at the starting stage you did not focus on the mistakes. Did you know that every exercise makes difficult by its mistakes that a person does during pull-ups? In the research said that 80% of the people do not know how to do perfect pull-ups.

And about this exercise, These mistakes give you very bad effects on your body. Pull-ups are so beneficial but it has too many bad effects if you do these mistakes. Due to bad effects not leave to do exercise it is not a very big problem. the problem becomes big when you doing these mistakes every day. I am not here to discuss the big major problems only, I also discuss How to resolve these problems only by reading by this. In this, your complete solution of doing pull-ups will be solved.

What Are The Most Biggest Mistakes During Pull-Ups?

1.  Shoulders Reach

This is one of the major mistakes that I explained to you that you noticed that when you start pulling your body your body in an upward direction. You generally noticed that when your cause Fatigue due to many pull-ups. Some people tried that to touch the chin to the bar forcefully. In that manner, your shoulders motion are not accurate according to Perfect Pull-Ups Steps. At this stage, your pressure on the shoulders will be reduced. And you think that you do a perfect pull-up. Due to this perfect step helps to make Shoulders but if you do the wrong step then it will cause pain in shoulders so Remember this mistake.

Due to this improper step of the pull-ups will cause shoulders pain. And your strength of the doing pull-ups and upper body strength is incomplete.

Resolving Method:-  If you are unable to do that first you do good warm-Up of shoulders. You do less pull-up step But perfectly. the right technique gives that

  • Body tension
  • Shoulders pulled back and towards the ground
  • Arms shouldered
  • Upper or lower grip

 pull ups mistakes

2. Legs Motion

When you cause Fatigue you did not focus on the Legs motion during Pull-Ups. Due to the improper posture of the legs, you can do pull-ups easily but it causes many side Effects. It may cause a problem of back pain. Due to back pain, you take many days of rest and you did not focus on the goal of fitness.

Due to the wrong step, you do not feel pressure on biceps.

Resolving Method:- You keep your Legs straight or keep your leg in 90 degrees(with respect to the body) backward. Your legs proper posture fell you proper pressure and give to better results.

3. Unnecessary Extra Weight

Some people fell bored through simple pull-Ups and then try to carry weight on them. He thinks that these ways of increasing load on the body give good effects but this will cause bad effects. Due to heavyweights, your shoulders and arms joints starts pain after some time. This Extra Weight pull-up is too impressive but it has bad effects.

Resolving Method:-  This problem solution is simple you do try extra Weight pull-Ups. Your Try Different types of Pull-Ups for best Results. If you want to more Strain then you increase repetitions of the pull-Ups. You only remember that this is bodyweight exercise so only body weight is sufficient for this.

 pull ups mistakes

4. Delete Pull-Ups From Everyday Workout

People want to do pull-ups and everyone wants to do more and more pull-ups. People try pull-ups on chest exercise day but in Thighs like exercise, they forgot it. Due to this pull-ups strength decrease day by day. Do not delete your pull-ups exercise from the routine. Add Pull-ups in every body part routine. you try to give more importance than other exercises in starting. After making a good strength you can leave for 1 or 2 days.

Resolving method:- you can resolve this problem easily that you should start to so pull-ups with chin-ups and other exercises. Do pull-ups daily 5 minutes without any mistake.

Pull-ups Mistakes |

5. Selection of Bar

You know bar importance is too much in pull-ups.

I shared my friend experience through that my friend does pull-ups at home by a homemade the bar. So when he tried to pull its own body the bar has been broked suddenly. Through that, my friend causes a serious injury. This injury he will recover it 1 month. Due to this injury, he fails to gain its fitness goal. so keep your bar strong to avoid these type of accidents.

So keep your bar perfect as much as your pull-ups. Your bar is not too much smooth because due to smoothness your grip on the bar will be decreased and you were not able to do pull-ups properly.

Resolving Method:-  In this you seelcet a perfect heigth of bar that are not so much slippery and you can easily do perfect pull-ups without any mistake.

 pull ups mistakes

6. Come In Original Position

Generally, people do big mistakes they forgot their steps of pull-ups. Due to these people invent new ways of pull-ups. so the new way that I want to tell you people pull its own body properly but when he starts to come down they do not take a proper position of hanging. They come down only half and then pull your body up. This is a very major mistake. This way of doing pull-ups is only Formality of exercise.

Resolving Method:- when your body is come down during pull-ups. So when keeping your body down properly. Due to the proper down position of, the body gives you the best pressure to the shoulders, biceps, and back.

 pull ups mistakes


How To Resolve These Pull-ups Mistakes?

This is the only method to resolve all the mistakes of the pull-ups. For this method, you can not need such types of techniques and exercise. The method is very simple and easy for those who generally done these mistakes:-

  • Help Of another one’
  • In front of the mirror

These are two techniques which help to resolve your mistakes of pull-ups. If you are a beginner and you do mistakes generally then the best method for you is to take help of another person because the guidance of another person is best and it can easily observe your all small mistakes.

How To Do Pull-Ups Without Any Mistake?

These steps of doing pull-ups without any mistake are that these steps are really very easy for you. These are step by step description to do pull-ups.

  • Hold the bar tightly.
  • Then start pulling your body slowly.
  • and touch chin to the bar.
  • Then slowly come into the original position.

This is the perfect way to do pull-ups without any mistake. If you follow these steps then in pull-ups you do not do any type of mistake and you only gains benefits and amazing results from this.

For the detailed description of doing pull-ups step by step Read it:-

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World Record Of Doing Pull-Ups

The Guinness World Record for most pull-ups in 24-hours was 4,210, a pretty amazing feat. But, that record was trumped last week by over 100 pull-ups by 54-year old Mark Jordan. Jordan, from Corpus Christi, Texas, cranked out 4,321 pull-ups in 24-hours. He was awarded the World Records certificate last Wednesday after Guinness made it official.

Final Words

  • Do fewer Pull-ups But Do It perfect.
  • Please avoid these most Biggest mistakes of pull-ups.
  • Take proper rest after exercise.
  • If you are not able to notice their own mistakes then you can do at the front of the mirror and try to avoid it.








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