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Push Ups Workout Results Of 30/60/90 Days – With Pictures

Push Ups Before And After – Push-ups is that exercise which is most common and first priority exercise of all exercises. This exercise is the most doing exercise in-home workouts list. You are really interested in this, what are the results if you do this exercise for continue time. These workout results are really valuable because in the push-ups you generally read about it covers the large surface of upper body muscles etc…. Due to this exercise popularity, you should know about what this exercise gives you results and in which order you should do this workout for your dream fitness resolution.

In many websites, you only read about benefits but there are very fewer websites that show proven results of doing push-ups workout.

In this Article(Push Ups Before And After), You Read About:-

  • Push Ups Before And After Results
  • Minimum Sets/Repetition For Push Ups Before And After Results
  • Which Things Are Played An Important Role in These Push Ups Before and After Results?
  • Which Pose And Schedule Will Give You Maximum Push Ups Before And After Results?


Push Ups Before And After Results


#1. Chest Muscle

In push-ups, chest muscle is majorly targeted. The biggest change that push-ups workout gives to your chest muscles. Results that are mentioned below in the picture easily gained in 30 days by doing push-ups workout regularly.

For giving, more pressure to your chest muscles must try broad hands push-ups. During push-ups, the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor mainly work. These muscles are responsible for the shape of the chest.

Push Ups Before And After Results - Chest Muscles

His name is Anne he did push-ups for 45 days continuously and he gained this result. Through push-ups workout, he gains results in all over the body but major result he gained in his chest and Biceps.

In results(After Image), you can easily be noticed that his chest size increases and chest comes in shape. Due to this chest muscle improvement, his upper body look is also improved. This is the only result of doing push-ups workout. Not take push-ups exercise is lightly, Push-ups is a full-body workout.

#2. Biceps Muscle

The full pressure of your upper body is on your biceps during push-ups. Your push-ups capacity/sets/repetitions are based on your biceps strength. For gaining the best and fast results of the biceps you should do push-ups slowly.  If your movement of push-ups workout is slow then the pressure on biceps muscles(especially Brachii) will increases and you gain more results.

Little Bit feel of biceps size increment you can feel after 2-3 sets of push-ups continuously.

Push Ups Before And After - Biceps Muscle

His name is Tenni. He did push-ups for 75 days and gained this amazing result. He wants to increase his biceps and triceps size. By doing different types of push ups And taking a good diet in the regular routine he gained all his desired results. He usually followed to do push-ups workout at home only. Push-Ups is that type of workout in which you do not need any type of equipment, So you can do this workout easily at home.

#3. Core and Shoulders Muscle

In this picture below, you can see the results that comes from doing push-ups for 150 days. IIn 80 percent of cases From push-ups workout people not gained satisfaction results of core. This is because simple push-ups not too much effects your core. For a strong core, you need to add different types of push-ups or some core workouts in your daily schedule. Only simple push-ups are not sufficient for your core.

For the good shape and beauty of the shoulder, you should need to train the deltoid muscle. Around 90 percent types of push-ups targeted your shoulder’s Deltoid muscle. This deltoid muscle is one of the major shoulder-joint horizontal adductors.

Push Ups Before And After

His name is Sumit. He joins healthcare blog in January 2019, he wants to make his upper body muscled at home then my team suggests him a good diet and Push-Ups Workout(With Types). He followed push-ups + diet schedule for 150 days and gained these amazing results.

My Personal Experience Of Doing Push-Ups

I start push-ups workout in March 2018. My chest and back are not in my desired shape and size. By Doing push ups workout for 70 days daily I gained my all my desired results.

In March 2018 I was not a beginner in the push-ups. I was in the medium level of the push-ups workout That’s a reason I choosed 70-100 push-ups a challenge daily.  My pull-ups before and after results photos I had not clicked (Due to many reasons).

After the experience of push-ups workout and its results, I feel that push-ups is the best exercise for your upper body. In my gym society, this is the most recommended and popular workout.

If you succeed through push-ups then send me your success story on  Contact Me  and I will show your success story in this article(Push Ups Before And After). 

Minimum Sets/Repetition For Push Ups Before And After Results

In the beginning Stage

1st Week Daily

2-3 Sets – 10-12 Repetitions

2nd Week Daily

4-5 Sets – 15-17 Repetitions

3rd Week Daily

5-6 Sets – 17-19 Push-ups

4th Week Daily

5-6 Sets – 20 Push-ups

This is the full schedule for a month of push-ups workout.  In this schedule, you can easily adjust sets of different types of push-ups.




You can also take a 100 push-ups a day challenge. In this challenge, you need to reach a target of 100 push-ups a day. In approx, if you Doing 100 push-ups in a set for 35-45 Days then you can feel results and Benefits that you will gained from push-ups In the future. You can 100 push-ups in a single set or you can divide 10 push-ups in 3-4 sets.

Which Things Are Played An Important Role in These Push Ups Before and After Results?

  • Your Hard Work & Regularity
  • Good Diet
  • Good Rest

In the case of hard work you should do your best in every set of push-ups, you should maintain regularity in your push-ups workout. If you combine these both things(Hard Work + Regularity) with push-ups then no one will stop you to gain these amazing results and benefits.

And another thing is that Good diet.

If you are doing hard work but you are not taking any type of extra diet then there are many chances that you may not gains desired results. With hard work, you should take a good diet.

In diet, you should take a protein diet after the workout, If you want to lose your weight through push-ups then you can take protein-rich food and other types of juices and if you want the only muscled body then you only take good protein diet, Carbohydrate Diet, etc. In protein you take pules and groundnut, This is the best protein source for beginners.

And for recovering your all muscles you should need good rest. You should take 8-10 hours of good sleep at night.

Which Pose And Schedule Will Give You Maximum Push Ups Before And After Results?

Push up is that exercise which burns your more calorie in less time. For gaining these proven results in a short time you should make your good schedule of doing push-ups workout. The schedule of doing push-ups is like that, You only follow this schedule for a specific time and you find your push ups before and after results. The main points that you should added in your push ups workout schedule are:-

  • Add Different Types of push-ups If you do only one type of push-ups then it does not cover all muscles of the upper body but in case of the different types of the push-ups, it covers your all upper body muscles and gives you best and miracle results in less time. 25 different Types OF Push-Ups And Their Benefits.
  • Do In Morning Time You should do this exercise morning time because if you do in the morning then you have a full day for recovers all requirements related push-ups diet. There is no disadvantage of doing push-ups in the evening But for me and my team, the best time of doing push-ups is morning time.
  • Take Push-ups Challenges:- In push-ups challenge, people try to give his best. If you take push-ups challenges then you can do more push-ups than regular schedule. And more push-ups gives you more benefits. For making your push-ups Workout Interesting you can also compete with yourself or others.


Final Words

These Push ups before and after results really motivate you to do more workout. Now it’s your turn. Challenge yourself and your friends. If you doing push-ups regularly then I’m sure you can gained these results. The success rate of the push-ups workout is 99 percent. In the first month, you can face some problems related to push-ups workout after a month you can easily addict to do push-ups workout.

If you have any doubts regarding Article and you want any personal advice related to health and fitness then so you can Comment Below your query or contact us without any hesitation. I will personally help to resolve your every issue. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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