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Push Ups Vs Pull Ups : Which Is Best, Easy And More Beneficial For you?

Push Ups Vs Pull Ups

Push Ups Vs Pull Ups – Pull ups and push ups both are good exercise in the case of the upper body muscles. People usually do both exercises to train their chest and biceps and in the end they get the result they want. But the main topic is which exercise is best and more beneficial for you. There are many benefits of both push-ups and pull-ups but people want to know about the one which is more beneficial for beginners and experienced people.

Today you will read below the points that differentiate between pull ups and push ups. After reading these points, you can easily guess which exercise is perfect for you.

Pull Ups Vs Push Ups

 1. Exercise Pose

The performing way of both exercises is too different. In Push-ups you do not need any type of Equipment. And around 25 Types of Push-Ups you can perform easily without any equipment.

But in the case of pull-ups, you need a piece of equipment. You’ll need a bar to do all kinds of pull-ups and chin-ups.

Push Ups Vs Pull Ups - Exercise Pose


2. Injury Chances

Injury is what makes any workout good or bad. If you want to know which exercise is safer than other pull-ups and push-ups, then the answer is push-ups. There is very little chance of injury during push-ups. And you can eliminate these low-injury opportunities by doing a hard warm-up before a push-up workout and doing push-ups thoroughly.

But in the position of pull-ups, you may have problems with back injury, joint pain, slipping of hands. By performing both Exercises you can easily feel this difference. And we also found that reason behind 90 percent of pull-ups injuries is pull-ups mistakes.  That’s a reason in the case of injuries, push-ups is safer for you.


Push Ups Vs Pull Ups - Injury Chances


3. Any time Anywhere

These both exercise is that you can it anytime but the main problem is that you cannot do pull-ups anywhere. For pull-ups, you need specific types of equipment like Bar and you also need a special place.

But in the case of push-ups, this is not required. In this, you did not need any type of equipment and place to do. On any plain surface, you can easily perform all types of Push-Ups.

In the case of the requirements, pull-ups need equipment But push-ups do not. And you can Do push-ups any time and anywhere.

4. More Strength Consumption

In the case of strength. Pull-Up is a more strength-consuming exercise than Push-ups.

In the case of pull-ups, you need to load the weight of your entire body on both hands. But in the case of push-ups, you only lift upper body weight {mean half body weight}. You can also feel it naturally doing 100 push-ups a day and 100 pull-ups a day. Through this, you find that it is very difficult to complete 100 pull-ups in a day because the strength consumption in pull-ups is much higher than that in push-ups.

Push Ups VS Pull Ups:– Pull-up is more strength-consuming exercise.



5. Muscle working

Muscle working of the pull-ups and push-ups are very different from each other. You think that both exercises are for the upper body so muscles working are the same but this is wrong. The main muscles that are involved during push-ups are your chest, Core and biceps muscle. There are 2 types of chest muscles that participate during push-ups.

  •  Pectoralis major
  •  Pectoralis minor

Another is Biceps and triceps muscle.  Biceps Brachii is the main muscle of your biceps which majorly work during push ups. And other major muscles that worked during push-ups are the Abdominal muscles of the Core.

But in the case of Pull-ups, The main muscles that are involved during pull-ups are your Biceps, Chest, Back, and Shoulder Muscles.

Shoulder Muscles

  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Deltoid (posterior)
  • Pectoralis major
  • Teres major
  • Teres minor

Biceps Muscles

  • Biceps brachii
  • Brachialis

Back Muscles

  • Rectus abdominis
  • Internal oblique
  • External oblique

Chest Muscles

  • Pectoralis major
  •  Pectoralis minor

These are that muscles which involved during pull-ups workout.


Muscle Covering Area 

In the case of muscle covering, Pull-Ups cover more muscles than push-ups. If you want to target more muscles of the upper body then you should choose pull-ups.

Push Ups VS Pull Ups:– Pull-ups target more muscles


Push Ups Vs Pull Ups - Muscles Involved


6. Benefits

  • Biceps Muscles

In the case of pull-ups and push-ups, a more beneficial exercise for the biceps is pull-ups. You can feel the difference practically. Do one set of pull-ups and push-ups and you can easily feel the difference.

In pull-ups, full body weight on your biceps. Due to this reason, pull-ups are more beneficial for biceps than push-ups.

  • Chest Muscles

After the biceps, another part of the body that deserves more attention is your chest. Push-ups are a better exercise for your chest than both of these exercises. Push-ups involve a large number of muscles in your chest but pull-ups involve fewer muscles. Push-ups are better than pull ups in terms of chest shape, fitness.

  • Back Muscles

In the muscle-involved discussion above, you find that both exercises work the muscles of the back. But if you want to train your back hard then pull-up is a better exercise than push-ups. Pull-ups and push-ups are both exercises that strengthen your back but more beneficial for your back is the pull-up. In terms of Back training, pull-up is a better exercise than push-ups.

After reading this, you get your answer that which exercise is best and more beneficial for you. Select the exercise for which you want to use.

After reading this you are a bit confused about why people confuse between push ups and pull-ups. These are the points through which the person feels that push ups and pull ups are equally beneficial.

  1. Both Trained your Biceps and back.
  2. Both are able to strengthen your core.
  3. Pull ups and push ups are both bodyweight exercises.
  4. Both exercises are impressive.
  5. In both exercises, the effect on mental strength is the same.
  6. Both exercises are tuff for beginners.

These are the similarities that generally confuse people between push ups and pull ups. Strong and factual points that easily differentiate between pull ups and push ups are mentioned above. Find out your need and choose the exercise that best suits you and start doing it.

Which Do I Use And Recommend? Which Is Best, Easy, And More Beneficial For You?

I personally & honestly say that Both exercises are good and beneficial in their own places. Both exercises train the different parts of the body.

Which exercise is best and perfect for you this depends on your Fitness motive. If you want to train your chest then push-up is best and if you want to make your back awesome then pull-up is best. It is up to you which part of the body you want to train. After that I am pretty sure you will get your answer as to which exercise is best for you.

Find your fitness needs and choose the exercise that best suits your fitness needs. Of all the benefits, pull-ups are a more beneficial exercise than push-ups.

I recommended you to do both exercises. To do this you can follow this schedule of doing Sets of pull-ups and push-ups.

For Beginners

  • 10 push-ups, 5 pull-ups
  • 15 push-ups,  6 pull-ups

After some days

  • 20 push-ups. 10 pull-ups
  • 30 push-ups, 12 pull ups.


#Master Workout – The combination of pull-ups and push-ups is a master workout. Through this, you can also train your full body. Do one set of push-ups and one set of pull-ups, without taking too much rest between sets.


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Final Words

Push ups vs pull ups are those exercises that have the potential to change the entire body structure. If you want to choose one of these two exercises, then you should choose pull-ups because it targets more muscles than push-ups. And if more muscles are targeted it will give more fitness results. Therefore, decide the exercise according to the need of fitness. But remember that push-ups are also a great exercise. This is the best analysis of push ups vs pull ups.

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