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Reason Behind Gym Sealing {2000+} In Delhi 2021 || By Supreme Court

Reason Behind Gym Sealing In Delhi 2019.
Reason Behind Gym Sealing In Delhi 2019.

The gym is the highest craze thigh that is viral in today’s life. And in India the gym lovers are uncountable. In today’s headlines of the India news, news starts viral that Supreme court orders to seal gym in Delhi {Capital Of India}.

And When I read the official notice of the supreme court, I found this news real. And through that day I fell very sad for all gym lovers, gym trainers, gym workers. There are many advantages and disadvantages of this gym sealing. That you read below. Before this, you should need to know the reasons through which gym sealing starts:-

Reasond Behind Gym Sealing In Delhi 2019

Reason Behind Gym Sealing In Delhi

1. Safety

Those gyms that are in non-notified place and non-commercial place are not safe. In Delhi, you heard about crime{like murder} outside the gym. A case which comes in the bajitpur and Kakrola village of the Delhi is that 3-4 people come and shoot a people inside the gym. In this behalf, I recently write an article on gym deaths and gym accident.

Gym Deaths And Reason Behind These Deaths.

And those gym’s that in the commercial area, Under DDA land a single case of this type of crime will not come. That why the supreme court takes this hard step.

2. Not Following Rules

Those gyms that are in the non-commercial are not obeying all rules that need to run a gym. If you are a daily visitor then you noticed that In some gym:- Not any emergency medical facility is not available, No equipment is present that is used in case of fire and earthquake, Not age restriction, In some case gym owners have not any valid gym license.

These all rules are made for the people’s safety that is doing gym. But in your mind a question has come that if sealing on the base of the rules. So why non- commercial areas gym are sealed rather than commercial areas.

In a report found that those gyms which are in non-commercial areas breaking more rules than the commercial areas gym. And another reason is that Police and M.C.D. workers easily control all activities of the Gym regarding safety and Rules.

3. Pollution

This is that point which all gym lovers and gym owners think It is most illogical Because gym not creates any type of pollution, In opposite, It helps to improve your health. Not this is not any illogical reason. The logic behind this point is mention below:-

There are some studies that prove gym some polluted that concerningly high levels of carcinogens in the air of the average fitness center, as well as significant amounts of harmful bacteria on the surfaces of fitness equipment such as treadmills and weight training machines.

And In the gym, if you are doing a treadmill and any other hard workout. You need more oxygen that will not available in the gym. But opposite In gym rush you find Co2 in the gym atmosphere. Generally in all gyms, 3-4 exhaust fans are available but these are not sufficient for your gym.


These are main and major reason through which the supreme court decided to starts sealing 80 percent gyms of the Delhi. These reasons that are mentioned in this are not official except pollution. So you also know about which gym may be sealed.


Gym sealing In Delhi 2019

According to supreme court It is amply clear that as per MPD-2021, the activity under clause 15.71, that is, fitness center, is not permissible after August 12, 2008, irrespective of the status of the road, the order says, clarifying that the order was applicable to all commercial, mixed land use and non-notified places.



All 3 commissioners of M.C.D. and DDA vice-chairman to seal to seal the offending properties by 18th October and forward a report regarding the same to the monitoring committee by 22nd October.


You must know about after Sealing Where you Found Gym:-

  • Malls
  • Notified commercial centers
  • Mixed land use areas{ But only those which came up before August12, 2008}.



You Can Understand the Whole Gym sealing in this single video. This video is currently updated.



What Is The Current Status Of Gym Sealing?

  • The current status of the gym sealing is that All gym owners ready to strike. Read Full information in the below image that issued by the most popular newspaper Hindustan times.

Updated on 10 October

Please read it deeply. Only chances


status of gym sealing



Main Disadvantages Of Gym Sealing In Delhi

1. Thousand Of  People Jobless

In any simple gym, 6-7 workers will work like sweepers, gym trainers, receptionist, Caretaker. If 80 percent of the gym is sealed in Delhi. Then around 8000 to 10,000 people get unemployed. There are around a thousand of families whose primary source of the income is the gym.

2. People Health Habit

In the different parts of the Delhi parks and ground facilities are not available. So people prefer to go to the gym and try to keep healthy. But In those people, the locality gym facility is not available then around 50 to 60 percent of people leave workout and do another work in that time. So these gym sealing gives great effect on the lifestyle of the Delhi people.

3. Negative Effect Of “Fit India Movement”

Recently in P.M. of India started to fit India movement for stay fit and doing exercise daily. And if this sealing is in the process then how this fit India movement works.

Reason Behind Gym Sealing In Delhi 2019.

What Is The Solution Of This Gym Sealing?

There are 2 solutions of this Gym Sealing is that

  1. Ready for Protest Again This Decision
  2. Expand this topic on social media in large amount.
  3. Must A Re- Yachika on the supreme court on this sealing topic.
  4. Sign In here and Give A petition to against gym sealing. This Website makes the voice of all gym owners and lovers.

So fastly Sign In here and save your Gym. For Sign In Click Here


Final Words

The gym is nature and health-friendly thing. So In my point of the View, This decision of the supreme court of the is 50 percent Right Only Because there are many gyms who fulfill all requirement of the gym and very nature-friendly.

In 2014 SDMC release a press note to say about the need in license to open a gym. Like

  • Minimum floor premises should be 900 sq. feet.
  • Sufficient space between equipment a, well ventilated.
  • Drinking water, toilet facilities, Emergency medical facilities..etc.

So according to my team, this decision is not so good. In my point of view, M.C.D. should seal only those gyms which do not fulfill gym requirements related rules and safety.



If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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